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41 May 16th, 2013 B&B’s Katherine Kelly Lang Interview: Her First Daytime Emmy Nomination and Thoughts On Brooke’s Story!


When Katherine Kelly Lang’s name was announced as one of the five finalists in the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series category for this year’s 40th annual Daytime Emmy Awards, the soap industry itself, and fans worldwide, went crazy with joy and excitement!  Finally, after submitting herself for many years into the competition, Katherine is being recognized for the first time for her work as Brooke Logan Forrester, and after 26 years with The Bold and the Beautiful!

Katherine’s touching performance, as she helps her friend and former foe Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) die with as much dignity as she can, was a tear-jerker moment complete with brilliant writing performed beautifully by Lang.  As she wrapped up the contentious history of the two women, apologized to Stephanie for all the pain she caused her during her life, and then sang her to sleep as Stephanie took her final breathes, Katherine delivered and is now one of the frontrunners going into the June 16th Emmy broadcast to be televised on HLN!

On-Air On-Soaps spoke with Katherine to get her thoughts on being a Daytime Emmy nominee newbie, why she chose to put herself into the Supporting Actress category instead of Lead Actress category, as she has many times before.  Now in story, as fans now know, Brooke is pregnant with Bill Spencer’s (Don Diamont) baby!  And Brooke is once again put in a controversial situation.  This time falling in love with her sister’s husband and getting preggars!  But as Lang tells us, she wishes in the future for a change in the character of Brooke.  Will that happen?  Viewers will have to wait and see.  But for now, let’s celebrate Katherine’s first Daytime Emmy nod!

How are you truly feeling about getting your very first Daytime Emmy nomination after 26 years on B&B, and all the years of submitting your work?

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

KATHERINE:  It is kind of that feeling of “finally”!  But, when I say that to myself I don’t want to figure out how and why, and all that stuff.  I just want to enjoy the fact that I got a nomination, and I am excited!  I was actually very surprised when Brad Bell (executive producer and head writer, B&B) called me and told me!  He had called me at 5:50 am, because I was truly fast asleep at that point! (Laughs)

Just to confirm, you did submit the episode where Brooke says goodbye to Stephanie as she dies?  Heartbreaking scenes and a five-hankie filled episode!

KATHERINE:  I only submitted the final episode between me and Susan Flannery.  I decided not to put in two episodes, which we can do at B&B because we are half hour show, because then I would have felt it’s just too much.  So I just did the final scenes with Susan as Stephanie when we are out on the bench and she dies.  And you know, Susan submitted the same episode for her Outstanding Lead Actress reel!  So she got nominated for that episode, too, and she wasn’t even speaking that much in it!  But, that was an amazing moment.  You could feel everything she was going through, and how she broke hearts in that episode.

Was there any doubt you were going to go with that episode to try and garner your long-awaited first Daytime Emmy nomination?


KATHERINE: There was no question. That was the one.  I couldn’t even think of anything else.  And … I am not a great person at picking scenes for Emmys.  I always seem to pick stuff that is not dramatic, because when I watch really dramatic episodes that I have done, it feels “soapy.”  But that’s what we do, and that is our medium, but it just feels over the top when it’s out of context.  But that is what people apparently want to see.  I just don’t usually submit that.  I usually submit something really subtle.

But Stephanie’s death was a subtle performance, in a way from you, wouldn’t you say?

KATHERINE:  Yes. That one was an important one, because it was a death, and it was interestingly written.  It wasn’t just, “Oh, she dies.”  It was interesting involving Stephanie’s Irish heritage, and we sang the song, and Eric had hired the Irish dancers at Stephanie’s goodbye party.  It was so touching!  Then when Susan said, “Sing me a song, baby girl,” (to me as Brooke) it makes me cry.  Ah, that one line.  I was like, “Oh, my God!”

How many takes was the final Stephanie/Brooke scene done in?

KATHERINE:  I am pretty sure, it was one take.

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Does the nomination now feel anti-climatic after being virtually ignored by the academy for your stellar work year in and year out?  Are you at all excited?  No matter what went on before, I hope you will enjoy this Emmy ride.

KATHERINE: I don’t want to get too excited.  It’s the Emmys.  I still have to go with just the fact that I got nominated, and it feels really good.   It feels like if I don’t win I’m okay, because I feel that part of winning is at least getting acknowledged for a nomination.

Did you see the excitement on Twitter when your followers and colleagues saw you landed a nomination?

KATHERINE: Yes!  And I wanted to go back to sleep after Brad called with the news, but then of course, I couldn’t.  Twitter was going crazy!  So then, I had to get on and comment.   I went on a Twitter craze for two hours.  I love Twitter.  I get carried away on Twitter.  If people tweet me, I am there usually responding!

You have in the past had scheduling conflicts on Emmy night, where you have not been able to attend.  You are going to be there this time, aren’t you?

KATHERINE:  I am actually going to be in Europe Emmy week, but I guess I’ll have to come back early now.  I think I should! (Laughs)  So I am there.  I was just questioning what to do!  I am going to Monte Carlo for the TV Festival, and then visiting my step-dad who lives there, and then I am going to have my whole family with me.  We were planning on doing a whole family thing on Father’s Day, which is the Sunday of the Daytime Emmys!  But … I know it took me this long to get nominated that I have to go now!  I will have to change my flight to come back early.


Did your kids saying anything to you the day you landed your first ever, and much deserved, Daytime Emmy nomination?

KATHERINE: I had my stepdaughter, my son, and my daughter with me at the time. And I woke them up and said, “Guess what, you guys?” (Laughs) And they were like, “Yeah, well haven’t you been nominated before?” (Laughs) And I am like, “No!” (Laughs) They are so funny, but they were excited.  They all hugged me, and so it was fun.

Did you intentionally submit yourself in the Supporting Actress category this year, to see if by doing so, it might make it easier for you to finally be recognized?

KATHERINE:  I did that because my storyline last year was supporting.  I really felt that if I had any story that was front and center I wouldn’t have done that, because to me, that wouldn’t have been fair.  But, the whole last year I never had a major story.  I had a lot of material with Kim Matula (Hope) where I was “mom” for most of the year, where it was about her triangle, and the weddings.  And then most of the year also was about Stephanie dying.  Then, I was supporting her through that.  It was really her story, so because of that, I thought, “Well, I’m just going to put myself in ‘Supporting’ this year.”  I never really had the chance to submit myself in that category before, because my character has usually been more front and center.  So I thought, “Well, OK, I am going to try that.”

Did Susan Flannery call you upon learning the news of your nomination?  She has wanted this for you for so long!


KATHERINE:  Well, I called her!  She was very excited, and we went out to dinner to celebrate.

In the speech Brad made for you on set, acknowledging what a big moment this is for you, he said you are the “Biggest international soap star”, which is true!

KATHERINE:  That’s pretty big … and even bigger than really the Emmy nomination … but it’s all just wonderful!

How do you feel about your current story and being paired with Don Diamont?

KATHERINE:  I feel like I am on a different show, actually, which is good.  I want to start changing my character a bit.  They kept writing her as the victim.  There was some stuff this year where I was like, “Oh, please!”   But I am trying to work it in more where I can be a little more the leader, or feistier, not just so, “Sigh, woe is me,” or “Look this happened to me again!”  I just don’t think my character would do that to her sister!

Were you then upset that Brooke slept with her sister’s husband?

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

KATHERINE:  I was not for that story.  Nothing against Don, because I love him, and it’s great to be able to work with him, but… I just don’t think my character would do that to my sister, even though Katie gave the ring back to Bill and said, “That’s it!”  Five minutes later, Bill and Brooke were having sex.  I was not happy about that, but it pushes storyline and hopefully something will come out of it.  I just want to do something different for Brooke.”

Speaking of doing something different, is that difficult for you to be able to have the opportunity to do?  Do you need to consult with Brad Bell first if you want to alter how you play scenes as Brooke?

KATHERINE:  I think I have to try to show different things and different sides, even if the script says, “Brooke is crying and is so distraught.”   I’ll try and play against that, because it says that in almost every script everywhere!  So I’ll maybe show moments of that, or have some of that going on underneath.  But I’m going to play her a little stronger, maybe even angry at times.  Maybe she takes it out in a different way.  She doesn’t always have to cry, and be desperate, and distraught. I am trying to infuse the writing that way, and show them that is not the way you have to do it.   So, I am trying to do that myself on set.  They will see that it can be different.

And Brooke is always involved in some hot topic, hot water, or something scandalous.  What about when you recently appeared in lingerie again in the Brooke’s bedroom line debut?  How did you feel about that?

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

KATHERINE: I thought it was interesting for that moment.  I think something new would be interesting, too.  I don’t want to parade around in lingerie all the time.  For that one time it was OK.  I actually liked the red lingerie piece they had me in.  Just because Brooke is the spokes-model, there might be a better way to represent that than just have her in lingerie, and class it up a bit.   They could have the models who are super tall and skinny parade around in the bras and underwear.  I think Brooke will always be somehow involved in fashion, it may not always be lingerie hopefully, but we will see.

So, would you like to see Katherine Kelly Lang finally receive her first ever Daytime Emmy for her performance in the final scenes between Brooke and Stephanie? What do you think of Katherine’s comments on Brooke and how she was not originally in favor of the story where Brooke sleeps with her sister Katie’s man, Bill?  Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. gloria says:

    BEST NEWS!!! I am so happy for her. KKL is long overdue for recognition. Love her & I sure hope she wins.


  2. mmc says:

    she’s wonderful & should have emmy nomination a long time ago.I hope she wins…so deserving !!


  3. Arpi Kay says:

    I’m so happy for KKL! It’s long overdue! She’s an outstanding & beautiful actress as Brooke Logan & the Star of the show! I’m sure she will win this time! Go KKL, we love & support you!


  4. dana lana says:

    Yes KKL really deserves to win!


  5. Sophie says:

    Thanks for a great interview! Brooke is my fave character on B&B. KKL is SO talented and I hate how Bell can only write these lame SL for her. Bill/Brooke is utter nonsense!

    I am very tired of the writers throwing Brooke under the bus in hope of a “shocking” SL. Deacon, Nick, Oliver, Thomas and now Bill. Who is next? Liam?

    Anyway, congrats to KKL on her Emmy nomination. She so deserves it and I will be rooting for her!


    Janey replied

    I don’t recall a storyline with Brooke and Thomas. I remember one with Taylor and Rick but not Brooke and Thomas


    Mary SF replied

    Actually they didn’t do anything. Thomas had a crush on Brooke and she didn’t really do anything to encourage or discourage it. They were on the company plane, going on business trip when it crashed. Brooke and Thomas were stuck on a this island waiting to be rescue. They got really hungry and Thomas found some wild berries. The berries acted like a drug and they got really mellow and they kissed. When they were rescued Brooke thought they had sex and Thomas said they did. It nearly destroyed her relationship with Ridge until Thomas came clean and told the truth that they only kissed under the influence of the berries.

  6. Pam says:

    I’m so happy for KKL – finally! The episode she submitted was sensational. I truly hope she wins!


  7. Margot says:

    KKK is an actress I’ve been always fond of and it would certainly be nice if she won the Emmy this time she deserves it.


  8. Joyce says:

    yes, if ever anyone deserves an award for her work as an actress, it is KKL. I have watched the B&B since 1987 and Brooke has always been my favorite character. It would be so exciting for her fans as we are behind her 100%, no matter what scandulous thing she is involved with! Fingers crossed!!!


  9. Missy says:

    KKL defintely deserves to win the Emmy. Love her!


  10. CC says:

    Love KKL:)


  11. Nauntieann says:

    I am so proud for KKL and I hope she wins. I have always been on Brooke’s side. And Kim Matula was awesome this year .I hope KKLwill take the award. This show would be nothing without Brooke . She is the one that makes it exciting.


  12. Laurie Gonzalez says:

    I agree with Katherine Lang that Brooke would not do that to her sister. I think they took her character to a lower level by having this happen. It did disgust me and I felt she didn’t learn from having a baby with her daughter’s husband. So I guess they will try to ask Eric to say he’s the father. If this happens, I will drop the show. I believe the writers should be thinking better of the characters and especially Brooke since she has been with the show for so long. Find her someone new and have her battle against Taylor/Eric on a different level.


  13. Lawrence says:

    I respect kkl as an actress alot. i am glad that she recognizes whats wrong with this pregnant storyline. Brad Bell cant write a decent storyline for her.


  14. Paula says:

    Congrats to KKL! This nomination is not just for the submitted scene but all the hard work KKL has put in over the years! The recognition is long over due. KKL is still a winner even if she doesn’t.
    As for her responses I can’t say that I’m surprised at how she feels about her S/L since she puts so much of herself into her character. Also she takes a lot of heat from the fans about her characters behavior that’s hard to justify. That said, I love the S/L and the character BLF. I was gald to see the old Brooke back! The hopeless romantic! Lol. I detected the changes in her acting. I noticed that something was different about the old Brooke? Seriously, she seemed angry. Which conflicts with her “follow your heart” persona? I like her love taboos! In the end she always comes out smelling like the rose that she is.. Even though the thorns leave a sting! I think she should have submitted her and Ronn’s last scene together (wedding). Now THAT was a tear jerker! I can totally respect KKL’s feelings on the direction her character should take. Just keep in mind Brooke is a complicated soul and we like her like that.


  15. Paula says:

    PS: If I was KKL I would not change my family plans to attend. I would acr like the that she is and send a “Video” thank you or live/Skype acceptance speech. After all the years she attended and was not even nominated!? It would be poetic justice for her to have “another engagement” on the night they finally nominated her. She could say to them as they have figuritively said to her… “Maybe next year?” Lol. Jmo.


  16. Paula says:

    *insert* correction I was trying to say “…Act like the star that she is”.


  17. Paula says:

    PPS: If wasn’t for the Deacon S/L there would be no Hope Logan! Hence, no Kim Matula (whom we absolutely adore!) And no Liam, Steffy triangle? No marriage to Eric means no Rick, Mya and Caroline!? You can make an omelet without breaking a few “eggs”! Lol *Excuse the pun.


  18. Paula says:

    *insert correction* should say “Can’t”


  19. p says:

    and this paid pr for kkl is just sad!!! stop sucking up… if ur gonna.. might as well be paid from her for forcing such fake comments


  20. Larkin says:

    This show is nauseating and KKL she does not deserve a Emmy for a long shot!! The worst is how they treat most of the B&B fan base by butchering their characters of Tay or Steffy to prop the Logan show, , like we cannot have some space away or happiness from bloody Brooke Logan.I have no idea who give or WHY KKL got this nomination, all i i know, she does not deserves it, stealing sl to everyone from Jacqui to Hunter to make her the center of the show will never get my approval.. No way in hell Stephanie would want spend her last day with this tamp Brooke Logan. Who KKL is kidding? And i would appreciate if people stop treating audience like idiots!!! Enough of this NONSENSE! This show is done!


    Sophie replied

    Please. As if they aren’t butchering the Logans too? NONE of the women on this show are looking good. From Brooke to Taylor to Steffy and Hope to Katie!

    What Logan Show? B&B has been about Hope/Liam/Steffy for years now.


    Larkin replied

    I am sorry butchering who?? Brooke LOgan??? Are u serious Brooke brought misery to everyone over the years, Taylor was a breath of fresh air that Junior crippled and made miserable just like Bill and Hatie.. How absurd. Steffy could not have Bill but Bell went long length for the whore not only get Bill who hated her guts, but his baby conceived in adultery while Steffy loose hers conceived in love?? GAFB!! Don’t even try to compare The way Hunter and Jacqui and other actors have been treated compare to KKL…And Tay was never a secondary character she was part of the show like everyone else, Hunter Tylo has fans like me who loves her….

    Susan replied

    LOL, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Brooke and Stephanie have always been the center and heart of B&B. That’s why they have always been front and center. Taylor was always just a secondary character just as she is now. Kelly plays what’s written for her by Bradley Bell, and he knows what a gem he has in KKL. If you want to complain, I’d complain to him.


    Larkin replied

    Well as my answer has been omitted and one changed to a version more palatable, too much honesty and truth straight to the point, cannot be handle apparently in the modern world, i will abstain to reply. Believe whatever you want, , honestly im so nauseated that I don’t give a toss! It is pointless to make even a honest argument! I ma glad Hunter and Jacqui are leaving, so their fans do not have to put up with this torment any longer! Enjoy the crap show!

  21. Veronica says:

    I do not believe to KKL. KKL is a woman who has serious problems! She continue to negate to not be part of the writing team,she continue to negate that did not want Brill just because do not wants to lose her fans!


    k/kay replied

    Veronica you might also want to ask Sean Kanan /Deacon why he did not get to stay on the show. KKL did not want to revisit that part of history but seems to have no problem doing the similar story with DD. She must have memory issues .We need to recast Ridge but she does not want to work with another Ridge.


  22. cathleen says:

    KKL defintely deserves to win the Emmy. Love her.She is the best


  23. Rissa says:

    I am sorry but KKL saying Brooke would NOT do that to her sister is insane! Does she forget who Hope’s daddy is??? She wouldn’t do that to her sister but would do that to her daughter ! And her saying she wants to change Brooke ..she wants to change Brooke into the next Stephanie but I am sorry she lacks the class and taste to do that. Brooke has been and always will be the crying slut of the show. Her and Hope think they can shed tears and get what they want when they want it. As for her changing Brooke..yes do it..have her help her daughter move on from Liam and then Brooke can move on herself by getting her OWN man and doing something with her life besides trying to ruin everyone else’s …


  24. Kat says:

    So very happy for KKL. So many horrible rumors surround her and understandably so thanks to the latest line of story writing. This lady has given her life to Bold and Beautiful and the writers have not in anyway allowed her the respect she deserves! Good l I on the Emmy win or lose you are a winner in m eyes!!


  25. Susan says:

    It’s about time!! I hope she wins, she truly deserves it this year. I too would like to see Brooke mature, and was also upset that she slept with Bill. It’s Bell we should be complaining to. He refuses to write Brooke as maturing, I can see why Kelly is tired of playing the victim!


  26. Ziyal says:

    Thank you for this interview. I am happy to hear KKL say that Brill were having sex 5 min after Katie left. I’m thrilled that she will try to make Brooke stronger and not be such a crybaby. Go, KKL! So excited for the nomination.

    Sidenote: Why didn’t you ask anything about Ronn Moss? :(


  27. v bridge says:

    The only thing KKL deserves is to leave B&B, why can’t she just go away, viewers are getting so fed up of her and her disgusting storyline, thank god i wouldn’t be watching after JMW and HT is gone…


    tracy replied

    I agree with you. I am happy that she did not win. I am so sick of her. They should have killed her character off instead of jw and ht leaving. When they had her sleep with bill i had stop watching. These storylines are immoral and in decent. I liked it better when steffy and bill were paired together talk about chemistry but as always kkl has to be in the spotlight.


  28. Dianna Garf says:

    Have Always been a Huge Fan of Kelly’s work on the B&B! She is so Beautiful, Funny, & can make you Cry at the drop of a hat if the storyline calls for “Tearjerking Drama!”
    I have watched the show since May of 1989 – 24 yrs. So many scenarios & water under the bridge for “Brooke” to deal with! The Love Triangles – Tooo many to keep up with lol, but, was on her side throughout them all!!!
    Good Luck KKL – In My Book You Will ALWAYS Be “The Best!!”
    The Writers need to give you more control over Brooke’s Character!! You are a Role Model for Strong Women!! She is Smart, Strong & Savvy!!!! Let her play it like that, sometimes she gets tired of Being the Victim – let Brooke grow up and be a responsible woman.


  29. Karleen02 says:

    I have always been a huge fan of Brooke’s as well. I have watched the show right from the beginning (for 26 yrs) & have always liked KKL playing Brooke, I thought she was the best looking girl in the show, smart, funny. The story line though, I think has wore out its welcome now as far as brooke being trodden on all the time, I would like to see her become the head of the family, take on where Stephanie left off & become CEO of Forrester. And I wish they would bring back Ridge (Ronn Moss) to partner Brooke, she is kind of lost without Ridge, 2 peas in a pod.


  30. Darrell says:

    I am hoping that KKL wins. I have watched B/B from day one. KKL has always been good and there were performances in the past in which she should have been nominated,but her work with SF with Stephanie dying was heartbreaking…it was Brooke losing a person that she fought hated loved and wanted respect from all her adult life and shockingly being the one in which she dies with that is both breathtaking ironic and sad.


  31. LILIAN TUDORIN says:

    I admire Kelly Lang as actress and as a person! I love the show and although I know Kelly Lang as actress only from the show – The bold and the beautiful, I’m very happy that she didn’t leave the show to make some other films, as her character in the show is so very needed because she is like the heart of the show and can not immagine not to see her in the show any more…. So please Kelly don’t go!!! I am from NSW Australia and lived many years in Europe Italy and in Germany, as the show began to be shown on TV in Europe in the early 80s, I was in my teenager years and I really enjoyed daily to watch the show -The bold and the beautifu, which was shown for an hour and with very less advertisement interruption. As I came back to Australia in 2008, I continued to follow/watch the show, but it is so perverse to see the show with every five minutes of interruption of advertisement and what makes it worse is that the show is shown only for 30 minutes, which means you have 15 minutes of the show to see and the rest is advertisement… ! I would like that the Australian TV – CHANNEL TEN where the show is transmited daily at 4.30pm could show more respect for this great show and it’s fans by managing to show this TV SHOW – THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL for at least one hour daily and with less possible interruption from advertisement. It would also be great if the show could be shown in other TV channels here in Australia. I have spoken to friends and others who I know mentioning the show and asking them what they think about this show here in Australia, and gess nearly all of them gave me the same answer – they stopped watching the show because of the to short time of transmition and to much interruption from the advertisement, but they all love the show, unfortunately it is so disturbing and perverse to watch a show in so short of time and with all the interruption from the advertisement. I want to congratulate all of you for supporting the show for all these years and making it the best TV drama of all time! All the actors and actress are really doing a great job – I admire them all!!! Well I’ll keep on watching the show, but I really hope that someone can tell the Australian TV companies to transmit this great show with more respect by showing it at least for one hour daily and if possible to be repeated daily for those who can not watch it at that time of the day transmited. Thank you! from Lilian Tudorin nsw Australia


  32. LILIAN TUDORIN says:



  33. JT says:


    That anything on this program was truly award winning.

    The lack of competition means these emmy’s are a joke.

    Superb actors have been ignored in the past for producers favorites.

    I think all of the awards should be cancelled as there is no genuine competition for acting or writing today. This is strictly a publicity event


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