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4 June 16th, 2010 Be a part of a taping of General Hospital next week!


ABC Soaps In Depth is reporting today an exciting chance for fans of General Hospital to sign up and be part of a special taping next week, that takes place in Hollywood, California.  Here is what the post had to say and the details!

“It’s an unheard-of, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity — General Hospital fans are being given the chance to see Steve Burton (Jason), James Franco (Franco) and other GH actors as they tape some exciting episodes outdoors to be broadcast in July. The special remote taping is next Thursday evening, June 24, and is limited to the first 200 fans to register and arrive at the Hollywood location (which will be announced at the time you receive your confirmation — which you must bring with you for admittance). This is a special offer, with no guarantee anyone will appear on camera or on GH. But you are guaranteed to get a visit from some of your GH favorites. So, yes, bring your cameras (no videotaping, though, please) and wear comfortable shoes, as you might be there for two or three hours. Shooting time is approximately 7 p.m. PST, but you will be given specific details when the confirmation arrives. To sign up, send your name and the name of your friends who will be attending to”
So quickly get to your computers and sign up!

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  1. leftstandinghere says:

    I totally registered for this, but we’ll see if I get a confirmation. I went to that B&B Phoebe/Rick/Constantine concert taping a few years back, but this actually sounds more engaging and fun!

    Michael, are you going to be there?


  2. M. Johnson says:

    to bad Patrick doesn’t go home after work and see his daughter and look at the precious movies of his wedding instead of running around and acvt like he’s till an elligble bachelor…
    I thought he had to tell any sexual partners he has about robin’s HIV….words can’t6 express m y dissappointment in him.


  3. Annette Van Kirk says:

    I hope to get picked to go I love Jason, and my son is into film school and I would love to take him there ,


  4. firemedicbarbie says:

    Anyone know how to get tickets to be part of the GH audience? Is it just for special episodes or can we go see any taping?


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