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21 May 22nd, 2012 B&B’s Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Makes Maxim’s Hot 100!


Maxim released today their Hot 100 of 2012 of what they call the Definitive List of the World’s Most Beautiful Women.  This is the fourth year that Maxim has prepped the list, but this year there was a twist.  The readers of Maxim weighed-in on the selection on who comprised the list of the stunning sexy gals! And with a list that comprises motion picture and television stars, models, cartoon characters, female athletes, and a murder suspect, one name rang out to us and she is a soap star!

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) of The Bold and the Beautiful placed at number 88!  Wood is part of a list of beauties that include Mila Kunis, Katy Perry, Kate Beckinsale, Megan Fox and more!

You can check out the whole laundry list here! Or, you can look at the Maxim Hot 100 Video countdown which includes Jacqui here!  Then, let us know, what do you think of Wood’s selection and the other women on the list? Any others you think should have been included?

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  1. Rob says:

    She better stop messing with her face or she will end up looking like the disaster that is her on-screen momma!


    CANADASTILL replied



    Rob replied

    Yeah, you got me!

    mirella replied

    Jacqueline is a natural beauty, and also a very talented young actress of her generation, she’s smart and kind, she’s amazing and she has so many fans in the world and in my Italy, we love her and she deserves to be on that list, she’s the best and she will go far with her beauty and talent…she’s one of the future’s actress…


  2. kay killgore says:

    Ms. Woods is a pretty young woman please stay out of the plastic surgeons office so you will stay that way. Treasure the gift the good Lord gave you !!!!!


  3. iry says:

    Jacqueline is a very beautiful woman, she totally deserves to be in this list and I’m very happy for her!! She’s also an amazing actress, very talented I’m proud to be a fan of her and I wish her to win the Daytime Emmy this year, because she deserves it too, for all the amazing work she has done on B&B. Bell should feel lucky to have a talent like her!! I wish to see her in new big projects (movie/primetime series) and spread her wings and fly away from soaps, because she’s wasted on B&B!!


    Prunhild replied

    I am a BB fan and a Jaqui Mac fan, too, and i hope she will make it to the top in the business. But the fact, that she works for a show who is written only for the boss himself by the stupid storylines, i hope, that she will not lose fans because of the fact, that her fans (STILLfans) are treatet like trash and arent longer interested in watching a unbalance show! Jaqui Mac: Go and enter the Hollywood area and get your career on top, honey!!!!! we will follow you! Once a Jaqui-fan, ever a Jaqui-fan! Stillers united!


  4. CANADASTILL says:




    Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is the Most Amazingly Talented Phenomenal Young Actress In All Of Daytime. Jacqueline is a Classic Beauty and was blessed with amazing genes her Mother is Incredibly Beautiful as well, Jacqueline is a Beauty that can transcend time.


  6. Regina Beard says:

    JMW is one of the most naturally beautiful women in the world. I know for a fact that there has been no plastic surgery. Just NATURAL BEAUTY.


  7. Larkin says:

    JMwood is part of the Hollywood young most versatile actors, a beautiful woman who has talent and grace, I watch the Bold and The Beautiful cuz of her portraying of Steffy Forrester nobody can ever replace her. The way she interprets Steffy is fun, clever and entertaining no matter how bad its the writing on this show Jacqueline MacInnes Wood bring it on screen and that cuz of her ability to tap into the character emotional state and make it her own. That is why she was nominated for the Emmy. Hope you win that Emmy. You deserve it. I wish Bell would understand how lucky he is to have such jem . Her paring with Don Diamont (Bill Spencer Jr) it has given the show a new definition of BOLD and BEAUTIFUL >daring hot, sexy, fun > real soap material to enjoy. STILL (STEFFY&BILL) are the future of Bold and the Beautiful in my eyes and nobody can have take their place…

    Thank you Jacqueline MacInnes Wood for giving us the best moments to remember on tv and big screen.I can’ wait to see the pilot for “Arrow” the new tv show picked by CW for next year. GOD BLESS!


  8. shawnda says:

    Jacqui is a beautiful talented sweet woman who don’t. Need no work done she gorgeous haters need th STFU cause they wish they could make maxim but never will go JMW and congrats on emmny nod ppl just some haters JMW rocks!


  9. JMW FAN says:

    Jacqueline is a beautiful woman. Love her!!!


  10. Joley says:

    JMW not only is beautiful but she is a top notch actress!!! Kudos to her well deserved!!!


  11. NaShawn says:

    Jacqueline Macinnes Wood is a talented, young, beautiful woman. She brings excitement on the screen. She deserves the Emmy award and many more. Keep doing what you’re doing because you evidently is doing something right!! Best wishes to you and may you succeed even more!! Much love to ya, Ms JacquiMac!! <3


    Michelle replied

    I agree NaShawn, Jacqui has more talent in her pinky then the haters will ever have, she’s multi-talented smart, ambitious and not afraid to try new and different looks or roles. Best wishes to her for the Daytime Emmy win!


  12. NathalieGosselin says:

    This wonderful actress captivate us each time she appears on the screen. She is charismatic and can portray such a range of emotions with subtlety and passion. Add her natural beauty to her amazing talent, JMW has all the ingredients to have an amazing career. She so deserves to win the 2012 Daytime Emmy award for young actress.


  13. Michelle says:

    Go Jacqui!! She looks amazing, very HOT!! Haters need to go get a 1-way ticket back to “Haterville” Bye-bye!


  14. Melina K. says:

    Thank You CANADA for giving us this beauty Jacqueline MacInnes Wood! She’s so fantastic as Steffy on B&B and we never know what she will do next, I hope she wins her Emmy next month!


  15. Iakovos says:

    Jacqui Mac rocks it. She makes watching Steffy palatable on the sometimes very-difficult-to watch B&B. (Ugh! Those storylines!)

    I wish her well.


  16. John and Sue says:

    Jacqui, you do all we Canadians proud on our favourite soap since its inception. You also attended the same school as my sister in Toronto, albeit twenty years later. Keep up the great work with your acting and singing career. The major awards are just around the corner.


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