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8 October 12th, 2015 B&B’s Raya Ask Nicole To Be Their Surrogate! Obba Babatunde’ Weighs-In On Latest Plot Twist!

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The Bold and the Beautiful continues to add more twists in the saga of Maya Avant (Karla Mosley), the trans woman who has married Rick Forrester (Jacob Young).

After coming back from their honeymoon, the duo known as “Raya” reveals they have discussed wanting a child of their own, and while adoption is one way to go about it, they want a baby that is theirs – part Forrester and part Avant.  Enter Maya’s sister, Nicole (Reign Edwards). On Friday’s episode of the CBS soap opera, Maya asks her sister of she would give her the greatest gift, and be the surrogate to carry their child.   Nicole is stunned … we fade to black.

On Monday, Maya and Nicole’s on-screen father, played by showstopper Obba Babatude’ (Julius) dishes on the latest plot twist with TV Insider.  Just what is conservative dad Julius going to think of this?  After all, he bascially was persona non gratis after his rantings at Maya and Rick’s wedding.   However, B&B is bringing both Babatunde’ and his on-screem wife Vivienne, played by Anna Maria Horsford back to the canvas, when it will be revealed on next week’s October 22nd that the Avants have relocated to Los Angeles.  Let the family tension begin!


When asked what will happen when Julius tries to wrap his head around this surrogate request Maya has laid on to her sister, Babatunde’ responded: “It’s like Jaws. Just when Julius thought it was safe to go back in the water… boom! This is an overwhelming development. The poor guy is, like, ‘Whoa. Wait a minute. You want my little girl to do whaaaat?’ How Julius and Vivienne deal with this is going to be very interesting. And it sure confirms his worst fears about his girls living with these Forresters. ‘See, this is what I was talking about!’ This really helps his argument.”

So, what do you think of this surrogate storyline?  Should Maya have asked her sister?  Are you glad to hear veteran actor Obba’ Babatunde’ and Anna Maria Horsford are back on the canvas?  Watch the moment where Maya and Rick ask Nicole below. Then, share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. jeremy says:



  2. Mija says:

    Of course! I think , that will be very interesting with the two !!!


  3. Mister Media says:

    This is a “soap opera” story line – not one rooted in reality. Sometimes those work, if the actors commit and pull it off. Often they do not. In either case, they rarely interest me.


  4. Iakovos says:

    I am just glad to see there really are other people in Los Angeles other than the Forresters and Logans!


  5. Mark Y says:

    Well, it will be the only story that will play out over the next few days. B&B writers can only write one story at a time it seems.


  6. James R. Poissant says:

    I think I am going to like this story—the idea of bringing in Maya’s parents into the mix is fantastic idea because I love seeing the 2 actors on screen.


  7. Mo says:

    I think they should chill and just enjoy being married.

    Then asking Nicole to be the surrogate–they also want her to be the egg donor, to have a child with Rick and give that child up. It’s a lot to ask. The emotional and the physical toll on Nicole.

    It’ll be interesting to see what will happen.

    And Rick obviously hadn’t investigated adoption thinking they could have a child in two months–well, maybe with his money they could.


  8. Ollie says:

    Maya’s parents have good intentions. I love her Mom. Her dad is controlling but he means well. But Maya I can’t stand!!! She is very fake and her voice is so annoying and phony!!!!! She is selfish and manipulative. Somehow that part of her personality has been forgotten. I remember all the game playing she did before. I don’t like where this story is going. I miss the good old days. I’m back to recording so I can fast forward and only watch the parts of interest—without Maya. What is most interesting is what will happen when Thomas discovers Caroline is carrying his child.


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