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25 September 4th, 2012 B&B’s Brad Bell On His Plans For The Characters of Rick, Ridge, and Karen & Dani!


With so much reshuffling having to go down in a such a short time for The Bold and the Beautiful’s  executive producer and head writer, Brad Bell, he has come up with some plans to move the show forward post-Ronn Moss’s (Ridge) sudden departure, and previews what is to come for fall in a new piece with TV Guide! 

In the article, TVG reports that Bell will indeed recast the role of Ridge, but first the character will be sent off the canvas on his honeymoon with Brooke.   Below are some highlights of what Bell stated is to come for some of his  characters!

Bell says he is moving Rick Forrester played by Jacob Young into full Ridge Mode: “Rick is a young man sick of sitting on the sidelines and will finally come into his own.  He’ll become a passionate, sexy, driving force of the show, making a strategic play for Caroline and going after Ridge’s position as head of Forrester Creations.  This was always my plan for Rick. It just works so much better now, what with Ridge going off on an extended honeymoon doing God knows what. It gives Rick a legitimate reason to take control.”

Bell also discusses what is going to happen with his first same-sex storyline that was to feature Joanna Johnson and Crystal Chappell as Karen and Dani, which had to be dropped for the time being while Johnson went off to do her primetime project, Emily Owens M.D, in which she is the producer:  “Joanna will definitely be back, if only for a day or two here and there,” says Bell.  And once her schedule backs off a bit I want her back for something meaty. We may not see Karen for the time being but we’ll play her as if she’s still around and that she and Dani are still a happy couple. (Laughs) I’m not going to have Dani go off and seduce one of our guys.”

Bell also reports there is a big storyline for the fall for Daytime Emmy winner, Heather Tom that will test her! “Her character, Katie, will discover how evil her hubby Bill (Don Diamont) truly is just as she’s about to give birth to his son. ”

So what do you think of Bell’s plans for the series and dealing with the changes that happened behind-the-scenes?  Let us know!

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  1. Derrick says:

    I think it’ll be a mistake to recast Ridge!


    Jules replied

    Agreed. Bad, bad move. Write a show without him. It’s not like they’re using much of anyone besides Brooke, Hope, Steffy and Liam anyway.


  2. EF says:

    Mr. BELL needs to stop giving CC fans false hope. I’ll believe we’ll get more Dani when she’s actually on my TV. Mr. BELL been claiming he has plans for CC, but when your only on screen 2 times in last 2 months and she hasn’t been in the studio to shoot more episodes then I don’t buy his BS. I’m done watching The Lame & the Beautiful.


  3. Iakovos says:

    How will be there room for these new plot developments with every day so full of Liam, Hope and Steffy?


    Tina replied

    The new storyline or should I say the old storyline with Liam, Steffy, and Hope is old. I think that the character Brooke needs to be held accountable for her actions, and that Eric should stay in the role of grandfather to Ridge’s children ( Steffy, and Thomas, after all emotions for people do need change like they change bed partners for brooke. I like the diversity that the show is now trying to embrace, but it will never be as good as the days when Stephanie Forrester was around…..


  4. Scott says:

    I hope the recast of Ridge doesn’t happen too quickly. I need some Ridge free time on my screen. The character is completely annoying as hell.

    As for Rick, I’m happy he’s being featured more. He and Caroline are my favourite pairing, plus I love Jacob and Linsey! Two of the best finds the show has gotten in the past year!!

    I need more Dani/Karen, I loved their connection and felt like it was something B&B has been missing for years!


  5. Justin says:

    Recast Ridge… Vincent Irizzary (sp) Izzywuzzy…whatever his name is… would work.
    Just wait for a few months and let someone besides him and the kids have some airtime.


    Scott replied

    That is potentially, in my honest opinion, the worst recast idea possibly ever.


    Justin replied

    At least he can act.. I don’t see your suggestion at all. So maybe not the worst after all. I least it’s’ an opinion. Or are you someone who thinks Ron Moss can actually act?

    mo replied



    Scott replied

    Vincent is just wrong as Ridge Forrester. And I didn’t give my own suggestion because I personally don’t want anyone recasted into the role. The character is a hypocrtical nympho. And Ronn can act in his own, he acts well as Ridge.


  6. ANN says:



  7. kay/kay says:

    Thorne should be taking the reins of Forrester he is the true male heir. I am so glad I quit watching this show I kept hoping Winsor Harmon would get to show his stuff, I can not tolerate the actor who plays Rick. Brad Bell is a jerk he could have given Ronn Moss his raise instead of all those locations shoots for the teenyboppers. My sister still watches and I keep asking her can I start watching again and she tells me nothing has changed.


  8. kay/kay says:

    I also might add Ronn Moss was in a horrible car accident and almost got killed my husband was in a bad accident 5 years ago and by the grace of god he was not killed it does however make you rethink things about your life he could not give him some time off and let him get things together the man has been on the show for 25 years I think that should count for something!


  9. liam williams says:

    doesnot thorne have a legitamate reason to go after fc hes first born to eric and hes stephanies son, stepahnie the true owner of fc, jj being gone doesnot mean we cant see daniel, who really cares about katie and her baby ready, bill tried to kill amber and her unborn child nothing bill does or did after that should shock katie- fans want to see the real steffy the one was conned bill the steffy before bell decided to use her to prop hope/liam , cast a man for steffy, as for rm ‘s leaving i could care less since ridge reunited with brooke after taylors return hes become a joke all he does is kiss brookes rare, up to me i would kill him off, cast a man for steffy, fans want to see thorne/taylor kissing rare at fc, brad bell is a hack and theres a special place in soap opera hell for him


  10. BETTYEJ says:

    I have stop watching the show becauBrandondon Bell can’t write to save his life. If he think Rick can take Ridge’s place as leading man, I feel sorry for him.


  11. susan says:



  12. joyce says:

    i like it but they need to have Danielle on more even if its her talking on the phone to Karen and to show Danielle and Caroline hangout or just having coffee together.Love the Danielle and Karen also Caroline.


  13. Matt says:

    I’m excited at the possibility of a nuRidge. It would bring a new dynamic to the show and to Brooke and Taylor. But Ridge needs to be rested for a while and than reappear at the right moment with the right actor.


  14. mo says:

    About time he’ll do something with Rick. Tired of Steffy/Liam/Hope everyday!!!! And then when they’re not on-screen, the other characters are talking about them. Give Taylor a REAL story!


  15. JustSaying says:

    If they replace Ridge with someone like Robert Kelker-Kelly, I’d be happy with that.


  16. Sandy says:

    I’m VERY SURPRISED that Ronn Moss has left! I can’t imagine any other actor portraying Ridge. How/when will Brooke return? How will they explain Brooke without Ridge? What will happen to her character? I think enough already with LiamHope/Steffy. Liam & Hope belong together. Katie should really let Bill have it BIG TIME for all his manipulating & interferring. Liam & Hope have a right to know the truth. Steffy should mind her own business & Liam & Hope should know all of her part in Bill’s mess. JUST LEAVE LIAM & HOPE ALONE!


    Kate replied

    Ridge was a pain in the butt anyway! Rick is repulsive, I tape the show & fast-forward past any scenes with him in it, same with Jacob & Linsey (BORING!) Taylor’s story line is just stupid now, & her face is so deformed from plastic surgery I can’t take her seriously anymore anyway! She was always my favourite but because of what she’s done to her face, & not appreciated the natural beauty she was blessed to have in the first place, I like Brook better now, at least she is aging ‘reasonably’ gracefully! Brook should replace Stephanie but in a ‘nicer’ version. Please do something with Donna’s hair!!! It looks so limp & greasy, looks like you could fry chips on it! yuk! Shame Stephanie is leaving. Eric is a tosser & should be the one dying. Please stop with the Liam, Hope, Stephie see-saw, put Liam & Hope back together & disfigure Stephie in some unfortunate accident hehe. Hope Katie sorts Bill out & he actually becomes a better person, & they stay together! Just one couple to actually stay together on this show would be nice!!!


  17. Cindy Bechtel says:

    I wish Hope would get a new boyfriend, I’m getting tired of the 3 ring circus, you need to move her on to a new boyfriend and she fall in love with him.
    I’m also getting sick of Taylor and her kids blaming the Logan’s for everything that happens in their lives. Taylor thinks she is so much better than everyone else, she did drive drunk and kill Thorn’s wife.
    I hope you don’t have Brooke getting into a relationship with Bill Spencer.
    I would like to see Nick come back and Brooke get with him, and have Brooke, Hope, and Rick go into business with them and outdo Taylor, Thomas, and Steffy, and Eric.


    Barbara replied

    I like Cindy’s idea. I always liked Nick.
    I think Taylor is so self centered.
    The show just isn’t the same without Ronn Moss.


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