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12 September 20th, 2010 B&B’s Stephanie to have stage four cancer in story shocker!

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In news revealed today though an interview with head honcho, Brad Bell, of The Bold and the Beautiful for TV Guide, Susan Flannery’s, Stephanie Forrester is about to face her biggest battle yet, and this time, she might not win it!  Bell divulged that in the upcoming cliffhanger of this Friday, September 24th’s episode , the four-time Daytime Emmy winner will begin to play out perhaps her greatest on-screen story, when Stephanie finds out she has stage four cancer! And, who else should stumble upon this and be privy to the info?  None other than Stephanie’s rival Brooke . (Katherine Kelly Lang).    So, could this mean the final bow for Flannery, who has hinted that she may be retiring at some point from the series?   Here are some juicy excerpts below from the Q&A with Bell!

Bell on Stephanie’s dire diagnosis and the fact that she refuses treatment:  “I wanted to create the biggest mountain possible for Stephanie to overcome. It’s the weightiest, most intimate and difficult thing she has ever had to wrestle with and to have to share it with Brooke is torture. This is a story about a highly functioning woman that will delve deeply into issues of self-worth and denial. But it’s not going to be morbid or depressing. Stephanie is determined to party right into her grave. It’ll be a hell of a lot of fun to watch”

Bell on if Flannery is truly leaving B&B with this being her exit storyline: “Susan is as unpredictable as her performances. One never knows. We like to think that things are going to last forever but nothing does. She’s done very well on The Bold and the Beautiful and before that on Days of Our Lives, and has had a long and successful career in Hollywood. We certainly hope it continues and we’re all hoping Stephanie survives this… there is a possibility that she won’t.”

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  1. Terry Richard says:

    If Susan Flannery quits “The Bold and the beautiful” I will no longer watch. She is the heart and soul of that serial.


  2. Elena says:

    i can’t believe Stephy might quit! who will Brooke fight with? :O since i was a little girl they’ve been at each others’ throats! i can’t imagine the show without Stephanie. i was always a Brooke fan but those two are fun together.


  3. bottomchef says:

    B&B uses cancer storylines all the time. Caroline, Becky, Grant, Macy, Felicia, now Stephanie. Brad Bell should think of something new. And it’s annoying when soaps make rivals “love” each other when 1 is in peril. Stephanie and Brooke should hate each other. Brooke has slept w/ all the Forrester men. Stephanie has repeatedly tried to kill Brooke, tried to kill Stephen, attacked Donna and has hated the Logans. A storyline more shocking would be if Brooke actually wins in a catfight. Brooke is younger and fit, yet she always gets pulverized by older Stephanie. Ridiculous. Flannery’s forte is not when Steph is vulnerable. That never works for Flannery’s acting style and for the char. Steph is an antagonist. This storyline does not seem to be organic to the characters. Rather, it has Daytime Emmy bait written all over it. This bucket list storyline seems designed to get Brad Bell and maybe Flannery more Daytime Emmys. And this storyline will more than likely keep KKL ignored at the Daytime Emmys bec Brooke will once again be supporting Steph. If Flannery does leave B&B, this does not seem to be a fitting storyline to send off Stephanie.


  4. bottomchef says:

    The problem w/ B&B is that Brad Bell could literally fire all the actors and kill off all the characters, but as long as he keeps Flannery, Moss and KKL, then B&B can keep going. And that’s bec Brad Bell really has only consistently written for these thespians and their characters. Brad Bell has never branched outside of this triad in any significant way. So, if Flannery does quit, 1/3 of the triumvirate will be lost, the show will lose its main rivalry, and B&B will feel its impact. All the major storylines on B&B, when you get down to it, go back to Stephanie, Brooke and Ridge. That is why if Flannery retires, Brad Bell must be going into a panic. None of the other actors can take the show to a new level, or at least match it to what Flannery’s Stephanie brings to B&B. Leslie Anne Downe is a lightweight Joan Collins. Kyle Lowder is awful. Jennifer Gareis’s bimbo Donna vs. Alley Mills’s psycho Pam has lost steam. SJB’s Aggie, RH’s Whip, Frantz’s Amber are pretty much useless on the canvas. JW’s hammy acting and the writers’ “tabloidization” of Nick has ruined the char. Clifton’s definition of acting is not being able to stand still for more than a few seconds. Beemer’s Owen is the resident man candy. Heather Tom’s Katie is boring. Don diamont’s Bill Junior should be recasted w/ Ted King or even Irizarry. Also, isn’t it typical of B&B that it casts a racial minority when they need the char to be homeless?


    mmc replied

    I do agree without Susan Flannery the heart of the show will be gone.Like a true Mother ,she is the mainstay of the home or in her case, the show.I do disagree….Don Diamont as Bill Spencer is perfect.He’s so in control of himself and he does what ever it takes to get what he wants.Lets see if Liam makes him a more vulnerable, he looks so good and has gotten sexier as he gets older!


  5. Margaret says:

    I will miss Stephanie if she leaves and it would be just like her to leave with a bang. I’ve been watching the show for many years and would really miss Stephanie. But, death is a reality and it does happen even in families like the Forrester.


  6. chooky1954 says:

    Once Stephanie leaves so does this fan!


  7. Rebecca says:

    Ratings will drop if Susan Flannery leaves the show..She wants to retire..She has a life too..Wish her well..Enjoyed her acting for many years.


  8. Sandy Duquette says:

    Susan is a main character on this show, don’t really want to see her leave. It’s time that her and Eric settle in for good this time. Too much sadness on these shows. We need more happy times.


  9. gentry51 says:

    Please talk Susan into postponing her retirement. She IS the Bold and Beautiful. Send her to the Dr that she sent Felisa to when she had cancer. DON’T let herr die!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. semaj says:

    bring us a stephanie and eric reunion and please don’t kill off stephanie


  11. Mary says:

    I can’t believe stepanie and ridge are going off b&b why would you take them off . Brooke is my number #1 i started watching the first day b&b came on channel 5. and i loved brooke then and have always her and ridge belong together and i love brooke and stephanie being friends now they are good being friends. if b&b wants to keep airing i think they better leave ridge and stephanie on the show.


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