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5 July 5th, 2016 B&B’s Pierson Fodé and Rome Flynn Talk The Demands Of Being Daytime Beefcake: Watch The Segment!

Courtesy/KTLA Morning News

The Bold and the Beautiful’s younger leading men, Pierson Fode’ (Thomas) and Rome Flynn (Zende) chatted with entertainment guru Sam Rubin on a segment of the KTLA Morning news on Tuesday.

During their segment, which apparently featured the KTLA production staff so flustered over the good looks of the guys, that they mixed up a couple playbacks of footage!  One from the Not Safe For Daytime online series, and one an image of the guys doing their best Titanic imitation.

When chatting with Rubin and the morning news team, Pierson and Rome discussed the demands of keeping in shape for shirtless scenes and being considered daytime hunks, and learning the lines in a medium that moves so quickly with last minute dialogue changes and being able to keep up with the pace.

Watch Pierson and Rome on KTLA Morning News after the jump!  Then let us know your thoughts: Are Pierson and Rome two of the hottest young daytime stars to ever appear on The Bold and the Beautiful? Comment below!

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  1. Mateo says:

    Sweet Lord, Pierson Fode. I don’t care about the interview. I don’t even watch B&B but Pierson Fode just yes yes and yes…They didn’t say much but it was a pleasant experience. =)


    Rob replied

    between the two of them…..damn.


  2. Daisy Day says:

    Team Thomas and Caroline! Ridge is a jerk. Thomas is hot!


  3. k/kay says:

    Ok guys I will not be listing for a while I have a major hacker or virus not sure what has transpire please do not respond to any of my comments I’m off for a while


  4. Nikki says:

    O.M.G. Does he really think he’s hot or as he would put it a beefcake? He has a nice built end of story.


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