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4 September 15th, 2013 Behind-The-Scenes Of Venice Season Four Stunt! Watch As Gina is Run-Down By Lara!


Wally Crowder, the stunt coordinator on the hit Showtime  series, Dexter, joined the cast and crew of Crystal Chappell’s Venice the Series to choreograph the key stunt in Venice season four that just was witnessed by subscribers of the series in episode six that was premiered this past Wednesday.  Recruited to Venice, by The Bold and the Beautiful’s Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke), it was Crowder’s job to bring to life the game-changing car incident at the end of the episode where Chappell’s Gina is run down in a car driven by Nadia Bjorlin’s, Lara!

What is so significant in the story are a few things:  Lara had been drinking, she was driving a rental car (not her own as she stated during the episode),  and  as far as we know leading in to episode seven, she has fled the scene of the accident which now becomes a hit and run crime scene!

Venice season four is crafting a traditional soap love story with the team of characters seemingly scheming to keep Gina and her beloved Ani (Jessica Leccia) from getting together!  And, now we have this added to the mix .. the hit and run!  Will it ultimately bring together Gina and Ani once and for all, and against all odds of everyone and everything in the universe conspiring to keep them apart?

As a web extra, Venice the Series has released this very interesting behind the scenes look at how Crowder and the Venice crew,brought the scripted elements together to make the hit and run look authentic!  Watch it after the jump! Let us know what you thought of the key scene! Did you like the “making of” style video?  Are you enjoying Venice season four?  Share your thoughts below!


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  1. heidi says:

    Very interesting to see how it is choreographed and put together. Well done by all and ery realistic. It looks like they are very professional and the show looks great!


  2. anna says:

    The stunt info is neat. But I am writing about how I feel about Season 4 so far. The whole Jake thing is just nauseating and very unappealing to CC & JL’s Otalia fans. Its depressing. I following some fan forums and ppl are just disgusted and throwing in the towel on the series because Gina & Ani are being kept apart way too long…with lots of sideshows going on like the ridiculous Owen in Heaven stuff….and now the Jake thing is too much… sad…..


  3. Hopefortheshow says:

    From episode 8 season Four
    Although I am not a fan of the “heaven” scene. I did enjoy some of it. I think there was a lot of missed opportunities in this epi. It felt like they were afraid to get too emotional. A little humor to lighten it up after a lot of emotion would be fine. Not to make an attempt to make the majority of it “humorous”. Not my story, but to grab the audience, Gina and Owen saying good bye should have been more emotional. Ani should have been at Gina’s bedside willing her to live. Gina should have seen this on the “tv” even if she did not remember most of it later. The Colonel could have overheard her. The hateful, Logan, had a really good scene as she spoke to/at Ani–some truth being told.

    Aunt Jane should have at least asked, “who are you” to Sarah. There could have been a silent moment where someone says, we will explain it all later (which could have happened off screen as when Gina explain her father’s “mess” to Owen).


  4. Hopefortheshow says:

    CC is probably waiting for the last few episodes to emit the emotion. It was just really needed about right at epi 8. It would be good if Season 5 about Gina and Ani being a couple again and showing it as they learn to make their relationship work amid their past hurdles and whatever their current trials are. That would not only be entertaining, but a good story to tell as a couple triumphs


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