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18 December 24th, 2014 B&B’s Katherine Kelly Lang On The Mean-Spirited Judges On DWTS Italy & Brooke’s Upcoming Return!

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Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) has been off The Bold and the Beautiful for several months, because she went to Europe to take part in the ballroom dance competition Dancing with the Stars Italy!  As so many of us rooted for her back in the U.S, we followed her progress and the competition via social media, and videos on the Internet, while those in Italy watched live on TV.

As witnessed, American viewers noticed that the Italian judges seemed to be a bit more mean-spirited than their stateside counterparts, which seemed to be a trademark of the program abroad.

In a new interview with TV Guide Magazine Michael Logan heralding the highly-anticipated return of Katherine as Brooke back to The Bold and the Beautiful now that her “Dancing” days are done, the international fan favorite and star of the CBS soap chatted about her experience, and what will happen when Brooke returns to Los Angeles to see the shambles of all the relationships she knew of, before she left town!  Look for Katherine to first air on the January 22nd episode of the sudser. Here are a few interesting excerpts below from the TVG chitchat!

Katherine on if she thinks the DWTS Italy judges were particularly more mean to her than the other celebrity contestants: “They were definitely more mean to me. They do it for the ratings and they change the rules every single day so you cannot possibly explain how the show works. I thought it would be fun to go over and compete on a dance program. (Laughs) Well, I was wrong! It turned out to be more of a reality show with dance involved and they really want to provoke you. They want to see your reactions. They want to see tears and anger. And they really want to see you fire back some retorts, which is so not my style. I don’t like reality shows at all so, when I realized what was really going on, I was taken aback. I think maybe they thought they’d hired my character. They kept calling me Brooke. I kept saying, ‘My name is Kelly!’”

Katherine on what Brooke will do since she knows how her daughter Hope played by the exited Kim Matula lost her baby:  “Brooke knows all about Hope losing the baby because Hope came to visit her in Europe — none of which the audience got to see — and she seems to know about Quinn and Deacon being together. My first scenes back are with Rena Sofer and Sean Kanan, and Brooke says to Deacon, “So…you and Quinn, huh?” (Laughs) And it goes downhill from there. Brooke never trusted Quinn.”

So, what did you think about Katherine’s DWTS Italy experience?  How the judges treated her?  And, are you excited for Brooke to return to the canvas?  When Brooke does come back, who do you want her love match to be this go-round? Comment below!

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  1. Jo Saponare says:

    She was stiff as a board. The judges got it right.


    Mo replied

    The one I saw she wasn’t that great, but I think the judges were a bit harsh. And not even being able to get her name right is disrespectful.

    How did she do overall, in the standings?


  2. jimh(leave it beaver) says:

    The reality is we live in a harsh world…todays entertainment world seems to believe the more vulgar and contriversal you are the better…and it works because todays society has no respect for human life or for even themself…jmo


    Mary SF replied

    It is so true our culture seems to be devolving back to Roman times when watching people get mauled by lions was sport— but we have bright spots like the holiday season when for a moment, just a moment the world remembers what love and charity is supposed to be like– wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and better days in the New Year– Mary SF


    Rose replied

    Hear! Hear! To both Jimh and Mary. I made a choice the last few weeks to not dwell on the news and enjoy the season. I’m lucky to work in a large bookstore. The customers were very giving, friendly and “civilized” if not a little anxious about what presents to get for loved ones and friends. Makes you realize there is still hope in the world for the better nature of humans.


  3. Sharice says:

    I read that she made more $$$ doing this than she makes all year on “Bold and the Beautiful.”


    Mo replied

    I hope she made some money since they didn’t treat her very well.


    Mark Y replied

    Good for KKL!


  4. TIno Sorino says:

    Those judges were evil bullies, I am American Italian and I felt really bad for Kelly. Those judges had no class and mean and unclassy. Welcome back Kelly.


  5. richard says:

    The judges were WAY harsh and they were definitely trying to provoke her. I’m glad her and JMW are headed back to BOLD. They have handled Brooke’s exit very well and the show kept chuggin along. Brooke will def have her hands full when she gets back. Dealing with Quinn and Deacon, finding out about Maya/Rick/Caroline, Ridge’s involvement with Caroline, Katie and Bill reuniting, and Taylor wanting Eric back!!! Also Hope’s eventual return!!! Brooke needs to be refreshed and ready and firing on ALL cylinders!! The character needed a break and I can’t wait to see what happens when she comes back!!! I hope her and Ridge get back together and takeover Forrester!!! TK and KKL never got the chance to rekindle Bridge bc fans wanted Kridge and you see where that went!!!!! They also wanted Brooke to pay for her affair with Bill so they pit Ridge with Katie!!!! Well reunite Bridge in 2015!!!!!


    richard replied

    And I hope they DO NOT have some new man follow Brooke back from Milan with a story of some torrid love affair they had while she was away!!!!!


  6. SZima says:

    I only saw one of KKL’s dances, and she was awful! HOWEVER, the judges were particularly mean and she didn’t deserve the way the skewered her. And I am NOT a fan of KKL and I thought it was awful.


    SZima replied

    “didn’t deserve the way THEY skewered her.”


  7. Mija says:

    What I think about Katherine’s DWTS Italy experience ? I’ve seen all dance by KK and my opinion : that was a big disaster. She should be “Broke” and don’t be anything else.
    Italy judges were not more mean to her – unfortunately: she could not dance -that is fact !!!!!!
    Merry Christmas to everyone !


  8. jaybird369 says:

    Look…I’m sorry that those DWTS judges a la Italy were mean and mean-spirited to KKL but let’s face it…judges on A-L-L reality shows D-O-N-’T mince words, D-O-N-’T care about hurt feelings and (most of all) offer N-O apologies!!!!! Also, Katherine should have known from the VERY BEGINNING that DWTS a la Italy is an ACTUAL reality show!!!!! She CANNOT be that naive!!!!! One more thing: When Katherine’s character of Brooke comes back to B&B in January, I hope to G-O-D that Brooke DOES NOT interfere in Deacon and Quinn’s relationship!!!!! Deacon and Quinn’s relationship is N-O-N-E of Brooke’s business!!!!!

    To: Mr. Michael Fairman and everyone else on this VERY WONDERFUL website…

    M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S And A Happy 2015!!!!!!



    Jamesj75 replied

    Very nice holiday sentiments, Jay! Same to you!


  9. GB says:

    the mean-spiritedness of the judges may well be an accurate assessment – though by no means were they meaner than say Simon Cowell on the old American Idol – and when they see good dancing, they do praise it. Truth is KKL thought she could coast on her celebrity status (the ways Ronn Moss did on the very same show a few years back when he got very far without really deserving to do so), and she was much too awful to have a chance of doing that. For an actress, who works with her body and physicality day in day out, she seemed to have no control whatsoever over her body and couldn’t even cover that up with her acting. It’s true they kept saying she should try and inject some of Brooke’s passion into her dancing, which was disrespectful to her as an individual (though it was, at least partly, to shake her up and ge her to rehearse, which – that’s how it looked on the show (but we know how things can be made to look on shows like that, so I’m not going to comment) – she wasn’t doing nearly enough; she seemed to have other priorities), but it’s also true that KKL, at least on that dancefloor, displayed the emotion and passion of a dead fish.


  10. Jamesj75 says:

    I look forward to KLL’s return to B&B. Without Brooke and Hope, this show is a shell of its former self.

    And have you noticed that they are bumping up the minutes of precious screen time for their exterior shots?!


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