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2 March 18th, 2010 B&B’s Brandon Beemer named TVG Canada’s “Sexiest Man Alive” for 2010

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This year’s Daytime Soap Hunk of the Year, or better known as TV Guide Canada’s choice for the 2010 Sexiest Man Alive goes to (drum roll please) none other than The Bold and the Beautiful’s sex toy, Brandon Beemer (Owen).  From his fig leaf photo shoots, to his cougar storyline with Lesley-Anne Down (Jackie) to his sex scenes with Ashley Jones (Bridget) to dealing with being “that good looking”,  The very down to earth Beemer speaks about his looks, his beautiful and talented girlfriend, DAYS, Nadia Bjorlin, (Chloe) and his time on Days of our Lives, as Shawn Brady.  Here are some excerpts below!

Brandon if he feels pressure to keep his body in killer shape because of his half-naked and then some scenes: “Yeah. Especially when you’re working back-to-back days. I’m naturally inclined to live a healthy and fit life. I eat well. I go to the gym. But I will admit when you find out your character is going to be walking around in leather pants with the word “indulge” written on his chest, you get a little anxious and nervous. Owen’s supposed to be the face of this fashion line so I have to look like a fashion model. Owen’s job is to sell this Jackie M image. So if I can’t make it to the gym, I do feel frustrated. “I wish CBS had a gym at the studio. That would solve a lot of problems for the actors. If that were to happen, we’d be all ecstatic. Having an in-studio gym facility would only make sense. And actors who don’t work out really wouldn’t have an excuse not to be at their physical best anymore. It’s a win-win.”

Brandon on the perils of being “hot”- the pros and the cons in the industry:  ”When you’re deemed good-looking or attractive, it hurts and helps your career in different ways. It’s challenging when you meet people who say, “Oh, wow — you’re nothing how I imagined you. I thought you’d be unfriendly or not very funny. Most good-looking guys are not nice.” I’m not tooting my own horn here, but that’s the reaction I get from fans and people in the industry. It’s an interesting paradigm.”

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  1. bottomchef says:

    The TVGC sexiest hunk entry of Branco is not an article. It’s a sycophant’s masterpiece. It takes arse kissing to a new level.

    The NO H8 campaign and their friendship on twitter is why it’s Beemer and not some other Daytime hunk. Beemer is all beefcake, no talent. I’m guessing Bjorlin will be named sexiest woman for the same reasons.

    Falsely comparing him to Brad Pitt is outlandish. Coining “Bradia” to falsely parallel them to Brangelina or all the other Hollywood mush names is outlandish and inflating their egos. And delusional Beemer was actually ok w/ it. Telling a handsome guy he’s pretty on the inside too is saying “Don’t worry, you have a personality”! LOL! And to say he’s an exception on B&B bec an island char like HOwen was integrated into the canvas is either uninformed journalism or meant to further worship at the Beemer altar. B&B has launched Amber, Deacon, James, Sheila and Lauren successfully as satellite chars that have weaved into B&B’s fabric and made much more lasting impacts than a manwhore like HOwen ever will. Only Jackie’d care if HOwen was killed off.

    The false comparison to Shemar Moore is a joke. Y&R never debased Moore w/ the kind of tacky crap that HOwen wears. No one knows Beemer outside of Daytime since he’s never been in movies, videos and he’s dating someone only known in Daytime. Beemer was only on low rated Tyra when Days hadn’t fired him yet. Moore got to be on Oprah, who has a bigger global audience, while he was still on Y&R bec he was so well known for his sexiness.

    Moore had a queer following bec he was known outside of Daytime. Other than Oprah, he was in Toni braxton’s video. He did films where he’d be shirtless. And he dated Halle Berry! That’s why Beemer has no queer following, while Moore does.

    What a whiney, ungrateful brat Beemer is to complain that there are no exercise amenities and facilities in CBS. He should be grateful B&B even hired him since he can’t act his way out of a leaf brief.

    And the never ending praise for Beemer’s “acting” is laughable. He hasn’t “grown leaps and bounds”. Why’d you think he’s only had that 1 scene w/ Owen and Steph alone? Bec SF flattened him. Beemer’s “acting” on B&B entails wearing a towel, a leaf brief, dressing up like a reindeer or a goth ewok. His most recent “acting” when Bridget sleeps with Owen was one of the worst he’s done. Grief sex is universally bashed in Daytime, but of course since Beemer “acted” it, he gets praised.

    The TVGC soaps columns have become publicity machines for ppl Branco wants to promote, as evidenced by the strong bias for OLTL’s Carlivati and Valentini during this Kish mess. TVGC is biased to actors like Muhney, Bjorlin, Haiduk and Beemer bec Branco’s friends w/ them. All Branco does is promote Beemer every chance he gets. From endorsing him for Soaphunks competition, to the Italian photoshoots, to the testicular cancer campaign, now this.

    Branco hasn’t blurred the lines between objective professionalism and friendships w/ soap people, he’s completely obliterated it. And the last line where Branco asks Beemer and Bjorlin what they say to each other after sex: TMI, creepy and ICK!!!!!!!!!!


  2. NANCY says:

    james scott is the sexiest that i haveever seen on daytime tv on my tv ever i hope for james scott for next year for the sexiest man alive for 2011 on the cover of people’s magazine


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