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23 March 8th, 2013 Beth Maitland On Her Way Back To The Young and The Restless!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Eileen Davidson (Ashley, Y&R, Kristen DAYS) came home for Y&R’s 40th anniversary, and so too is her on-screen sis, the beloved Beth Maitland!  Beth will return in her role as Traci Abbott.  The actress took to her facebook page to announce the good news stating,  “Wait….what? A plane ticket to Genoa City for Traci? I think yes.”  Beth also stated she thinks her episodes will air in late April!

On-Air On-Soaps also can confirm her visit after speaking today with The Young and the Restless executive producer, Jill Farren Phelps and head writer, Josh Griffith for a special interview that will be posted next week in celebration of the shows 40th anniversary and much more!

So Y&R fans, are you excited to see Beth Maitland come home to Y&R? Let us know!

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  1. bc says:

    You’d think drucilla’s spirit would show up for y&r’s 40th anniversary given all of victorial rowell’s contributions to y&r’s ratings. But she was very vocal abt hollywood’s racial issues w/c must not have helped her career. There are a plethora of lgbt storylines but there’s resistance to racial diversity. It’s not only w/ daytime soaps. bravo’s real housewives franchise is pretty much considered the new soap operas what w/ those housewives being household names and getting more publicity than daytime actors. The highest rated bravo soap is rh of atlanta w/c is full of African american personalities. You’d think that would encourage more racial diversity from soaps. But nope bec majority of soap operas from daytime to primetime to reality tv shows like the rh franchise have majority white chars. There would be more racial diversity on soaps if hollywood was primarily abt money. But that’s not hollywood’s priority. The Bible’s ratings are the highest for cable. There should be more racial diversity much like there should be more religious projects from hollywood. But of course hollywood is against more religious projects much like it’s against more racial diversity.


    torontoguy replied

    Wow here we go again with the racism junk. I can’t figure out where you are coming from. Like many I too would like to see more diversity in all media and soaps certainly could do better but you have to stop whining about this. It is not a conspiracy. Victoria Rowell hasn’t been brought back to Y&R not because she is black (there have been many black actresses on that show since anyway) but because she pissed off too many people on that show and reports of her attitude are pretty well known. I loved Drucilla but Rowell was difficult to deal with and many of her co-stars simply don’t want her back. Those same co-stars have no trouble with other black actors so lets leave the racism stuff out of this please. It wouldn’t kill Y&R to have a decent LGBT storyline either, where is this plethora of LGBT storylines you talk about? There are certainly more black characters/storylines than LBGT, not that we need to keep count but why not diversity FOR ALL and not just the one group you care about. Bring on the blacks, the Asians, the gays, give me some Latino and how about some little people too? Why not, all should be welcome and represented. Lets just keep the religious stuff to a minimum, its way too toxic and has caused enough damage to society already.


    toscanti replied

    Well put! I could not have said that better.

    jim replied

    Great response. Id like to see more diversity as well, and an overweight couple in love, handicapped actors and those with learning disabilities. BC does need to stop whining like you say because BC isnt going to win any votes from us by constantly repeating herself.

    RUBY C. replied

    love sharon and adam together, dru and neil and all the abbotts.

    jim replied

    Since you like repeating yourself so will i. Sometimes we get tired of hearing the same old broken record being played over and over again, especially when the needle gets stuck in the groove. Maybe if you go back and reread some of your own post you might just see some racism there too. If you dont see then you are blinded by your own criticism.


    Jason replied



  2. su0000 says:

    Ahhh Y&R bringing back old favorite vets..
    Guess whose coattail Jill is ridding on? (clue; Name starts with a FV)
    Y&R will copy GH..

    FV and RC makes it happen to greatness and Jill follows their lead LOL :)


    Patrick replied

    yeah…. until they bring back Brenda Dickson… and Sean Young… only then will classic camp hoopla it up….


    Patrick replied


    when the #1 soap shoots pheromones outa the TV set… will they render me still.

  3. Jovin says:

    This post is about BETH MAITLAND…she is white! She is a part of the heart and soul of Y and R. She brings a warmth and tenderness to the part of Traci that the show always needs. I‘m not sure why people are ranting about diversity…the show has recently hired two new black actors, significantly beefed up the part of previously under used Lesley Michaelson, hired two new Hispanic characters…and surprise…not many of these new additions are taking off as hoped. Let‘s enjoy Beth coming back and hope she gets some good stuff to play. She herself is a minority…she is a REAL woman…not an anorexic size zero.


  4. Donald Peebles says:

    I would hope Traci would encounter Lauren and tell her off about Fen bullying Jamie. The scenes would be great if there would be flashbacks to when Lauren bullied Traci over her weight. Lauren needs to fully know how Jamie felt being bullied by Fen and Summer.


    Omeo replied



  5. Eileen Hargis says:

    In ONE,word, YES!!!!_____


  6. heidi says:

    Beth is a lovely lady and Traci is a great character… and I am excited to have her back for as long as we get her!!!


  7. Iakovos says:

    How about a comment about Traci’s homecoming? I would so enjoy having this character on the canvas, the actress on contract. Traci brings something to Genoa City that does not exist day to day. Traci is a conscience and, if she never would be given major storyline, she could be an integral part of the community and a surprise element to plots.


  8. Jennifer Janeiro says:

    I am so glad that Traci is coming back. I just wish they would make her a full time castmember again.


  9. lisa says:

    Yay !! I always love when Beth/Traci is on…..she has such heart.


  10. Tali says:

    Love Beth maitland!


  11. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I always love when Traci shows up into town. She is the voice of reason in the Abbott family, and if always a joy to see!


  12. k/kay says:

    She is the glue that holds the family together as Abby once told her. And as much as I love John Abbott he is dead why don’t we use Traci as the voice of reason.


  13. Patrick says:

    I LOVE Beth Maitland….

    Geez! I saw her and Jordan Clark… ie: of GL… playing husband and wife… on “The Grove”… internet series…. and just beamed….

    how natural…. and pleasant… to see her emote… her emodiment… she reasonated… so much for US… on screen…. and she’s grown…

    I celebrate the Abbotts…. they are Y&R.


  14. kathy allin says:

    yes, I am excited about her coming back…..
    she is a beautiful person!!!
    and I do love her as a person and an actress…..
    maybe while she is back on the show this time, she can get weight lost program
    going on the young and the restless….
    a lot of the skinny viewers who are watching ‘YTR” need to realize that weight lost
    is not as easy people think it is and it could be medical.


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