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28 September 17th, 2017 B&B’s Katherine Kelly Lang Delivers Top-Notch Rage and Disappointment As Brooke Finds Out About Bill’s Criminal Intent!

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On Friday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Dollar Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) finally came clean with his wife, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) on his horrific machinations that led to him signing over Spencer Publications to his son, Liam (Scott Clifton)!

A shocked Brooke listened as Bill admitted that he was the responsible party behind the arson that set Spectra’s fashion house ablaze, because he wanted the company to go under so he could build his tower … his crowning achievement.  But Liam recorded him admitting to the crime, and blackmailed his father into signing over the company and the CEO position to him!  What happened next? An angry Bill clocked his son right in the face!

When Brooke hears all of this it’s too much for her to take.  She grabs her clothes and things, and begins to make her exit saying she can’t stand to be in the same room with Bill for another second, and that his company is all important to him, and not anything else.  Brooke is disgusted and disappointed, and disillusioned with her hubby.

What made the scene so powerful was the performance of Katherine Kelly Lang, who while even in sexy lingerie and a robe, made the moment riveting.  You felt Brooke’s wrath.  That was only the tip of the iceberg, according to the latest promo for this week’s episodes of B&B!

After the jump, watch the scene were Brooke learns what Bill has done, and then the latest CBS weekly preview for the series.  Then let us know what you thought of Katherine’s performance and the storyline? Comment below.

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  1. Rosemary clifford says:

    The acting on this soap is best.she is hardly believable


    dmr replied



  2. rose says:

    Way to go Brooke!!! Katherine played it beautifully. Her emotions showed all over her face from a more questioning,…”I know something is really bothering you, you wouldn’t just take a leave and not work” to real disgust as Bill “confessed” his dirty deeds. I just hope it translates into real consequences for Bill because how many times have we seen guys like him, Victor and Sonny get off the hook eventually from their significant others.

    I think we should also applaud Monica for telling Sonny off as well in GH….”you’ve been responsible for the what happened to both of my sons.” About time!!!


  3. Paul says:

    I’ve always liked Brooke but after this scene I am left to wonder where that fierce fight in her was the numerous times Ridge or Rick or Eric or Stephanie or anyone went against her?!

    What Bill did should actually see him go to prison. And I hope this time it’s Brooke who takes down Bill and then to take a page out of her sister Katie’s book reveals to the cops that LiaM extorted control of Spenser Enterprises out from under his father with the promise that he’d keep his secret. And then Brooke takes over Spenser with the help of Caroline’s parents in NYC.

    B&B NEEDS Brooke to take control n be the powerful person in LA


    Iakovos replied

    I am not paying much attention to B&B but always wondered why Brooke was not made the new Stephanie after Susan Flannery left the series. I wanted Brooke to be the one with the power she always sought. Instead we had years of periphery and waffling between Ridge and Bill. I had hoped Brooke and Eric would marry. She seemed best with him. Maybe she can be the reason for Bill’s redemption. Son Diamont and Katherine Kelly Lang have genuine chemistry. And now that we are well into our 50s, let’s make these characters solid and stop the silly games. Brooke can be so much more than she is.


    Kevin C replied

    Very well said Iakovos…

  4. JMER says:

    It’s good to see a DT drama take an anti-glorification stance toward the men characters who do unscrupulous things like Bill is constantly doing or intending to do. Plus it seems like a good story from the little I’ve seen on an otherwise OTT show (LOL). Just not my style but clearly others like it so good for them.


  5. James R. Poissant says:

    I don’t think Katherine has ever won an Emmy, has she? I do remember some time back that Susan Flannery was disappointed that Katherine hadn’t won but I can’t remember if she did get lucky in getting a statue or not after Susan said that. If she hasn’t, then this year could be her year.


    Mark Y replied

    She hasn’t


    James R. Poissant replied

    Then I guess I know what’ll end up on her reel if she submits herself.

    Kevin C replied

    I think it’s long overdue that KKL to win an emmy…She might be like Susan Lucci where it takes years for her to win but IMO KKL is a much better actress then Susan Lucci…


    elm1951 replied

    kkl has been on b&b for 30 years and not one emmy –
    you are so right about kkl being a better actress than susan lucci – all lucci did was fling her hair, strut around and try to be sex and that is not acting…….jmo

    Mo replied

    Definitely. It also boggles my mind that she rarely gets nominated.

    soapqueenforever replied

    I never knew what the big attraction was regarding Susan Lucci either. To me seemed conceited and very full of herself. I can see why it took that long for her to win an Emmy. And when she did win I was completely shocked

  6. jaybird369 says:

    ‘Riveting’…are you kidding me?!?!? I felt NOTHING while watching that STUPID AND EVEN MORE POINTLESS 3:21 clip. So…you know what: Here’s what’ll probably happen soon enough, anyway: (1) Brooke will forgive Bill soon enough, anyway. (2) If not, Brooke will probably divorce Bill and go back to that ICKY Ridge for, like, THE ZILLIONTH TIME!!!!! (3) Most of all, Bill will probably serve LITTLE TO NO TIME in jail and/or prison. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!!



    dmr replied

    EXACTLY-AGREED. & I can’t stomach Thorsten Kaye as Ridge.


    Gloria replied

    I see that Thorsten has brought his own special self into the role of Ridge. I love him as Ridge. I had the priviledge of meeting this very wonderful man who is so good to his fans. I feel that Thorsten, KKL and Don Diamont are the glue to the show. Also John McCook. Thank you to the whole cast.

    soapqueenforever replied

    I agree with you jaybird. And what will become of “Saint Liam” for blackmailing an arsonist. I really hope they don’t pair up Brooke and Ridge for the umpteenth time. As I said more than once the Ridge and Brooke saga should have sailed into the sunset when Ronn Moss made his exit. Although he wasn’t an award winning actor, the chemistry between him and KKK was , in my opinion was terrific and cannot be replaced. Bill will have Justin lie to free him and than he will get his company back from Liam. I think Katie and Wyatt should take over the company. On a side note I think the pairing of Katie and Wyatt was a terrific idea. I would rather warch them then Brooke and Ridge. He always looks like he needs a good shave and a shower. Not to mention a good haircut. Take care jaybird and thanks for listening


    jaybird369 replied

    soapqueenforever…to me, the Ridge and Brooke ship has sailed PERIOD!!!!! I mean…how many times has Brooke been married now?!?!? Oh, wait…I know…WAY TOO MANY!!!!! Oh. Make. It. FINALLY!!!!! Stop. Oh, and BTW, I (also) like the Wyatt/Katie pairing.

    Have a good one.

    Torrey replied

    I’m so sick of this storyline with Bill and that stupid Skye building!!! The writers have done such a piss poor job with this story. He had Caroline lie about being deathly ill to break Sally and Thomas up, then he trashes her line so she loses credibility and if that’s not enough he has the building burned down so he can gain that property. And after all of this, he suffers absolutely no legal ramifications! And I just wish they would go ahead and put Bill & Steffy together and team up Liam & Sally because we all know that’s where this is going. So stupid!


  7. Mo says:

    I thought the scenes were excellent and KKL and DD were both excellent.


  8. Gloria Lisowski says:

    DD and KKL are super special and the acting here just proves it. I have watched them both separately for 30-40 yrs. Bring them together and this is what you see. A dynamite of acting. I have watched KKL like this for so long, she is fantastic. Always has been. DD is super and with Brooke together they can become a Supercouple like no other then we have seen for ages. Love you both. Keep going strong. I am hoping they will have you do it together. Just watch what happens next. I have a feeling that Bill will not let this go without doing this mainly for Brooke. I am sure their marriage can go strong.


  9. Shari says:

    Another let’s give Brooke and Ridge a reunion story…………………………ENOUGH. They have zero chemistry. Love Thorsten Kaye but not with KKL.


  10. Jimmy says:

    This is one of the best umbrella stories B&B has done in a while. It shows just how ruthless Bill can be, and Don Diamont has been turning in fantastic performances recently, and it’s a real shame that he has been overlooked by the Emmys so much.

    As for Bill, what he did was deplorable. I am fully behind Liam taking over Spencer, and kicking Bill out, because that’s what he deserves – and a lot worse. He should be thanking his lucky starts that Liam didn’t immediately turn him over to the police, because he should be in jail for a long time.

    KKL was great in this scene with Bill, but other than that she’s been underused lately and whenever she’s been on, she’s usually either being flirted with by Ridge and barely resisting, or making kissy faces with Bill ad nauseam. So it was good to see Brooke finally get her fire back.

    I really don’t want to see this story lead to a Brooke/Ridge reunion. I’m so over that pairing and was even before Thorsten Kaye joined the show because I couldn’t stand Ronn Moss’s acting. However, I do want to see Brooke leave Bill for this. I never bought them as a couple, and I think for Bill to fully realize the extent of his actions he needs to lose everything he loves, including Brooke.


  11. Joanne says:

    I hope Brooke stays with Bill as I don’t think the new Ridge has chemistry with her but he has it with Quinn. They are great together. She was great when confronting Bill but I hope he gets his company back and makes it up with Liam before Liam sends the company bankrupt.


  12. K/kay says:

    Well first when did the Spectra Building become in bad shape use to be the office Jackie M also your going to find out Bill thinks he did something but he did not they never really checked it after the fire. I had hope when he brought Sheila on but I gave up as for Brooke in her fifties and still the same never has grown up. Sigh!!! Just not the same with TK as Ridge we should have left Ridge in Paris and brought Thorne back !


  13. Robert in Jersey City says:

    I happen to catch this and she was awesome, but I was in AWE of her body!! I’ve been watching as long as the show has been on! How does she do it???


  14. patty says:

    The fact that Steffy is singing Spencer praises does not ring true, unless another father , son triangle is along its boring way! She is a Forester through and through, this just seems foreign to her character. She would always be in her father’s corner-not Bill’s .


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