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31 May 7th, 2014 B&B’s Katherine Kelly Lang Reacts To Her First Ever Lead Actress Nomination! – Daytime Emmy Spotlight Interview


When the 41st Annual Daytime Emmy nominations were announced last week, fans of The Bold and the Beautiful worldwide waited with bated breath to find out if long time series star, Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) would finally crack the proverbial Lead Actress ceiling and land her first nomination ever in the category.  Lang, last year scored her first ever Daytime Emmy nod, but that was in the Supporting Actress category.  And as they say, all those come to those who wait … and wait… and Katherine received fantastic news that she was indeed one of the four finalists in the running for Emmy gold in the top acting category.

On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Katherine yesterday at B&B’s on set celebration for their Emmy nominees to get her reaction to her nomination!  Katherine filled us in on what scenes she chose, how it feels to finally get in the category that has long eluded her, and revealed the endless outpouring of support she is still receiving from her fans around the globe. The Daytime Emmys will be presented in ceremonies on Sunday June 22nd, but for now it’s time for Katherine and all her fellow nominees to enjoy the ride.  Here’s what she shared!

How did you learn you were nominated for Lead Actress for the first time?

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

KATHERINE: Amy Farina my fan club president texted me at 5:59AM, but the nominations weren’t suppose to be up till 6AM.  I thought she must have it wrong!  Maybe she is looking at last year’s list! (Laughs) So my boyfriend got online and said, “Let me check!”  And he found out it online and went, “Yep, yep, you’re nominated!”  I was then running around in circles, because I was so excited! (Laughs)

Now after decades on the show, do you feel vindicated in finally receiving this much deserved nomination in the Lead category?  After all, you are the most famous soap actress in the world, and you have done consistent work.  Did you have a moment of “Thank God” upon learning the news?

KATHERINE:  Sometimes I think, “What if my career would end as a soap opera actress and I never, ever really get acknowledged for Lead Actress in a nomination or winning it?”  But it was thrilling getting this Lead Actress nomination, because it has been a long time and there are so many people that are deserving of being acknowledged, and aren’t.  It just does feel good, I have to admit. (Laughs)  If I win or not, doesn’t really matter.   I am just really honored to be nominated.

What scenes did you submit that garnered you the nomination this year?

KATHERINE:  All of them were with Don Diamont (Bill).  The first was when Brooke was mad at Bill about the papers that he drew up and got Katie to sign, and the other one was the back to back shows on the plane when Bill breaks up with Brooke coming back from Aspen.  But he felt really bad about doing it because he loves Brooke, but he wants to get his company back, and then his plan was to come back to her.  His plan was to go, “Look what I did! I got the company back!  I want you back!”  So the scenes were the initial break-up.  You need two people scenes I feel to get a nomination.  All my scenes have been with Don and he is fabulous!  We’ve got to get him nominated somehow next year, because he has had some great scenes!  Don is so easy and fun to work with.

Photo Credit:

Why did you like about those scenes when you looked back at your work?

KATHERINE:  It just felt real.  There are some different emotions in it – she is hurt, then she is trying to be rationale, and then she was trying to be grown-up, and then she was mad. So even though it is subtle it is kind of emotional.  It was nothing so in your face, but I like that it told a story.  I think that is good when you make a submission of your work for the Emmys.

What did your fans all around the world say to you on Twitter following your nomination?  It has got to be a pinch yourself moment, yet overwhelming, right?

KATHERINE: It was endless!  By the end of the day my thumbs were so tired from being on my phone (Laughs).  There were emails, text messages, and I am tweeting.  I am still responding to people on Twitter, but it is great.  I love it!  I never thought in my lifetime that so many people worldwide would love Brooke, or my work, or that I would be able to talk to people through Twitter.  It really gives you a feeling that you’re all connected.

Now you have to pick out a dress to dazzle on the red carpet.  Initial thoughts on that?

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

KATHERINE:  I have not thought about a dress yet.  I will probably wait till the last minute! (Laughs)  I had my company Katherine Kelly Lang Kaftans make this really nice kaftan for the Monte Carlo Nymph Awards which I wore on opening night.  It was this sea of turquoise colors and had these gems all over it. It was very hand painted and just gorgeous.  So I am thinking we may do a hand-painted gown, or I might go with a designer.  I am not sure yet.

Finally, did you hear from Susan Flannery (Ex-Stephanie), who for so long has wanted this for you, and was for 25 years you’re on-screen scene partner?

KATHERINE: Yes.  Susan called me and said, “Congratulations. You know how I have been wanting this for you.  I love you, baby girl.” It was so sweet.  We are going to have the ladies Lead Actress Emmys lunch and we are going to invite her to come too!

What do you think of Katherine finally getting her first Daytime Emmy nomination as Lead Actress?   Let us know!

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  1. andrew hass says:

    I’m happy that KKL got her first ever lead actress nomination this year.She could win an Emmy her first time been nomiated


    Patrick replied

    Heather Tom – 5 time emmy winner (I’m so over – puzzled by her excitable) why?
    Katherine Kelly Lang
    Eileen Davidson
    Arianne Zucker

    LOL… I’m so excitable… for AZ’ Nicole… making the picture…. small fry turn to dazzling lead

    thee lady of all ladies… insurmountable…. Days of OUR Lives star turned EVERYTHING… she is pitted against the whole lot… and cunning beware… stole time… heaved her presence…. i’m still giddy

    KKL : congrats… enjoy your Lead Actress Emmy Luncheon.. you belong with… pick up the check


    Patrick replied

    I’m still giddy…. Eileen Davidson

    she is charismatic… I’m charmed by her…. she ably : with script … the show comes alive… with her presence

    k/kay replied

    Patrick in true honesty I have no idea what you are trying to say? Sharon Case & Finola Hughes & Jess Walton. KKL & HT be gone a producer should not be able to buy an Emmy.

  2. Patrick says:

    “God” If I may… excuse

    I think… a documentary… no holds barred… just featuring… the leading ladies lunch … a fly on the wall… peak…. feast

    would be something… in itself

    we hear about this… each and every year… and think…. coulda woulda shoulda… what a gander of a big time feature


  3. Stefano says:

    I hope Katherline finally wins her first emmy. She is a wonderful actress.


  4. Karolina says:

    It was about time and long overdue. I’m so thrilled for her because I’ve been wanting her to be recognized for her amazing acting skills for so many years now. This year she’s been nominated for the Outstanding Lead Actress award she so deserves for portraying Brooke so brilliantly for 27 years. She still manages to surprise us all with her many talents as a gifted actress. The Daytime Emmys is on my birthday and I really hope she’ll receive her first Emmy award. That would be my best birthday gift ever. #TeamKelly


    alice h rivera replied

    I agree it’s her time to win. She’s done a great job.


  5. Joyce says:

    I am thrilled for her. She has captivated people for many years as Brooke Logan. whether you love her or hate her, she brings so much to the role of Brooke. I really hope she wins..she deserves it so much! Go KKL! rooting for you!!


  6. Lisa says:

    Much deserved… I love her acting with Don!


  7. Arleen Denis says:

    I’m not a big celeb follower but have watched B&B for so many years…without doubt KKL is my favorite actor on the show…she has done such an amazing job in her role as Brooke…and have been following her on twitter and really becoming a fan….so deserving…never gets enough publicity but getting out there more now…congratulations!


  8. Jenny Brooks says:

    She’s far from my favorite as a character, but as an actress she’s fabulous. Long overdue nomination. Congrats to KKL!


  9. Merima Tropoja says:

    I am so happy for her, she deserves this, I hope she wins.


  10. Adam says:

    She really needs to win, it is long time over due, my goodness she’s damn awesome!


  11. B&B Fan says:

    I am so happy for KKL. I hope she wins it this year. Heather won enough its about time someone else wins it. But at the end of the day I still love her no matter what.


  12. Maddy says:

    Glad that KKL was recognised. I don’t think her reel is strong enough to win though, IMO. Especially knowing what ED and HT have submitted.


    Joyce Reese-Parker replied

    @Maddy..I’m kind of thinking that also…If HT submits the scenes when Katie finds out about the affair and pregnancy….


    Maddy replied

    She did :) MF did an interview with HT post-nomination announcements and she said she chose the episodes after Taylor revealed the Brill affair/baby.

    Joyce Reese-Parker replied

    @ Maddy…Those scenes were POWERFUL!!! I really hope KKL wins… a perfect world it would be a tie wth KKL and HT (smle). Personally I hope next year Don Diamont will be nominated…He should….his acting partners have been nominated and won (Scott Clifton/Heather Tom) I hope next year is his year!

  13. Joyce Reese-Parker says:

    So happy for KKL..She deserves it!!!!!


  14. Rodd says:

    I’m very happy for her. I have only watched a few scenes from B&B over the years, never really followed, but KKL’s scenes with SF always blew me away. I often wondered why SF was always nominated and not KKL. So now I’m glad this lady is finally get a nod. Good luck!


  15. Mo says:

    Happy for her, but I feel like previous years have been stronger and she should have won but didn’t even get nominated. I am rooting for several in this category as I also watch Days.

    I want Eileen to win because she’s phenom and should have an Emmy already. Heather just to make it three in a row and she does have good stuff. Too bad they can’t all win!


  16. Ann says:

    Heather Tom can act rings around all the nominees. You can credit Don Diamont with the improvement in KKLs acting. Ron Moss was the albatross hung around her neck in previous years.


  17. charles says:

    She was robbed from last year’s Emmy honor, and I will let that pass, she should have a mantle full of Emmy’s but the award process is so flawed, there should have been an independent panel, independent of the industry and of the hoopla……there are so many people who have walked away with this honor,and have really not done enough to merit it, some of the previous winners have won by default,and by pools of voters etc….that’s my personal belief. I hope that Ms. Lang gets this honor,finally she is a stellar actress, with loads of acting talent, charm, and turns in bravo performances each time she is on the canvas.


  18. Larkin says:

    Why bother ? That’s the question. Why care when in the media the truth is the last thing to be seen, especially if people are deluded as much as Bell, about this woman. The others SOAPS must be fuming at this point, as much as viewers, to see this happening over and over like a horrible deja-vu; not to mention to loose to a whxre “character” > GH get snubbed again this time in the lead…So i am confused are Emmys nomination for talent or age or the writer favorite?? Because i don’t care who is behind this charade! KKL doesn’t deserve a nomination for a log shot in the talent department, , especially next to Heather Tom (again nominated) and why Jacqueline Macinnes Wood who really deserves it is nowhere in sight??? I have no words how much disgusted i am about B&B everything is so bogus, and old, boring, lame, ugly ingredients not material to gain an Emmy nod whatsoever, of a Emmy esepcially if they bore people to death, and shove the same actress everywhere, so of course she would be also on a Emmy list as “persona non grata”….Does she really believe to deserve ans Emmy? GAFB!!


    mk replied

    Totally agree with your post.


  19. Jake says:

    Yay KKL ! Most powerful and subtle actress in daytime! So deserving of the Emmy based on the overall calibre of her talent! There would be no story without this amazing actress! She’s kept me glued to this show day after day for 27 years!


  20. sam moon says:

    Katherine Kelly Lang deserves it.She is perfect.


  21. Christine says:

    Heather Tom can act better than KKL hands down, end of discussion. I don’t care if KKL has been on the show for 75 years, she cannot and will never be a better actress than Heather Tom. There’s no comparison. Heather should definitely win hands down. She is one amazing actor and KKL needs to take acting lessons from her. KKL is just an average actress but Heather Tom is an outstanding actress.


  22. Christine says:

    Heather Tom is actually the only reason I watch the show now. The other story lines are boring and monotonous. Heather makes the show watchable, without her I’d probably not watch the show t all. Since Steffy and Stephanie and Taylor are gone, Heather and the new Ridge are the only one’s keeping the show exciting. I must admit, Quinn is definitely an amazing actress, I love the spice she brings to the show. Brookes character is just burnt out and dull and highly over-rated. Bring Steffy back please and keep Quinn for God’s sake. Brooke hope and Liam can take an extended vacation for several years. Sick of all 3 of them. Without Katie Quinn and the new Ridge, I would no longer watch the show at all. I’m just sick of looking at Brooke, she brings the show down several notches and her acting leaves much to be desired. She is just a boring actress.


  23. Darrell says:

    Finally KKL got a lead nomination. There were so MANY times in the 90′s early 2000′s that she should have been nominated…and was so grossly over looked! Congratulations- Katherine!


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