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18 July 9th, 2016 B&B’s Heather Tom and Katherine Kelly Lang Deliver Compelling Performances As Katie Gives Brooke The Kiss-Off!


Sisters no more? That’s how things ended between Logan siblings, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Katie (Heather Tom) on Friday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful.  In key and dramatic scenes, both Heather Tom and Katherine Kelly Lang brought their A-game, as they do time and time again.

Katie, who has tried to stuff down her insecurities with booze to turn off the noise in her head that her sister Brooke is once again going to nab her husband Bill (Don Diamont) is having a difficult time.  And up to this point was told by her sister that nothing was going on between her and Bill.

However when questioned this time, Brooke admits the truth.  Katie, who now realizes she is not delusional, but justified in her thinking. She lashes out at Brooke and throws everything from her history but the kitchen sink at her!  She brings up how their father abandoned them, which caused Brooke’s “daddy issues”, and how she hoped from man to man, and yup! Katie called Brooke, “The slut from the valley”. 


Next, Katie unloads on Brooke for helping herself to her husband, not once, but twice!  In an effort to calm Katie down, Brooke tells her sister that she and Bill did not sleep together.  Katie doesn’t care.  then with tears streaming down her face Brooke admits she failed, it’s all her fault as she obviously couldn’t resist Bill.   And in a lightning-rod moment for Katie she tells Brooke she now understands why both mothers of Bill’s other children (Wyatt and Liam), kept him away from them while growing up.  She plans to do the same thing with Will.  Brooke says she can’t do that to Bill.

In the best moment of the episode, Katie hugs her sister, almost like a mafia don disowning someone from their family, who they will kill.  She kisses Brooke and tells her how she will remember the best things about her, but also lets her know how she sucks the air out of the room and all eyes are always on her, and nobody else, and that she always gets what she wants.   Katie tells Brooke this is goodbye, and walks out on her sister.   Brooke becomes hysterical realizing that through her selfishness, and her love for Bill, it has cost her the relationship with her own sister.

Kudos to Heather Tom, who has been stellar as a woman becoming unhinged, and who is being wronged by her husband and her own sister, and Katherine Kelly Lang, who showed the complexities of woman seemingly wanting to do right by her sister, but is completely unable to stay out of the life of the man she loves.

Watch the kiss-off scene between Katie and Brooke below.  Then let us know what you thought of the performances?  Katie’s volatile words to a deserving Brooke, and what you think will happen next?  Comment below!

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  1. Lana says:

    I loved it! It has been a long time since I have actually watched an entire episode without hitting the ff button! Kudos to both ladies for delivering great performances.


  2. Joel says:

    The way this story is repeated over and over again is sickening. Brooke and Bill get together, Katie has a fit, then forgives and repeat, repeat, repeat.


  3. James R. Poissant says:

    I was watching a few days ago and Heather had already come out of the gate at lightning speed. She can really pack a punch when she delivers her performances. I loved her as Victoria on Y&R but she keeps nailing it as Katie on B&B. I think I see another Emmy going on her shelf at home…


  4. Beth says:

    The acting was stellar, IA. But I couldn’t escape the feeling that I’ve seen Katie confront Brooke before, because we have. I’m tired of the repetition. If Bradley Bell has any common sense, he’ll keep Bill and Katie apart for a very long time, and tell another story. It doesn’t matter to me if Brooke and Bill stay together. I just want something new. Maybe it’ll be Katie being hospitalized and dealing with her alcoholism. Or it could be a custody battle between Katie and Bill. Anything new would be much appreciated at this point.


  5. soapqueenforever says:

    As I said in a recent post regarding this subject, I think Heather Tom owned the show on Friday. I was feeling Katie’s pain and heart break all week, and Friday’s episode was like the icing on the cake. Ms. Tom really out did herself with this performance. Not to slight Katherine Kelly Lang’s performance. The breakdown scene at the end of the show was flawless. All in all, I think Friday’s episode was one of the best B&B has put out in a long while. I think every actor gave their “A” game. I only hope this situation brings out the strength the audience knows sne has. She may want or need to grieve for a bit. But I hope not for long. She needs to grab Bill by his pair of smug balls and take him for every penny he’s worth, and take the company right out from under him in the process. They also need to bring Donna back. (Not a recast), Donna. She can maybe be a buffer for Katie and Brooke. Not that I am siding with Brooke. I am a Katie all the way, but I think Katie needs some mothering now from her other big sister. She could also shake things up with Eric and Quinn as well. Let her go sniffing around their play pen and give Quinn a little side trip back to crazy town in the process. Not to mention Steffie going ballistic when she finds out her beloved grandpa is sleeping with the person she hates the most. Things can get pretty interesting now if the writers take their time and think before they write. As the saying goes, Tune In Tomorrow.


  6. kevin says:

    Love Heather and Katherine who are both stellar actresses…Now it’s time for Katie to be strong and make Bill pay and down the road hopefully there will be a man to come into Katie’s life that appreciates her.


  7. Lew S. says:

    It’s about time! Kick the Stallion to the curb and leave Brooke to herself. This is just as sickening as Billy, Phyllis & Jack on Y&R. You know that Rick and Eric, another lost man, with a notorious wandering eye, will rally around Brooke.


  8. Mary SF says:

    Really great performances, but having a bad case of deja vu. The last time this happened Katie took Bill to the cleaners, took over Spencer publishing, which I am sure she will do again. Last time she let Bill see his kid as long as Brooke wasn’t around, but I am sure this time will be a big custody fight, with both sides determine to win.

    I don’t know what it is like for an actress having to play the same story over and over, but as a viewer, great performances cannot cover up the fact this good bye speech was almost identical to the first time Katie caught them together, including the line the slut from the valley

    But what the heck, I watch old Road Runner cartoons, I know that poor coyote is going to get smack every time and seen most of them a hundred times, but I still watch and enjoy them, a classic is a classic– and Brad does like to stick with what work in the past, so he is either brilliant by sticking to formula or too lazy to try to come up with a new story, but either way Heather Tom has another great Emmy reel.


  9. Mary Papcun says:

    Loved it with Heather and Katherine they were beautiful together and the end was so good I watched it several times.


  10. Nikki says:

    Oh my gosh although both actress really did an excellent job, how many times is Katie going top call Brooke names, break down, and say goodbye. Does she not remember it was her that got them together to begin with. Just once I want to see Brooke tell Katie to grow the hell up and slap her across the face the way she slapped Brooke before. I’m sorry but Katie needs to grow up and stop with wanting to be babied all the time. She’s an adult and Brooke needs to treat her like one.


  11. Nikki says:

    I forgot I am glad Katie is hurting after her trouble making with Ridge, Thomas &Caroline. Maybe next time she’ll keep her nose on her face.


  12. Ray says:

    I LOVED this episode and watched it three times. I am a fairly new watcher to B&B, but the acting has kept me coming back for more. I hope we do not have to watch Brooke turn to Ridge (Hasn’t that already happened several times?) Heather Tom won the 2017 Emmy for Best Actress in this past week’s episode. Now, let’s see here sock it to Dollar Bill.

    I also love the Steffi/Liam/Wyatt story and Caroline/Thomas. Ridge seems too mature for Caroline.


    Vicki replied

    Too bad Bill has the ONLY thing she really cares about. She should be nowhere near that little boy right now. I agree with Bill 100% with Bill here.


  13. Mo says:

    Excellent performance, especially from Heather. This storyline has really given her the chance to shine.


  14. Iakovos says:

    Why there two actors are not given more moments like this in their shared and separate stories is beyond me. They are awesome. That said, I need for this story to be done. Am so weary of the repetition that goes on in the land of Forresters, Logans, and Spencers. It is time for Katie to take charge and be the smart savvy woman she is without a man. Maybe she can take charge of Spencer and get involved in a mystery story. Brooke needs to accept one man and be done; really become the new Stephanie and quit being written the victim. What happened to all the missions for social causes that won B&B a couple Best Series Emmy Awards? Broioke is too old for these silly affairs. We’re middle aged now, people! Hello!

    Am still howling at Bill’s “napping room” and all that sanctimonious crap he threw at Liam. Really? Did Bill forget Liam and Steffy took vows once? I also smiled at the July 4 party when I recalled all the relationship dots among the guests. Ugh!


    Ray replied

    I am still laughing that Katie called Brooke the “slut from the valley.” Priceless.


  15. Letemeatc8ke says:

    I know that ALL soaps recyle storylines, but B&B circles them back around so quickly and tell it in the exact same manner that it’s sad. Sad that this show which has so much potential isn’t better than what it is. The Katie and Brooke sl….weren’t we just here?! Quinn being crazy. Well, Quinn can remain crazy. I find her fun, but I was hoping they’d put her with Liam. I just need to take some time away from this soap I guess.


  16. Ghlover says:

    Could we now get a new story for Katie? I kinda like the idea of Liam and Katie… Maybe Katie will allow herself to be a bit more controversial now… To stick it to Brooke. Brooke Logan is an empty shell. Worse, she is an empty shell getting old.


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