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31 March 14th, 2012 B&B’s Katherine Kelly Lang shares her sentiments on getting snubbed again for an Emmy Nom!

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For 25 years, Katherine Kelly Lang has played Brooke Logan Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful for all she is worth and then some with consistent demanding, complex, and emotional storylines to play.   And not once has the beautiful, beguiling, and talented actress gotten a much deserved Emmy nomination in the Lead Actress category.

Now unfortunately this year again, Katherine was snubbed again by voters to get a Pre-Emmy Nomination in her category, even though this year, the voting rules had changed.

On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Katherine at the recent set celebration for The Bold and the Beautiful’s silver anniversary and asked her how she felt about the Daytime Emmy situation, when clearly she has been worthy and been a mainstay of our genre for years.   We wanted to let Katherine know that we, and many fans who have posted comments or reached out to us,  are constantly miffed about it too, and think it’s high time she gets some recognition come Emmy time!

Katherine shared:  “I was really disappointed.  I hate saying that, and I hate talking about it, because this always comes up every year.  Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, Y&R) came up to me and told me, “Oh my God, Kelly! I loved the scene that you submitted! You are going to get a Pre-Nom, and if you get nominated you have got to submit this scene!”  And, it was scene from the “berry “ storyline with Thomas when Brooke told him she can’t be in the same room with him anymore.  She was saying, “I have got to stay away from you, because it’s not good for me.”   It was simple and there was a lot going on underneath.  I thought maybe I did pick the right thing, because it got such a good response, because my thing is I never know what to pick, ever!  I just thought since this time they did the voting differently, things might turn out differently.  And then I did not even get the pre-nomination and I almost got embarrassed.  I am not saying, I should be thinking I have done so great, but me knowing myself, I was giving myself a hard time where I would say, “I should have been in there. What am I not doing right?”  Then I started thinking, “Who is a good acting teacher?  Maybe I need to go to one.  Maybe I need to go to an acting coach to work on some of these scripts, because obviously I am not doing something right!” (Laughs)  So part of me cares and part of me does not want to.  I just have to accept it, as there is always another year, so I will keep trying.   I don’t know what to say about the system, but thank you so much for your kind words. ”

What do you think about Katherine’s comments and candid honesty? Let us know!

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  1. david says:

    Has she talked to Susan Flannery? Somebody on her own show who has been nominated and won ought to be able to give her some feedback and advice. She’s worked on B&B for 25 years. They aren’t paying her because they feel sorry for her. When I think of OLTL (GONE for 2 months now!), many fine deserving people weren’t nominated either. I sympathize with working hard, doing a good job, and being overlooked. I think there are many fine actors in daytime–maybe too many for all of them to be recognized in pre-noms. Lang has received Soap Opera Digest Award nominations. She shouldn’t give up. She has the support of her show and her fans.


  2. Torrey says:

    Even though I’m not a big B&B follower, I will admit that Katherine is long overdue for her Emmy. She always delivers a captivating performance…..I really don’t see that much of a difference between the voting system…..always the same old thing.


  3. Jared says:

    I don’t trust the Emmy’s anyway. Anything where humans vote is going to be political and tainted.


  4. Hayley says:

    Katherine Kelly Lang is the only reason I watch B&B and the only reason why I have stayed with the show. She should never doubt herself because her scenes are always amazing. From now on, she needs to poll her fans to find out which scenes to submit. She always shines when she is on, but we as the fans can really point out those truly special scenes.


  5. kay killgore says:

    Well Ms. Lang it is a rigged system! Take your pay check and laugh all the way to the bank!!! Ms. Slezak & Ms. Zimmer won many a year when their were other nominees that deserved it over them. Victoria Wyndham comes to mind plus so many more. It is a clique and we are not in high school anymore. You still have a job who cares!


  6. Scott says:

    Katherine Kelly Lang is continually over-looked for Emmy nods. She deserved one this year, terribly disappointed!!


  7. PT says:

    KKL should have submitted the scenes where Brooke was eating the berries and then offered them to Thomas, imo, that was the best scene for her to submit from that SL. Everything everything wasn’t consistent with what had previously been shown. JMO…..


    PT replied

    Everything after the berry eating scene wasn’t consistent with what had been shown was what my last sentence should have read above….Sorry peeps…..


  8. Kate says:

    Katherine Kelly Lang is unquestionably one of the most — if not the most — snubbed leading actress on daytime. It is both baffling and aggravating that her work is NEVER formally recognized by the peers who vote on pre-noms, noms, and eventual Emmys. I was completely stunned in when she didn’t even get an Emmy nomination in 2003 for her work in 2002, which in my opinion was Katherine Kelly Lang’s ultimate year (with the whole Brooke / Deacon / Bridget mess)… at least her fans have her back :)


  9. Maggie says:

    On the contrary, there are many others that feel the Emmy awards and nominations have always rightfully belonged to Susan, hands down. What Susan brings to the screen in comparison….is no comparison. The decisions made are an accurate representation of what many viewers feel.


    Merima replied

    I don’t agree KKL is right up there with SF and KKL has a lot more emotional range in her scenes, the Stephanie character has one emotion anger, only in the homeless storyline did we see Stephanie show warmth and vulnerability but KKL’s part in that story was just as big, her reaching out and fighting for the survival of her ”enemy” was incredibly moving imho.


    Maggie replied

    I’m sorry you disagree about Susan. All Susan/Stephanie has to do is appear on the screen and she locks our attention. No other actor can do that. Stephanie has been tender, compassionate, protective, furious and has been the rockhard SOLID of the show! The Emmys she’s won definately confirms her amazing talents, popularity and versatility. There IS a reason why she’s been dubbed ”THE QUEEN”! As far as this show, she shines above them all!

    Vee replied

    I remember he very first scene I saw of BB. Stephanie and Brooke were arguing. In that one second I became a devoted Steph fan and i hated brooke with a passion. I have always thought that if another actor was portraying Steph, the result may have been different. When you watch Susan, you see a skilled performer who makes others shine. Watch her with other greats like Deacon or Nick and it is almost magical.

    Again no offence meant to KKL in any shape or form, I just felt

  10. Mo says:

    She should be used to not getting nominated since it happens every year. I really don’t understand it. Even though Susan Lucci didn’t win an Emmy for years, at least she was nominated. KKL def deserves to have several noms, if not wins, on her resume.


    Merima replied

    I think that’s worse actually being nominated for it over and over and every year hear them call another name as the winner, kind of feels like mocking.


  11. Saturyne says:

    Well quite frankly I’m not surprised. So much for her (& BBell’s) hope that by sidelining Susan Flannery, SHE’D “finally get the nomination”. Susan Flannery is the QUEEN of B&B for a reason. Saturating B&B w/ “Bridge” , two characters who are individually unlikeable & as a couple even LESS, & lackluster storylines like “boink berries” was not going to be the way to get a nomination. B&B as a show is hardly recognizable from what it once ways & NOT in a good way. @ the right it’s going now…it’s for certain the show will NOT last anywhere near another 25 years & KKL does NOT carry the show. To suggest that she does is silly. Susan Flannery has been the backbone of the show, even though BBell has actively sidelined her & along w/ other vets & fan favs on the show.


  12. TF101 says:

    Whether or not an actress has talent is in the eye of the beholder. Popularity is one thing, but acting talent is another. I think Heather Tom is a stronger actress in the leading category, as is Susan Flannerty. The Emmy committee seems to agree, hence no nominations for Lang. Frankly she should just be grateful to have a job in this day and age for actresses over 40.


  13. Mary Anne says:

    I take it only posts full of KKL adoration make the cut around here?? Why ask for feeback if all you want is one sided opinions? There are many reasons KKL doesn’t get nominated and one of them is she can’t act. Why is it wrong to express that opinion when obviously the Emmy voters agree with me.


    DIANA replied



    Lee replied

    I agree 100%. She DOES NOT deserve to be nominated.

  14. Prerna says:

    Im sorry but simply crying on the show is not emmy worthy. The past year KKL’s character has only cried, begged for forgiveness and interfered in others’ lives which in my opinion is too hypocritical considering brookes history. So i dnt think that is emmy worthy


  15. Danielle says:

    Not everyone thinks KKL is that great of an an actress. I think she is typecasted as being the “Brooke” type character and that does not garner alot of Emmy notice or RESPECT.

    I think now that Heather Tom is aboard, KKL can forget about it — SF has always been B&B’s powerhouse and now they have another powerhouse in Heather Tom — frankly, I don’t think KKL is anywhere close to either of those two in acting abilities. I don’t think she will ever be nominated much less win. She has always been the bad girl vixen who cries and I don’t think the Emmy panel puts alot of value in that. I would not ask Brooke the directions to the bathroom much less any VALUABLE advice. I would ask what I could do in bed to please my man, if I needed that kind of advice but not any other kind of advice.

    No diss for KKL intended.


  16. Rob says:

    She really is the only thing good about that dreadful show, noone does a single tear better than KKL!


  17. Vee says:

    If you consider her competition it is not surprising. I have no axe to grind against any of the actors, and no wish to uspet anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings. But Look at the talent pool with which she has to deal. the greatest ever Susan Flannery ( I always want to scream when she misses out on a win) Michelle Stafford to name just two

    I think the character of brooke is not given to emmy nominations and seriously that scene really did nothing to advance her chances ( jmho) On the other hand SF and Stafford are given great lines and scenes and they lend themselves more towards nominations.
    Again just my opinion


  18. Merima says:

    I am shocked ….I’m still realing from her not being for the rape storyline and now this, I would really like to be a fly on the wall during the voting process becouse it makes no sense. We should start a Katherine Kelly Lang deserves an Emmy page on Facebook.


  19. Mckenna says:

    KKL has a huge fan base and it baffles us how she is snubbed year after year for an Emmy! What gives?


    Jo replied

    McKenna, I don’t think the size of a fan base is considered. The people who vote, if I am not mistaken, are other actors/actresses and people who work in some capacity of producing the shows. Actors and actresses who present themselves as candidates leading to the Emmy are judged by voters who are, in effect, their peers.


    Mel replied

    I don’t think fanbase has anything to do with the EMMY selection, because other people on B&B also have gigantic fanbases and never got 1 nom either. So it’s not that. It’s the what voters see on the submission reels that’s above everything-now I guess it doesn’t help if you know alot of people in the industry-but above all else, you better have awesome level talent too.

  20. Mel says:

    Nothing against KKL because she is good as Brooke-but Susan Flannery is AMAZING as Stephanie!!! Over the years she’s put so much intensity and depth into her character that it literally left my mouth open in astonishment of this actress. I also LOVE the fact that Flannery shares some of her acting knowledge with the younger generation coming up on the show. Susan Flannery is on point in every scene, and as long as Flannery is around-there is no hope for KKL getting a nom.Real talk.


  21. Ava Charles says:

    What is wrong with these people don’t they know good acting when they see it.. Katherine deserves that award. She is the main reason why I watch the show because there is never a dull moment with her. Although her character has matured alot in recent times she must get some credit and recognition for that. Don’t worry good things come to those who wait.


  22. anthony whitlow says:

    With all due respect, to all of you people who don’t think that KKL is an amazing actress and a stunning human being, you re nuts. I think she is the best actress ever and completely underrated. Susan Flannery is amazing but she has even said it herself that if she wasn’t working with KKL, she wouldn’t shine as much.


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