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4 October 29th, 2010 B&B’s Brad Bell speaks on Ashley Jones going on recurring! Kristolyn Lloyd on contract!

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In today’s TV Guide Canada, Suds Report, B&B’s EP Brad Bell clarified yesterday’s news that Ashley Jones (Bridget, B&B) is going on recurring status beginning in December, while Kristolyn Lloyd (Dayzee) who has been prominent in Stephanie’s cancer storyline and the homeless component, will be upped to contract status in December.

Bell told Suds that the decision was mutual for Ashley being put on recurring, because of Jones burgeoning primetime TV career and his large cast.  Bell explained, “Ashley’s not leaving the show. We have a huge cast and it’s hard to meet guarantees. We offered Ashley something but we settled on a verbal contract. We’ve done this before with Ashley and other cast members and it always works out nicely.” We know Ms. Jones is relishing her primetime gigs as well as her daytime one.  You got love a soap star who appears in True Blood and other episodics! 

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

As for Dayzee, fans of the series really have gotten to see her, and the plight of the homeless in L.A in  special episodes this week.   Dayzee told Suds, “Most of the people you saw yesterday and today are my friends.”   Seems, Dayzee does missionary work in Skid Row.  And speaking of Skid Row, did you get a chance to catch today’s special episode?  If so, let us know your thoughts.

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  1. mmc says:

    I saw part of the episode and am glad to see that people helping others.We don’t live on this planet earth alone and we can’t close our eyes to the homeless.The USA is our “home’ and that’s where charity has to begin!


  2. Toscanti says:

    Was one of the BEST episodes on television ever. Brought tears to my eyes and certainly raised my own awareness. Kudos to Brad Bell, Susan Flannery and the entire team. I do believe B&B just won their 3rd straight emmy for oustanding daytime drama.


  3. Michael Jenkins says:

    I am not thrilled with Ashley going on recurring, but I am glad she has other gigs.





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