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21 June 13th, 2014 B&B’s Scott Clifton Interview – Will He Win His Third Daytime Emmy For His Portrayal Of Liam Spencer? – Daytime Emmy Spotlight


When the 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards are streamed online for the first time on Sunday night, June 22nd, The Bold and the Beautiful’s Scott Clifton (Liam) will go for his third Emmy win!  Scott won for Outstanding Younger Actor a few years back, and then last year tied for Outstanding Supporting Actor with former Y&R star Billy Miller (Ex-Billy).

On-Air On-Soaps caught up with the talented young star to get his thoughts going into Emmy night from why he submitted the reel he chose, to his on-screen lady love Kim Matula’s (Hope) receiving her first Daytime Emmy nomination, how working with Don Diamont (Bill) seems paramount to Clifton’s Emmy success, and going for gold in a Supporting Actor group this year that includes one of his former GH cast mates and now a nominee for Y&R, Steve Burton (Dylan).

Smart, witty, and charming and always a contender in any category he lands in makes Clifton dangerous come Daytime Emmy night!  Here is what he shared with us.

Tell us about the scenes you decided to go with that landed you a nomination again in the Outstanding Supporting Actor category?


SCOTT:  It was right after Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) loses the baby, and the miscarriage and the motorcycle accident.  There is some stuff with him finding out about it and dealing with it in the hospital, and there was some stuff with him dealing with it at the Spencer cliff house where Liam is talking to Bill.  Bill kind of says, “You know, you can’t say any of this s**t to her … so get your feelings out on me.”  It’s mostly scenes with Bill and Liam which is how I do these Emmy reels every year!  Heather Tom (Katie) told me it was a riveting scene which gave me confidence in the choice also; after all, she is Heather Tom!

It seems like everyone who works with Don Diamont gets nominated for an Emmy from The Bold and the Beautiful!  It should be Don’s turn to get a nomination too!

SCOTT:  Don’s my good luck charm!  Every year I have gotten nominated for this show is because of a scene I have done with Don that was written by Patrick Mulcahey.  So now it’s like a trifecta!   I don’t know how I get nominated, let alone am winning.  Don makes everyone better in a scene he is in.  He makes people win Emmys for Godsakes.  I could not do any of it without him, and it’s always so awkward that he is not up there, or nominated with us.

Photo Credit: Gilles Toucas

What was it about those scenes as an actor that stuck out to you enough to submit them to represent yourself for Emmy contention?

SCOTT:  The scenes were just real and organic and emotional. With Liam, he is most of the time a polite and reserved guy, and this is kind of him raging and being unfair.  He knows he is being unfair, but he just needs to get what he is feeling out of his system and Bill is kind of coaching him.  It is a very sweet scene and I liked the concept of: “You can’t say this to her, so say it to me.  Say what you want to say to Steffy, and do what you got to do, because this is your chance to let it out.”  Then there is some stuff after that where it’s subtle and small where Liam after goes to the hospital and picks Steffy up and takes her home, and it’s him sort of him suppressing his feelings.

And you have quite the group in the Supporting Actor category to contend with, many of whom you know well – Bradford Anderson (Ex-Spinelli, GH), Eric Martsolf (Brady, DAYS), Dominic Zamprogna (Dante, GH) and Steve Burton (Dylan, Y&R)!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

SCOTT:  I was joking about this.  I am having a little cognizant desistance about being in the same category as Steve Burton, because Steve Burton is way up there on the ladder.  I grew up looking up to him on General Hospital.   I am like, “OMG, he is Steve Burton.”   Actually, a second ago while we were talking he walked behind me.  I was like, “Maybe, he’ll notice me!”

Do you feel more pressure going into Emmy night, now that you have won two Daytime Emmys previously?

SCOTT:  No, it’s the opposite.  I feel good.  I don’t have any expectations to win.  I know I say that every year, but I don’t feel any pressure to win or anything either.  I already have one once in this category.  It’s an honor to be nominated.  I know that sounds cheesy.  I am just happy to be guilty by association now.

Your long-time scene partner Kim Matula (Hope) finally got nominated too! What are your thoughts on Kim finally getting recognition for her work?


SCOTT:  That’s what I was going to say, and that was the big thing for me this year that she gets acknowledged.  There were years when both Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and Kim should have been nominated.  I don’t think Jacqui knocked Kim out of the race, either.  Sometimes, it just seems crazy that people would not nominate her, but now they have. This is a big deal too, because this is Kim’s last year in the Younger Actress category. So at least she has that now, and next year she can go to Supporting category.  I think she has a very good chance at winning because I judged her category.  I think she has great odds.  Also, it’s so exciting and special that we have Linsey Godfrey (Caroline) nominated in this category, because she did it with comedy, and that can be hard to pull off.   I remember when I was on GH.  Tony Geary (Luke, GH) would pull me aside and he would go, “What are you doing? You think you are going to get nominated with comedy?   Don’t choose comedy!”  And I had tried to do that for years for the Emmys and it never worked.  But it just might work for Linsey!

Now below watch Scott Clifton’s nominated scenes! Then, let us know if you think he just might just win his third Daytime Emmy!

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  1. Mark says:

    God I hope not


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied



    Nikki replied

    I agree. Who would you like to see when in the category, Mark?


    Mark replied

    I really like Bradford Anderson and his scenes when he found out he was a father were just incredible so I hope he wins. I love Days too so I would be happy of Eric Martsolf won too.

    Nikki replied

    I very much agree. I’m rooting for Bradford Anderson, his reel was amazing, in my opinion. But I wouldn’t upset if Eric won, he did some of his best work last year.

    SZima replied

    I’ve not been impressed with SC’s Liam. He was OK on GH as Dillon, but that’s the only role I’ve liked him in. He’s not convincing to me in any storyline.
    Kim Matula is equally UNimpressive as Hope. They are the only couple I have to consistently FF through.
    I was hoping against hope that the whole Liam/Hope/whomever triad was over and done and they could all be back-burnered for a long, long time.


    Mary SF replied

    Wow if FF through all those scenes you must watch B&B in record time LOL. As for this triangle being over or back burner— are you serious?? This is Brad Bell– that is all he knows how to write– the triangle will never be over– much like the Brooke Taylor Ridge triangle went on for years, so will this one.

    SZima replied

    Mary, yes, I watch B&B in record time! I’m not sure why I continue to watch except there are a couple actors that I do enjoy, so I mainly watch their scenes.

    I don’t mind a good triangle story (a soap staple), but I’d like the players to change more often. I just started watching a couple years ago, so didn’t have the “pleasure” of watching Brooke/Ridge/Taylor all those years. Maybe I’d enjoy the show more if I had watched from the beginning.

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    yes, Bradford Anderson should win…i also like days!!!


    kelly replied

    he’s sooooooooooo boring!


  2. Nikki says:

    I love Scott Clifton, I do, but I would be shocked, and dismayed, if he won this year. His reel was strong, but I felt more attracted to Don Diamont’s work in the scene, as opposed to Scott’s. But, he did do some good work. A helluva lot better and more deserving than Steve Burton.

    I like how Scott always seems to support his co-stars, like Heather, Don, Jacqui, and Kim, and Linsey. However, I’m a little sick of people saying Kim is “finally” getting nominated. I’ve never found her past work particularly awe-inspiring and I was actually surprised when she was actually nominated. She is a good actress, but, daytime is fortunate enough, that there are a plethora of fantastic young actresses, who, maybe did slightly better work than she has.


  3. Mary Mary says:

    I miss Jacque Wood. He was at his best with her.


  4. Jade says:

    I think SC is a wonderful actor and I hope he wins again this year, especially for this reel. Too bad JMW was snubbed because her Emmy reel was just as riveting


  5. Bev Edwards says:

    My vote is for Scott Clifton. Love him as an actor. This reel he picked is so gut-wrenching, you feel his pain!!
    great work from all the actors in this heart breaking storyline.


    Bev Edwards replied

    My vote is for S.C. This reel is so gut-wrenching, you feel his pain, great work in this
    heart breaking storyline.


  6. Mo says:

    Don should be nominated.

    I think Eric should win.


  7. Philliegirl says:

    I do not like SC’s character. He acts more like a little boy than a young man–my husband and sons say that all the time when his character is on screen—he should not be the one to win in this category


  8. jaybird369 says:

    Huh??? Scott Clifton nominated for what…for playing Liam…a one-dimensional and lovesick M-O-R-O-N who cannot make up his mind about ANYTHING over half the time…ESPECIALLY when it comes to certain female characters on B&B?!?!? I D-O-N-’T T-H-I-N-K S-O!!!!! SC shouldn’t have been nominated this year…PERIOD!!!!! Sorry. Next…


  9. Lia says:

    Love him, and want to see him take the Emmy home again. He makes Liam absolutely fabulous to watch, and that storyline in particular shows one of the character’s best moments from last year. *crossing my fingers for Scott*


  10. kia says:

    He should win for being in the silliest storylines week after week. I would love to see the gag reel between his character and hope, I’m sure they’re on the floor with stomach pains trying to get through a scene.


  11. sarah16 says:

    I love SC. I hate liam but SC plays him well so that its a love/hate thing he is great and I wish him all the best. It is long over due for Don to get nominated and I can’t wait for it to happen and yes its finally about time for Kim to be nominated she is amazing and her acting is very real and raw something I happen to like because a lot of daytime actress go way over the top that you almost cringe when you see there dramatic performances so totally about time for Kim Matula I hope she wins but it is a strong category this year so who knows. congrats everyone who was nominated!!!!


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