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7 April 27th, 2013 B&B’s Caroline Organizes Hot Guys Fashion Show: “Forrester Men Baring It All” – Watch the Preview!


The Bold and the Beautiful’s new bitch goddess, Caroline Spencer played by Linsey Godrey is losing her grip on her man Rick (Jacob Young), who now has eyes for Maya (Karla Mosley), and her grip on reality, well sort of!  In an effort to show Rick she is a good girl, according to TV Guide, Caroline decides to throw a fashion-show fundraiser for cancer research on the May 3rd episode!

As Linsey Godfrey told TVG on Caroline’s true motives:”To make sure there’s lots of eye candy on the runaway, she gets all our hot guys to take off their shirts and model bedroom wear. I felt so bad for the actors. They had to be in great shape, so they couldn’t eat for a week! Rick is really touched by Caroline’s vulnerability and impressed by her charitable heart. He gets a glimpse of the Caroline that used to be and it makes him really happy.”

Now after the jump, take a sneak peek in this new B&B promo at the Caroline Spencer Cancer Foundation show of shirtless men featuring the CBS soap’s hotties, Jacob Young, Texas Battle (Marcus), Lawrence – Saint Victor (Carter),  Adam Gregory (Thomas) and Zack Conroy (Oliver)!  Plus, what medical diagnosis has Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) all concerned?  Let us know what you think of the shirtless men running rampant in daytime these days? First GH does Nurses’ Ball Magic Milo dance routine, then DAYS has a strip show and now B&B’s sexy men! Is it super hot? Or, not for you?


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  1. DjLevel9 says:

    Michaels Much better looking :)


  2. Rodd says:

    Everyone needs a little eye candy in their life.


  3. heidi says:

    She is pregnant with her sister’s husband’s baby!


    Mary SF replied

    I know I haven’t watch for awhile, but I don’t think Caroline has a sister. Are you sure you are not thinking of Brooke? I know Brooke slept with Bill. Is she now pregnant? Wow, you would think she learned to use birth control after getting pregnant while having an affair with Deacon, her daughter’s husband. Of course this could be just Brad Bell, the head writer, he hasn’t had an original idea in years– I think he just reuses old scripts over and over. Let us hope there is some kind of twist to this one, because Brooke having Bill’s baby is just icky.


    heidi replied

    Agreed Mary SF… it would be very icky! I had to stop watching BB… so I am just surmising that he uses the same tired stories over and over again and she is with the OBGYN in the clip so… I just guessed. Agreed it would be very icky… but the character should not have slept with her sister’s husband and this is just the likely result of that indiscretion… hopefully not…

    k/kay replied

    I was thinking it might be a breast cancer scare concerning Brooke? I think we have had enough babies for old Brookie 2 she has forgotten she had. Where is RJ and Jack? You know RJ with her destiny and Jack the one Taylor carried and they found out it was Brooke’s egg another stupid storyline.

  4. paula says:

    when have you NOT seen Brooke get pregnant when she sleeps with a guy, lol, only one I remember that NEVER had the OPPORTUNITY to is whip, I wonder how she’ll explain this one to Katie (unless she aborts it before Katie finds out), oh my what a big web we weave here Brooke


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