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26 December 5th, 2014 B&B’s Rena Sofer Talks On The Departure Of Kim Matula & Quinn’s Costly Meddling!

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For those who have not seen today’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful Spoiler Alert, you may not want to read any further!

However, if you have seen today’s episode you know that Hope (Kim Matula) and Quinn (Rena Sofer) did have a face-to-face confrontation, sort of, on the steps of the mansion. Quinn tells Hope she came by just to tell her that she will leave her alone, since it is obvious to all that Quinn is obsessed with getting closer to the unborn child that Hope is carrying.  After all, Quinn’s son, Wyatt (Darin Brooks) is the baby daddy!  As the two ladies chat, Hope is flustered.  Quinn finally decides to leave, but when Hope gets up to leave her shoe twists on the steps, and she takes a terrible fall!

As viewers know, Kim Matula is exiting the show next week on the Friday November 12th episode, but not before plenty of drama unfolds! Will Hope lose her unborn baby?

On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Rena Sofer at last weekend’s Hollywood Christmas Parade to get her thoughts on what is going down lately with Quinn, but most importantly, her reaction to the departure of one of her favorite scene partners, Kim Matula. Rena related:  “I loved working with Kim, and I love her.  I found out the week before she left that she was leaving, and I was devastated.  I love hanging out with her …  she makes me laugh … and so I was very sad.”


As to what she wishes next for Quinn, now that she is sure to catch the blame for upsetting Hope so much the young woman accidentally took a fall, Rena reveals: “I hope she leaves her son (Wyatt) alone and focuses on other aspects of her life.  I don’t know what is going to happen … but that is what I am hoping.”

And as for if Rena is hoping Quinn and Deacon become a deeper love match, and as to where she thinks Quinn is at with the S&M sexcapades with Dollar Bill Spencer (Don Diamont), Rena admits: “Oh… yeah.  I still want her with Deacon!  She’s very over Dollar Bill!”

Check out below today’s scene where Hope takes a fall!  Then watch next week’s promo from The Bold and the Beautiful where it states, “Lives Changed!”  Next, let us know what you thought of Rena’s sentiments on the departure of Kim Matula? If you still want Deacon with Quinn?  What you think will happen next week … and how the stage is set for Hope’s exit from the canvas … for now?

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  1. Laurie says:

    I “hope” she gets run outta town and has to come back to Port Charles!! Miss Lois.


  2. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I havent watched in sometime but when it was first announced the actress was leaving, i said Quinn will cause Hope to loose the baby and Hope will have a mental breakdown…i still believe itll happen…Hope will be sent away for treatment and return in the form of JMB ex Lulu of GH…maybe!!!


    Laurie replied

    It freaks me out Jim, to see my sweet Lois portraying a stalker on B&B!! I can’t deal!! LOL.


  3. Sue says:

    There are plenty of actors out there that would love a job, just recast Hope. ( Kim feels it’s time to move on…)


    Laurie replied

    I think Julie Marie-Berman who played Lulu on GH looks like KM, but maybe not quite as glamorous. But yes, MANY, MANY good, young, up & comers would die for that role!


  4. PV Jr. says:

    IF, she loses her baby from tripping, then this is evidence of more shoddy writing. My sister-in-law fell when pregnant and it amounted to a little spotting and being checked out at the hospital. She carried to term and had a healthy baby boy.

    Why can’t these soaps have pregnancy and birth stories that are non-traumatic. It IS possible to have a normal pregnancy/birthing story.


    SZima replied

    Hope gets up to leave her shoe twists on the steps, and she takes a terrible fall!
    I think it’s a bit more than tripping! Falling down stairs caused much more damage than “tripping.”


    Janice replied

    I agree. I fell down steps when I was 8 months pregnant. Very scary, but everyone was fine. :)

    PV Jr. replied

    SZima, I had not watched it before commenting. I was imagining what was going to happen. I admit, that flight of stairs is deadly, but I stand by what I say about tripping. And as far as falling (maybe not that flight of stairs), I would think the baby could still survive it had not died before then. I know they are saying that the fall caused the baby to die, but a lot of times the fetus is already gone between ultrasounds. Sad, but true.

  5. richard says:

    How predictable…Steffy loses her baby, now Hope……SO lame….zzzzzzzz….ridculous……


  6. davlestev1 says:

    I’ve watched soaps since the late 60′s and that was the LONGEST flight of steps i’ve seen any character fall down as far as I recall. That’s years of stories. That flight of steps should have made her lose the baby…break her neck..go into a coma…wake up amnesiac…AND PARALYZED…THAT WAS FRIGHTENING…Good grief…WE GET THE POINT…LMAO…


    Alice replied

    I agree with you completely. That was all cement, I would be surprised if anyone would survive that. Being a soap,( where the dead come back)anything is possible. I fell down 4 stairs backwards, and the doctor said I was 1 inch from breaking my neck, and my disks were ruptured. Oh, we love the soaps,but they need to be more real.


    davlestev1 replied

    WOW Alice glad you’re all good. Wherever that stairway is I intend to fully STAY AWAY from them. That stairway looked was outright SCARY! !

    Laurie replied

    Agree 100%! It’s like when Jason got smashed by Ava’s SUV on GH!! She rolled completely over his body and it bounced around like a rag doll, yet he had no broken legs!! He would’ve been dead! It was actually comical to watch it, as if it was intentionally done campy!

    I guess they made Hope’s fall so overly dramatic to make Quinn out to be a bigger monster. I don’t know….

  7. elm51 says:

    i think if kim had not decided to leave so abruptly the writers would not have gone this route of hope falling & possibly losing the baby – i believe tptb had to do some major script changing to coincide with kim’s departure from b&b……………………jmo


  8. mfarris70 says:

    It’s a miracle that any babies are born on soaps! Has any character ever had a normal, average pregnancy?


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    A normal soap birth would be a suprising plot twist…lol


    Nikki replied

    Victoria Y&R just had a baby girl in the soap.


    jhixen replied

    Yea, but she was locked in a supply closet and ended up giving birth just outside that closet in a parking garage… it wasn’t normal.

  9. Tivette says:

    IMO, Kim goes into a coma and loses baby.


  10. Mo says:

    I wanted Hope to have the baby. I don’t want her to lose the baby, but it seems inevitable with Kim leaving B&B.


  11. Jennifer says:

    I wonder what they are going to do now that Hope is Not leaving. K leaving not the character. TPTB Announced that he is not losing Hope. So glad.


  12. jhixen says:

    Maybe she’ll wake up with no memory and still be pregnant but won’t remember Liam or Wyatt and will decide to leave to have her baby and live in Milan with her mom, although Brooke is supposedly coming back, Hope could stay with her baby.


  13. MBmomof3 says:

    Love Rena Sofer’s Quinn & Sean Kanan’s Deacon. They are why I started watching B&B. I’m ready for a break from Hope. I do wish Kim Matula well on her endeavors.


    annie replied

    I agree. I felt like they should change th title to the Hope and Liam show. It will be a refreshing change to see some of the other cast members vet the air time they deserve!


  14. annie says:

    I wish Kimluck in her new endeavors. She is a terrific actress and she should try and spread her wings.. With no disrespect towards anybody, maybe now we can finally see some of the other actors actually have some air time rather than just see them in the opening credits. I am loving the Maya, Rick storyline. I also wish they would give something more for Donna to do than listen to her sisters fight over their men while she doesn’t even have one. They should shake things up a bit and have her hook up sith Carter. That will really send Maya off the deep end. Also, with the possibility of Steffie making a comeback, I am hoping that Thorne and her mother won’t be to far behind. I always liked Thorne and felt he wasn’t used as much as he sbould have been. I do miss Susan Flannery. In my opinion, she was the best face slapper in soap history. Nobody could slap a face like Stephanie Forrester. Long live the queen!!!


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