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36 January 14th, 2014 BEACON HILL Goes With Subscription Model For First Season!

Photo Credit: Lesley Bohm

Circle March 5th on your soap viewing calendars! That is the premiere date of the new soap opera set against a political backdrop, Beacon Hill from Crystal Chappell and her Open Book Productions shingle and Bella Books and Bella Productions, Linda and Jessica Hill!

For the shows inaugural season, the series can be viewed via subscription model similar to that of Crystal Chappell’s Venice the Series.  There will be 12 episodes in season one available for $9.99!

Linda and Jessica Hill made the decision, for their first foray into web series and the soap genre, to go with the subscription model. According to the official Beacon Hill press release: “The choices were to offer sponsorships and run advertising or to go with the subscription route.  Linda and Jessica decided to go with an advertising-free subscription plan for at least the first year.  Their hope is to establish the show and attract sponsorship going forward.  “We’re in this for the long haul and want to continue to produce Beacon Hill and other quality shows,” the women said.   The series will premiere online at

The series focuses on the two female leads Sara Preston (Alicia Minshew) and Katherine Wesley (Sarah Brown) and Beacon Hill’s stellar cast and crew includes notable actors from various daytime dramas under the direction of Albert Alarr of Days of Our Lives and is executive produced by Crystal Chappell, and Ricky Paull Goldin (Guiding Light, All My Children, B&B and Another World soap fame) along with supervising producer Hillary Bailey Smith of One Life to Live!

So, what do you think of the decision of making the episodes available for a fee of $9.99 for fans who want to view the new series?  Are you on board with it to see some of the best actors in the genre in a brand new web series?  Let us know!

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  1. Tammy Kreiss says:

    Totally worth it, but sadly can’t afford it with my income issues. :’(


  2. melinda says:

    forget about it, why should we pay?. this is ridiculous, im not watching at all.


  3. Candice says:

    Well, count me out then. I’ve never been a fan of subscription model. I’m cool watching GH and a bunch of great primetime shows– entirely free!! :)


  4. anothercc says:

    Thanks for the great article, Michael. People are willing to pay for what they want to see. Crystal Chappell has proven time and again that she produces great quality shows. SoI am expecting no less from Beacon Hill. Is it March yet ?


  5. Siobhan says:

    That’s disappointing. I was hoping they wouldn’t go subscription model. As much as I want to see it, I think I’ll wait for the reviews before I commit.


  6. BS says:

    I’ll pass.


  7. botox says:

    count me out


  8. polly says:

    OF COURSE i will very happily pay the subscription fee! I love the idea that there are no corporations to come in and dictate or censor content. If we the fans are in charge, we have the power.. or CC has the power in our behalf. I am EXCITED to pay my money and sponsor Beacon Hill.


  9. kelltwomyn says:

    I’ll subscribe. It looks to be a quality show and I don’t mind paying for an ad-free season. The price is minimal.


  10. Den says:

    I have no problem paying the subscription fee. It is a show I want to watch, I will pay for it. It beats most of the junk on cable tv…


  11. Holly says:

    Well, so much for that! I was excited about the show, but now I won’t be watching because I’m not going to pay to watch a show. I have a tight income and my $9.99 can be better used elsewhere.


    Holly replied

    Plus, what happens if I do pay and watch a few episodes and don’t like it? I’m out my hard-earned $9.99!


  12. shodanfan says:

    I will probably take a chance and pay the subscription. I wonder if the first episode will be free, like Venice. It’s the price of a movie. Considering how many awful “big budget” movies I’ve spent $10 to see, I figure this subscription price isn’t too much to spend on watching a show and cast I might enjoy.


  13. Joanne says:

    I will gladly pay this minimal amount of money. Anything that Crystal Chappell is involved in is something you don’t want to miss. She created Venice the Series which has run for four seasons, so far, and she also created The Grove. These are wonderful stories with talented actors and expert production. If you can afford it, I think you will feel it is money well spent. I can’t wait!


  14. Jo says:

    Count me out. I heard the episodes were shorter than Venice and only around the 8 minute mark so I think asking the same price is a bit much even if it is $9.99. Will the first episode be free I wonder?


  15. Amanda says:

    What a surprise. CC is involved in another show and the show is going with a subscription model. Is she really that desperate to make money off her fans? I can’t think of a single webseries that CC isn’t part of that makes you pay to watch it. Why would I pay to watch this show when there’s an endless collection of webseries that I can watch for free? Also, why should I pay $10 to watch it now, when I can wait a year and watch it for free when it’s put on YouTube, like all the older seasons of Venice have been.


  16. Karen says:

    Leaves me out too! I was really looking forward to it, but SS does not allow for those little extras


  17. Kim says:

    If I had to pay $10 for every webseries, tv show, movie, etc, that I want to see, I would go broke quickly. It costs less for a monthly membership to netflix and there I can watch the entire run of many series as well as movies. I would have preferred a crowd sourcing or sponsorship approach and I think that would have allowed Beacon Hill to have gained a wider audience…an audience that after seeing the first season, might decide it is worth it to sponsor the project.


  18. Leighton says:

    Beacon Hill is not Venice. This premiere will not come with a large, clamoring fanbase, willing to pay no matter what. I think the producers of Beacon Hill are making a costly mistake. I for one will not be paying to see it. There is too much else out there and too many other places to spend my money. I can watch soaps and other websoaps for free. Why is it that when a soap has lesbian representation, we have to pay for it? I know they need to cover their costs but I find it impossible to believe that they are going to be able to do that with Crystal Chappell’s dwindling fanbase footing the bill.


  19. KM says:

    Yeah sorry no. The a la carte online pay per show model is never going to fly.

    A subscription fee wouldn’t necessarily be a barrier to me in if I really wanted to watch. $10 bucks per year is less than a buck per episode which sounds reasonable enough on the surface.

    BUT if you want to watch even an hour per day of low budget a la carte online shows that run maybe 20 minutes each at best then that $1 per day quickly soars to $3 per day and around $90 per month. Not gonna happen.

    I can’t say how much I appreciate the innovator and pioneers who are out there trying but the best they’ll ever do is manage to interest a larger investor in their concept or “pilot” if you will.

    I wish them well and admire their spirit. Will I be signing on to their project. No. Call me when I can watch on the services where I’m already paying for a lot less for a lot more content.


  20. Michele says:

    I’m in! It would be nice to be able to pay $9.99/ year or something less a month to see all of Open Book Production’s shows, but even if each series is $9.99 – I’ll pay. There is still a shortage of good lesbian content, and I don’t wanna miss it!


  21. brian says:

    10 bucks is nothing…. as long as the episodes are more than 7 minutes each….and as long as we can view it in Canada.


  22. Scout says:

    Oh, hellz no! I am not giving that grifter (or any project associated with her) one more penny. What’s next, BH panties?


  23. Michelle says:

    I have no problem paying the $9.99. Looking forward to watching. Hopefully it will eventually get a sponsor.


  24. Kirra says:

    Count me in! $9.99 not an issue. Looks like a great cast and interesting story.


  25. Jamie says:

    No thank you. I’m not pay $9.99 cause I already pay hulu for GH


  26. Matthew says:

    Sarah Brown is the best actress on the planet and I would pay the ten bucks to watch her in action, and as long as she’s playing the democrat in the scenario…I’m sold! Otherwise I’ll pass.


  27. mollie says:

    Yeah, not going to buy it. Should have gone a different route than subscription model to build an audience.


  28. Mary says:

    Will it be available to view on iPhones iPads or devices or is it only available for home computer viewing?


  29. Chuck says:

    No. The cost is not the issue for me. The scenario that some people want to see it, but simply can’t afford to, is an issue for me when apparently there was a reasonable alternative not chosen (advertising & sponsors). I’m cool with the idea of maximizing profits for a desired service (supply and demand at its finest), but never if the expense to the tightly budgeted is avoidable. I would however subscribe if advertising/sponsorships were unsuccessfully attempted & would then be more than happy to support the highly talented underdog. I would rather support kickstarter projects as I do believe in supporting uniquely artistic visions and dreams. However, even there I am highly suspicious of the kickstarter projects that beg the public for money and then “miraculously” receive most of their funding goal on day 30, the last day. I do wish Beacon Hill and all involved much success now and in all their future endeavors. I guess I just don’t believe in the subscription fee choice.


  30. Barbara says:

    I will subscribe. The price does not bother me. I am interested in this cast and the story . This cast is very talented soap stars that I want to see. If I do not like after one season, then I would not pay a second time. I am excited about this series and cannot wait until March.


  31. Debbieie says:

    I don’t think that 9.99 is too much to ask for a show of this caliber. I pay for Venice The Series and will happily pay for The Grove and I will also pay for Beacon Hill, I love Crystal Chappell and company and their work is spot on for talent and content.


  32. DV8ByDesign says:

    Really it is not that much…. Go to one movie & it costs more than that…. I’m on Disability and a fixed income but think it is worth the cost to support quality productions that support me!! I mean look at what happened to “Guiding Light” with a corporation behind it…. Plus they sanitized it way too much…. I mean a kiss would have been nice…. I’ve supported “Venice The Series” and “The Grove” …. I would to support them more but unable… I guess I am also an artist and see it from that point of view too…. Crystal puts out quality productions and has not let me down yet…. So I support what & when I can!! I like my programming to reflect some aspect of my life (Thanks to “The Fosters”) and web series we ARE being represented but it will take time…. So in the meanwhile I support things that I feel need to be supported!! ;-)


  33. Kathy says:

    Unemployed with no income — unfortunately, I can’t afford it. Bummed out!


  34. Denise says:

    I would love to watch, but I already pay my cable $160.00 per month with no extras.


  35. adele casoria says:

    9.99 is nothing ,i’d pay much more to see crystal chappell she is magnificent


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