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9 December 27th, 2012 B&B’s Touching Christmas Episode With John McCook’s Hankie-Worthy Performance!


Of all the Christmas episodes that aired over the last few days on your favorite soaps, this year to On-Air On-Soaps, one stood out among the rest.

The Bold and the Beautiful continued its throughline with the Forrester family moving on with life after the passing of the matriarch of the clan, Stephanie Forrester.   And in addition, for the actors on the series, this was to be the first Christmas episode without Susan Flannery …  well sort of.

The set-up of the episode had an MIA Eric (John McCook) who takes himself to a concert of Celtic Woman and sits in a very special box  section above the concert hall.   Alone, he fills Martini glasses for two, as if he is spending Christmas with his beloved Stephanie.  All the awhile, the Forrester family and friends have no idea where he is and our very concerned.  After they get Pam to spill the beans, by throwing her infamous Lemon Bars she made for Christmas at her … and the wall …  Pam reveals where Eric is and the group heads out to find him.

As Eric in tears watches Celtic Woman singing some of the most known Christmas tunes, he realizes he is not alone as the Forrester clan and friends meet up with him in his private box at the concert hall.  And from there, the touching moments with little dialogue said so much!  In addition, it was soap veteran John McCook, who was the one who brought the gravity of the situation and heartfelt emotions to all the viewers at home.

But B&B had one more little surprise! Susan Flannery was next seen with a bluebird on her shoulder,(Pam referred to a bluebird earlier in the episode, that meant that Stephanie would be watching over her) wishing everyone at home a “Merry Christmas” followed by a wink!

B&B’s Executive Producer and head writer, Brad Bell struck the right balance of a touching story and the Christmas spirit, while the understated and often under utilized John McCook made us reach for the Kleenex.  If you missed the episode, you can check it out on here!

So soapers, what show had your favorite Christmas episode this year?  Do you agree with our choice for B&B?  Let us know!  And for more on how it is for John McCook moving on in-story on and off the screen, without Stephanie and Susan Flannery, read our recent interview with him here!


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  1. MK says:

    Days had a Great christmas episode and Bold was great with all of the stephanie clips. (But I couldn’t help to wonder if this was merely an Informercial for Celtic Woman, in Leu of paying them to appear). BB has had too much product placement of Italy and aspen clips.


  2. Derrick says:

    B&B was beautiful yesterday!!!!
    Thumbs up for that episode :)


  3. Kristen says:

    I think B&B nailed it with McCook showing his amazing skill…without having to say a word! Love him! And kudos Bell :)


  4. Mary SF says:

    It was touching, but B&B always overplays their hand. It seems Brad Bell and his team stumble across these moments, and they think “Wow that worked great, lets do it again, and again, and again. But of all the soap Christmas shows, this one was the most sentimental. I missed Y&R doing a show based on a Christmas movie, maybe that was one thing I like that MAB did. The show we got this year was okay- I would have rather seen a repeat of classic Christmas show- I often enjoy those.


  5. k/kay says:

    I enjoyed the episode because I knew it would be the last I taped in a long time we are now headed back to Liam/Steffy/Hope and Caroline/Rick. It is sad for me Brad Bell has given the boot to some great actors for this silly bunch and it for me is like saying goodbye to an old friend.


  6. Otalia69 says:

    we all watch to see our favorites as well as good storylines…i’m looking forward to Crystal Chappell returning to my screen on B&B…what a great way to ring in the New Year! ☮♡☺xo▽♀♀✩ツ♫


  7. ashlee says:

    It has been said here in several ways but Brad Bell is just not adept at knowing when enough is enough. He beats dead horses. The Celtic Women, okay fine, have them on once, even though no one ever knew about stephanies heritage. At Christmas, why pay to have them on again…instead of bringing back missed characters or showing flashbacks? I get that Flannery was a beloved actress, but Stephanie was certainly not so as a character. She spent 25 years being a vindictive, spiteful. Jealous, violent, bordering on sociopathic character. Elevating her to some kind of sainthood in the end just seemed odd. The character was a hostile control freak who rarely showed any kindness or tenderness. Her and Eric spent more time bitter and battling than they ever did lovey and dovey. Compare this to the sendoff Jason got on GH…UNCEREMONIOUSLY shot and kicked into a harbour…very indicative of how the character was written and portrayed for 16 years. Burton was beloved…but the character as written was an unrepentant murderer for hire…if they had given him months long tributes with characters singing his praises, it would have rang false.


  8. tom says:

    I can’t believe they allowed the characters of Ridge and Stephanie to leave so they can focus on that ridiculous triangle between boring Limey, Stuffi and Hopeless. What a waste.


  9. Kammie says:

    I agree that Bold and the Beautiful had the most meaningful Christmas episode. I watched it and cried through most of it. I lost my husband to cancer two years ago around Christmas so I could really relate to how Eric was feeling.


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