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14 October 20th, 2012 B&B’s Susan Flannery And Katherine Kelly Lang Turn In Heartbreaking Performances!


We hope you armed yourselves with a box of kleenex going into yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful! If you didn’t see see it, grab a box and head over to and watch Friday’s episode where Stephanie tells Brooke that her cancer has returned, under the guise of giving her an invitation to the party she is throwing to celebrate her life.

With clips from the history of Brooke and Stephanie’s often flammable relationship to illustrate how far these two women have come from enemies to best friends, and the incredible performances by Susan Flannery (Stephanie) and Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke), it was a very special show for long-time fans of B&B.

If there was ever a true soap super couple, this is it! And Susan Flannery showed us once again the art of being understated and yet powerful, as she depicted a woman trying to die with dignity and hold it together, while asking her loved ones to be strong around her as she heads towards the end of her life.  And as for Katherine Kelly Lang, she showed us once again that consistently not scoring a nod for Daytime Emmy contention is a crime!

The love and growth between these two characters over 25 years together has been one of the key factors to tuning in to B&B, and this episode was touching on many levels, but none more so than Brooke struggling to come to terms with how she will deal with losing her best friend.

What did you think of Susan and Katherine’s performances on yesterday’s special episode of B&B?  Share your thoughts!

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  1. Mary SF says:

    Oh yeah my kleenex box got a work-out that episode. Both actresses played it dead on, and the script was balance between the sadness of the situation, with a nice dash of humour mixed in. It honoured the history of both characters and their relationship and the clips were well placed. Kudos to all.


  2. kay/kay says:

    The performances were spot on it is too bad for the last two years the show has not been recognizeable. If Katherine Kelly Lang would submit reels with actors that deliver back she probably would have had a nod before. It is really sad for me because this indeed is the end of the soap for me as a viewer when you lose a power house like Susan Flannery.


  3. heidi says:

    Susan Flannery is so amazing!!! So moving and emotional! She will be missed!!! Well done Susan!!!


  4. Derrick says:

    This is going to be a very tearful end of the year!


  5. ashlee says:

    When this show is not focused on the Forrester incest-go-round, it is amazing what they can pull off. It is nice that there will be no fiery explosion and presumed death with Prince Omar riding to the rescue. This is a true to life, realistic depiction of an elderly person dying. It would be nice if our beloved vets could last as long as Alice Horton or Kay Chancellor. But the reality is that daytime soaps are all but extinct so it is time to let these people retire with dignity. It is also wonderful that this on screen death is NOT happening because of a real life passing.


  6. vishnu says:

    Y is it we are not seeing any flashback with taylor and stephanie. Their friendship was more special than brook and stephanie. How selfish of bell.


    kay/kay replied

    Supposedly she Taylor is told this week but this is the way Bell has been treating the character of Taylor for a long time why he brought her back from the dead I do not know. Ever since she got back she has been used and abused and Brooke always gets want she wants Katie got her home that Ridge bought her that is why after this story plays out back off the DVR I do not care to see the teenyboopers or Brooke land ing another man. Yawn


  7. BETTYEJ says:

    I am not a KKL fan, but did like when they were with the homeless.


  8. gloria says:

    Really, when I think of KKL never getting an Emmy nom., and Susan Lucci getting one for 20 something years in a row . . . .


  9. MK says:

    Too Bad they didn’t go with the Brooke and Stephanie hooking up. So instead she has slept with every male member of her Family!


  10. toscanti says:

    Just watched the episode and not being an emotional person, this really got to me. Stephanie SF and Brook KKL were pure magic. This will leave a huge void in B&B however I respect SF and her decision to leave on her own terms. I wish her the best and perhaps KKL can get the emmy she long ago earned. Great Great Writing!!!!!!! Brad Bell being the original writer and current writer makes a difference. Will never have to worry about B&B becoming a GH, DOOL, AMC, OLTL, GL or ATWT knock off. I appreciate the continuity. God Bless all our soaps past and present.


  11. pspcindy says:

    As a viewer who has watched since B&B premiered, this show was so beautiful and poignant.

    KKL and SF truly are the “it” couple on B&B-always have been.

    I appreciate the great sendoff BBell is giving Susan Flannery. She has been the central character of this show and has delivered great performances time and again. She will be sorely missed.


  12. Mary says:

    Susan Flannery is in a class of her own. She is a person that makes us all sit up and listen. I will miss her, but I wish her every happiness in her life.

    As a fan of B&B FOR 25 years I better see Katherine Kelly Lang not only being nominated for an Emmy, but walking away with the award this year. You gave it to Heather Tom last year and she barely scratched the surface on B&B.

    It is Katherine Kelly Lang, Susan Flannery and Ronn Moss that have made me tune in for 25 years.

    I am confident that this year ”Brooke” ”KKK” will be given her long over due. Be honest and award this beautiful lady. There is no one in ”SOAP OPERA” history that has had the journey of a young selfish girl and grown into such a loving and compassionate human being. She showed us all that even the person who demeaned us, hurt us, plotted against us can become a ”friend” not an ”adversary.”


  13. Julia says:

    It was incredible! It was touching and real and truly great performances from both actresses….exceptional writing


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