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0 December 14th, 2009 Bianca’s Coming Out named Top Storyline of the Decade!

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What was the top storyline of the decade? Well this was a bit tricky, but TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco and On-Air On-Soaps Michael Fairman found some well-know favorites and some hidden gems.   The two lists were mixed and matched and here is how it all fell out.  Think BSC standings for College Football.  That alone will give anyone a headache…. so here goes: in at number one is Bianca’s coming out story on AMC and the rest of the order is after the jump.  Let us know your fave storyline of Y2K!  

1. Bianca’s coming out, AMC

2. Luke and Laura re-wed, GH

3. Cassie’s death/Phyllis and Nick’s affair, Y&R

4. Massimo is Ridge’s father, B&B

5. The Miranda baby Switch, AMC

6. Nicole/Sami’s baby switch, DAYS

7. Stephanie’s abusive childhood, B&B

8. Robert’s Cancer, GH Night Shift

9. Paris, Texas/Asa’s funeral, One Life

10.Felicia’s cancer, B&B

Reader’s Choice — Otalia’s love story, GL

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