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28 December 21st, 2013 Billy Miller Gets His Goodbyes From The Cast and Crew Of Y&R! – Watch the Video!


A video making its round on the Internet today was a perfect is the perfect send-off filled with  mix of humor and pathos for two-time Daytime Emmy winner who finished up his run as Billy Abbott this past Thursday.

To honor him, Greg Edwards from the production staff of The Young and the Restless, put together his video featuring many of your favorites from Genoa City, each giving Mr. Miller a very personal goodbye!

Check out Y&R cast members: Amelia Heinle, Jess Walton, Eric Braeden, Melody Thomas  Scott, Greg Rikaart, Melissa Claire Egan, Bryton James, Christian LeBlanc, Tracey E. Bregman and more, as they bid farewell to this one-of-a-kind actor!

After Billy Miller watched the video, he posted this comment: “Well, you got me – I’m a little teary watching this. I can’t thank you all enough for the years together culminating into one amazing sendoff. I’m touched, my heart is full, and I love you all. Truly, deeply, THANK YOU. Billy”

Now watch The Young and the Restless’ farewell video to Billy Miller! Then, let us know were you touched?  Did you laugh?  What did you think of it? Comment below!

BIllys goodbye from Greg Edwards on Vimeo.

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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    He’s left the building…mostly his choice?…let go…he’s a good actor who seems destined for better things(GH or Days should snap him up but i think he could have a good shot at primetime or films)…he’ll move on and we should too!!!


    SZima replied

    “mostly his choice,” yes, but TPTB could have done more to keep him on the show. He deserved “outs” like other major actors get on the soaps, but they didn’t want to pay him what he’s worth.

    At least with this situation, I’m not as upset as with the MM firing. Now THAT is unacceptable and may be the deal-breaker for me continuing to watch this show, which has become a crap-fest!


    Quetta replied

    I agree with you!! As soon as I see the last episode that Michael Muhney is on I’m never gonna watch the show again! :’-( how could they do this!!?

  2. k/kay says:

    Can we finally move on this guy is not the second coming he was 10 minutes on a justified episode and in a lifetime movie supposedly playing a bad guy smiling the whole time. Goodbye! Welcome back David Tom!


    Quetta replied

    LMFAO! “Playing a bad guy smiling the whole time” lol too funny but he has grown on me, when I first started watching Y&R I used to say “he gotta go with his non acting self” lol but I started seeing as, he just has a different style of acting,,,, I guess lol


  3. Quetta says:

    Dang!! I’m a new fan (been watching for almost a year now) and I have fallen in love with Billy!, he’s so handsome! He’s also a phenomenal actor!! First lil DD and now him!? WHHHYYYYYY!!! I’m heart broken in real life but can’t wait to see what he does next sexy self lol!
    I enjoyed this goodbye video!
    *but if my real sexy boo, Adam (Michael Muhney) leaves the show that’ll be the straw that breaks the camels back!


  4. Kolsten says:

    I guess it was anti-climatic; as he has been leaving so often. This time there wasn’t another one year extension. Great actor, appears to be a great guy and partyier! He will be missed, but in soaps this is just par for course.


  5. DjLevel9 says:

    We’re gonna Miss You Billy :( yea made us laugh yea made us Cry , You And Victoria made a great Couple :) I don’t know who’s gonna replace you’ that has The Spirit you have Like Jack Said he was Like a Brother to you.

    It’s Not gonna be the Splitting up the cast retrainning to work with other Actor’s to gain there trust,
    Every Day At 4:30 PM I Look To See the regular faces ,
    The Y & R Is Your Home Your Family Away From Home ‘ And I think you know that Down Deep in Side.

    All we can Say from Toronto Canada Don’t GO Please.

    And if This time you feel that it is your time ,

    The best of Luck in what ever you do,
    Anybody Would be lucky To have you.
    Your A Rare Talent That Comes Along ‘.
    Gonna Miss yea Buddy .


  6. GhLover says:

    He would be a perfect Jason recast on GH…. maybe Jason is in a coma and wakes up as Jason pre-mob??!!! In any case he would be better there than on Y&R. With Jill Farren Phelps in charge, Y&R is unwatchable period!


    Nikki replied

    Why ANYONE would hire Jill Farren Phelps after she almost ruined General Hospital is beyond me. It makes me think CBS wants their number 1 soap to fail.


    Quetta replied

    Is this why it has been so boring and drawn out lately? I’m a slightly new fan. I almost stopped watching when I saw Phyllis go into another coma before she could tell what Sharon did. They are just dragging the situation out too long for me..

  7. Wanna says:

    Break a leg, Billy, hope to see you on cable or nighttime.


  8. Joyce Haskins says:

    Best of luck Billy Miller have enjoyed u through the years.A big fan


  9. Maureen Leduc says:

    I not going to say good bye.My friend an I will miss you horribly. You had not left an I missed I can only say one thing I will always love you and good luck. an God Bless
    Love Maureen xo


  10. Sylvie says:

    Luv ya Billy good luck in your next life although u won’t need it your a natural lol xoxo


  11. don says:

    Well I’d like to wish Billy Miller good luck for his future projects he played the part well espicially when he argues with Victor I will miss that because since the role will be un-recasts with David Tom there will be no more arguments and figthing with Victor. I welcome back David Tom in the role and I am looking forward with future storyline involving Billy who will end up with Chloe or someone new.


  12. Patricia says:

    Wow just read that you have left Y&R I think you are simply one of the best actors , you brought so much to the show and made Billy Abbott larger than life….you are going to be missed and the next Billy has some large shoes to fill….all the best to you always


  13. James says:

    Sorry to see you go. No more scraps with Victor. Those scenes were priceless. What a great send off from the cast. Could’nt stop laughing at the end :) May good fortune follow you in the next chapter…


  14. Stephanie says:

    Completely and utterly devastated billy has left y&r!!! It will NEVER be the same!!! So upset, I can barely take it :( #Lostw/oSeeingBillyMiller


  15. Roxy Pesina says:

    Nooooooooooo please say it isn’t so!!!!!…’re the reason I continued to watch…..I will miss you….tear tear….hope to see you along side with Shemar Moore!!,


  16. ILDA says:

    we will miss you. You made the show interesting. Sorry to see you go. wish
    they reconsider.


  17. sharon says:

    Billy, you are adorable and an amazing actor. I’m very sorry that you’re leaving the show as you made the role of “Billy” so much fun. Loved your scenes – my interest piqued when you were on the screen. Just watched the new “Billy” – but quickly found that I had no interest in the new actor. Nothing wrong with him but he’s not you. You have the whole package. Wish you a blessed life – do the right things and take care of yourself. I will really miss you on the Y&R.


  18. paula says:

    see ya Billy I really wont miss you sorry… But I will miss Adam :(


  19. Suebritin says:

    Billy Miller, i have a feeling i know why you are leavings, it takes one to know one and why. all the best and get well hopefully we’ll see you again soon!! U know Jeannie Cooper would want you to take care of yourself too. you come first. all my best!!


  20. Valentina says:

    Bring MM back . Y & R is a total bore without the 2 best male actors with range, layered characters and a joy to watch. So stupid


  21. kathy says:

    I loved the way you played your character on the y&r. You made me laugh and wish I had a friend like you! Miss you, Billy! Please come back!


  22. Judith says:

    Will miss you so much Billy. Your a wonderful and very enjoyable actor to watch. On another note when the Hell is Phyllis going to wake up! Stories drag on too long. I hope Jill doesn’t keep doing a number on the Young and Restless. I would hate to see it taken off the air after it has been number one for to long. Best of Luck Billy and God Bless.


  23. Wanda says:

    Miss you a lot billy. The new billy is already recanted. What’s going on over there . Story lines are dragging on already. Tired of Sharon and nick . Let’s get going. We need the old billy, MM and Michelle back ..good luck billy.


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