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14 July 9th, 2017 B&B’s John McCook Delivers Power Performance Of The Week!


The Bold and the Beautiful had been can’t-miss-soap of late!

After bringing back Sheila Carter played to the hilt by Kimberlin Brown, the series finally brought out the secret that Quinn (Rena Sofer) and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) have been making out and having goo-goo eyes for each other right behind poor Eric Forrester’s (John McCook) back.  After all, Quinn is married to the guy, and Ridge is his son.

Last week on B&B, Sheila made her move and Quinn and Ridge finally confessed all to Eric in must-see scenes.   But it was long-running cast member and soap vet, John McCook who made this all so emotionally riveting, because he played the betrayal and hurt by his wife and his son to the hilt.

Perhaps McCook’s finest moment was when he laid into Ridge, calling him “Ridge Marone” (since he is not Ridge’s bi0-dad) and how he steals all the women he has ever loved. Eric warns Quinn that she doesn’t know Ridge Marone the way he does. When he asks if the two of them slept together, they say it never happened. Nevertheless, Eric tells Quinn she betrayed him, and broke their vows.

Ridge owns up to that he is an egotistical bastard.  He finally tells Eric that he went to San Francisco, when this all started, to get Quinn to betray him, to prove that she was the wrong woman for him, but things went awry, because he realized she was a different woman then he thought.

After Ridge has to leave, because of RJ’s (Anthony Turpel) car accident, a deeply wounded Eric asks Quinn, what she got from Ridge that she couldn’t get from him? Eric asks Quinn if one kiss was worth their marriage.  Quinn can’t quite explain herself, her actions, or anything, other than falling back on that she loves Eric, and it all meant nothing. Eric tells Quinn to leave, and then a gut-punched Eric looks a the portrait of Quinn, while Sheila, who is still in the house, approaches him and places her hand on his shoulder, and then we see her embrace him from behind with that “Sheila smirk” we know and love.

Fast forward: Eric has gone MIA when Quinn and Ridge come back to the Forrester mansion to make things right with him … he is not there.  As we go into Monday, did Sheila take Eric away?

John McCook is On-Air On-Soaps choice for this past week’s power performance of the week, because as audience members he made us feel Eric’s pain and after all, nobody likes to see the good guy be put thought the ringer!

Watch a few clips of the showdown scenes between Eric, Quinn, and Ridge after the jump. Then let us know if you liked McCook’s performance as much as we did in the comment section below.

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  1. Ray says:

    This show is “can’t miss.” I do not know the history, but the return of Sheila is brilliant. I also like the topical storylines like texting while driving. Thomas and Sally is the show’s super couple. I can’t wait to see Caroline’s return and hope it is permanent. Rena Sofer also turned in a powerhouse performance this past week.


  2. Linda Rudzinski says:

    Fantastic acting by both John & Rena. This really takes this soap opera up a notch with fine acting and the addition of Kimberlin Brown. She is amazing!! Good Job!! B&B.


    Iakovos replied

    I only wish the story had built with a slow burn. B&B seems to work like a telenovela anymore. I do not feel for Eric or Quinn because they have been together not even a year. Ridge has been revised to be so dopey, not dangerous or sexy. Sheila just is suddenly THERE! Her entrance was a surprise but the hurried Deacon closure and the closeness Sheila regained to the family seemed forced and unreal… even in daytime. But this does no take away from Mr. McCook who is never on screen enough for me!


  3. Matthew Place says:

    Wow! Good for him! Enjoying B&B right now.


  4. Mary SF says:

    Yes, it was a great performance


  5. James R. Poissant says:

    It’s definitely B&B’s turn to be the show I have to watch before I go to bed at night. I knew bringing back sheila was going to bring lots of explosives and she’s only been back a few weeks. Keep the heat up, B&B…I want a nice, hot summer with you!!!


    Kevin C replied

    Totally agree with you James…B&B is reminding me of what Y&R use to be and B&B ROCKS…so loving the great drama and acting and the fantastic background music.


    Frank replied

    So happy Sheila Carter is back, when Kimberlin Brown returned on June 9, I was so shocked and excited to see my she devil back. Let the games begin.


  6. Mo says:

    John was great. Rena was FANTASTIC!


  7. John McCook says:

    Thank you, Michael et al for the compliments…Rena S., Thorston K, and Kimberlin B, all of us looked forward to to those scenes. Like so many other folks did…Happy for this story!! Tasha is, again!!


    John McCook replied

    Dunno who Tasha is…I think it was “Thanks again!”


    rebecca1 replied

    LOL…Is this THE John McCook? ( You never know without the verified check mark.) Well…if it is…love you! You are the epitome of distinguished, elegant, charming and exude such sophistication and warmth!

    With that said, great episode! Eric’s hurt was palpable…wonderful performances by all.

  8. rebecca1 says:

    By the way, I love the “retro” feel to the Sheila episodes through the background music. Tres soapy!


  9. patty says:

    My favorite button on my remote when Shelia is on is — fast forward. She is nauseating. !!!


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