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39 June 26th, 2014 Billy Miller Video Interview – 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Winner Outstanding Lead Actor!

Courtesy/MF Soaps Inc

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series winner for his performance as Billy Abbott on The Young and the Restless, Billy Miller chatted with Michael Fairman shortly after coming off stage and winning his third Daytime Emmy, and his first in the Lead category at the 41st Annual Daytime Emmys on Sunday.

During their conversation when addressing the Emmy putting a nice cap on his terrific portrayal and time at Y&R, Miller stated, “It’s bittersweet.  This is the end … of the end … of  the end, it’s done.   It’s been not done, and tonight it’s done.”

As to all the rumors that have surfaced that Miller is heading to General Hospital, Billy replied: “There are all these rumors!  I mean, who knows what the future holds …. but I love the genre and I hope we can continue to do these things. (Referring to the Daytime Emmys)

Billy also discussed how thrilled he was that long-time scene partner, Y&R’s Amelia Heinle (Victoria) won an Emmy on the same night as he did for her work in the Supporting Actress winner and much more!

Watch the interview with Billy after the jump!  And then share your thoughts!

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  1. Lynda Westlake says:

    So Happy for Billy Miller’s win. Three times a winner to the academy, but a winner all the time to me. Congrats Billy!


  2. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    ‘Who knows what the future holds?’ Welcome home, Jason Quartimaine…any chance youll know Nina?


    Elizabeth replied

    I would be so much more thrilled to see him come back as Lucky. Would look great as Lulu’s brother. Or Dillon Quartermaine. It is just too soon to recast Jason.


    Timmm replied

    Just like on Y&R with there only being one Billy, same for GH, only one Jason, only one Lucky! Billy Miller should be Dylan Q.

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Yes, either one of those roles would be perfect too…i guess i want Jason back in hopes of seeing more of Leslie C.(Monica) but then bringing back Dillion would also be a great way to bring back the Qs…i still wouldve liked David Tom play that part…Billy Miller would be good too but maybe youre right and he would make a fine Lucky…whoever he plays if he does come to GH i hope he does play one of those three roles!

  3. Melissa says:

    Great interview with Billy Miller, so happy he won. So deserving. Wishing him the best of luck in his next project. If he does go to GH, that is great, because I am already there, and loving it.


  4. Cassie says:

    I will never forgive Jill Farren Phelps for screwing this up. Y&R’s best actor. And she’s a complete idiot.


    Bam Carle replied

    You are so right. It’s getting really old—don’t they realize that often we watch a show just for certain actors? I starting watching when I found out he joined Y&R after leaving AMC. But they think the viewers will buy anything they try to sell us and we are SO powerless, which makes no sense. WE should have the power: we keep them on the air by buying the sponsors products. They abuse their power.


    Jimmy replied

    JFP is completely incompetent at running a show properly. She tore through GH during her tenure, and now she’s doing the same to Y&R. How on Earth Y&R won Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Writing is beyond me.

    During her time, Y&R has lost much of its top talent, without any viable replacements to at least soften the blow a little. And the fact that Adam Newman STILL hasn’t been cast goes to show how pivotal the role is, and how amazing Micheal Muhney is. Both he and Billy Miller rocked it on their final day.


    Jerry T replied

    Phelps has wreaked havoc on Y&R. Michelle Stafford left and never looked back. Then she tossed both Billy Miller AND Michael Muhney at the same time. It’s obvious she had an agenda to make Steve Burton the main focus of the show once she brought him over from GH. Well, the show is suffering with him and the horrible stories her silly writers are spewing out daily. Never have I seen Y&R some boring and poorly acted. Why is CBS putting up with this trash? Miller and Muhney can’t be replaced. The characters should be retired, along with Phyllis.

    Stephanie replied

    To think that Jill Farren Phelps dumped Billy Miller and Michael Muhney in one week is astonishing. These two men delivered remarkable performances that people are still talking about during that last week in January. Now Y&R is incredibly boring starring Phelps’ stud muffin, Steve Burton, who can’t act one bit. It’s just tragic. Why CBS and Sony have allowed this twit to wreck this once great powerhouse is the real question nobody will answer. If mediocrity is their goal, they have achieved it in spades. Y&R is the pits.


    k/kay replied

    Read JFP’s Interview in SOD dated July 14th she is thrilled with Burgess Jenkins said he is Billy Abbott and a wonderful actor and easy on the eyes etc. I really have my doubts that she asked Miller back like everyone reported you have no idea how arrogant she is. But the train wreck of Y&R I think Billy Miller is lucky to be gone.

  5. Denise says:

    Billy Miller’s talent is BEYOND Measure! Billy has that certain “IT” factor that makes him a terrific actor. A natural charm emanates from him (both on & off screen), which is why I believe he is so admired by his peers & beloved by fans. He made the role of “Billy Abbott,” his very own & that is why he will be/has been so hard to replace. It is no doubt his future is bright and I hope to see him in many more projects in the future. Best of luck to him wherever his path may lead!


  6. Jane Hixenbaugh says:

    LOVE BILLY MILLER!!! Wish I could still see him on TV, guess I’ll have to figure out where he is or where he goes so I can watch him. He’s SO good!


  7. Donna says:

    Congrats to Billy Miller on his third Daytime Emmy win! Well deserved! I only wish we knew if the GH rumor was true or not! Someone please confirm if this true or not. Because some fans are convinced he is going to GH to be Jason.


  8. Carol from Vancouver says:


    THANK YOU so much for a wonderful, interesting, intelligent, informative and fun interview with Billy Miller! Very much appreciated.

    Carol xoxo


  9. Leslie says:

    Thank you for posting this. It makes it bittersweet for the fans, too, to hear him say it’s definitely done. Though I think the latest Billy recast will work, I was one to always hold out hope that in three years, BM would return. Now that doesn’t seem like it will be in the cards–particularly if he heads to a competing soap…


  10. su0000 says:

    ohhh wow..
    Lovin billy Miller!!

    As for his replacements;

    David Tom = failure

    Burgess Jenkins = failure

    It is obvious there is no replacing Biller Miller, can not be done ..

    luv ya Billy, I really hope GH grabs you so I can enjoy you once again ..


    sonniorsolita replied

    “It is obvious there is no replacing Billy Miller, can not be done …” It is statements like that that destroy any argument you might have. It’s not “obvious” in any meaning of the word. Declaring Burgess Jenkins a failure when he has just begun is nonsensical. You have a completely legitimate admiration for Billy Miller, shared with many others, but it’s this sort of hyperbole that causes daytime execs ignore soap fans. They don’t sound rational.


  11. Stephanie says:

    I cried! I MISS BILLY MILLER SO MUCH!! MY HEART HURTS EVERY TIME I SEE HIM NOW !!! One of the very best actors on daytime!!! Such incredibly amazing talent!! Absolutely love his personality off set as well!!! Totally upset I was not able to meet him as that was an item on my bucket list :( looking forward to his next adventure!!! xoxo LoveBillyMiller


  12. Donny says:

    Biller Miller is hot hot hot, The latest rumor is billy will play Lucky Spencer on general hospital, but I would prefer him to play Jason Quartermaine.


  13. Bart says:

    Billy Miller is sorely missed on “Y & R”! He is a very talented actor and seems like the kind of guy for whom you’d like to buy a round of drinks – I wish him the best in his career and life!


  14. Bam Carle says:

    This guy has such a huge following, why not create a new soap just for him? HA! Right. A new soap, when they can’t cancel them fast enough…


  15. Julie says:

    Sad to hear Billy say”It’s done”. However, I’m a huge GH fan too (watched since I was in high school!) so wouldn’t hurt my feelings if he was cast in a role on that series! Fun to watch him on a prime time series not too long ago too. Will watch whatever he does. I’m a super fan. Still, miss him as Billy Abbot.


  16. villyforever55 says:

    Great interview. Just still sad to know he will never again be Billy Abbott, a role he truly made his own. Still miss him, but wish him the very best of luck in the future.


  17. Iakovos says:

    If GH lands Billy Miller, then he better be on the front burner with exciting storylines. Miller rocked the role of Billy Abbott and I cheer his success. Three Emmys! Wow!

    Not sure if I would like Billy as Jason or Lucky. Both are legacy GH characters with rich histories and stories left to tell. Guess we will just have to stay tuned.

    Damn, Billy Miller is H O T !

    Thanks for the interview, Michael Fairman.


  18. Tony Polar says:

    I get the impression that he would like to “move on” from the soap genre, and it’s understandable – it appears he has the potential while he’s still considerably young to do more night time work and work in Movies. You can’t blame him or his advisors for thinking about heading more in that direction. Otherwise, actors reach a certain age where they just bounce from soap to soap and get a little pigeon-holed into strictly that type of thing, and that’s not terrible at all, but some actors feel limited by that. I wish him the best in whatever direction he follows.


  19. Timmm says:

    Billy Miller as the new Lila. Just kidding! He should be the next Dylan. He would have scenes with a lot of different characters playing Billy, especially Tracy, Ned, and Fluke.


  20. Former Y&R Fan says:

    I stopped watching Y&R due to all of the changes.Billy Miller is a great actor and I hope to see him on General Hospital. I’m glad he won the Emmy for outstanding lead actor.


  21. KMB says:

    I adore Billy Miller! He’s got it all….He’s one of the most talented actors out there. His personality is so incredible, and he is so charismatic and sexy. A total package. :) I miss him as Billy Abbott totally, but if he never returns to the role, then I can’t wait to see him again regularly on any other soap. Right now I am not really watching any soaps, but if Billy Miller appeared? I’ll be there watching every day. Congratulations Billy!


  22. Vicky Parr says:

    I loved Billy Miller as Billy Abbott. I cannot see anyone taking his place. He had excellent acting in the Delia scenes and that showed a true actor that can change from smiles to sadness. Loved him on the Y&R and wish him all the best from Sault Ste Marie Ontario


  23. Sally D says:

    What I liked best about Billy Miiller on “Y & R” is that he had that sense of
    humor and charm….he reminded me of someone who could actually be
    the little brother of Terry Lester (original Jack Abbott), because he had
    those qualities, too. And that’s a big compliment, coming from me!

    I wish Miller good luck in whatever comes next for him!


  24. Ashleigh says:

    What the heck was up with the look that Melody Thomas Scott gave them when she leaned into the camera frame? Does she have a problem with Michael Fairman or Billy Miller???


    Stephanie replied

    That’s the look she gives everyone if she’s not on camera. She’s her own biggest fan.


  25. Pat R says:

    I’ve watched Y & R since it first began. I’m used to actors coming and going or dieing and coming back to life etc. But Billly Miller is and has been the ONLY man to play Billy Abbott. He puts his whole heart and soul into his performances and acts as if it was real. Putting David Tom in and now the new guy, is a BIG, BIG mistake! When an actor has such an impact on a shows story line and makes you feel right there, why do you fire him? He deserved that award he got and you should take it from there. He was the best from the time he fell in love with Chloe to losing DeeDee. He plays from the heart. You’re making so many fast changes and aren’t thinking it thru. Same with Eileen Davidson. At least you finally got her back to Y & R. Would you think of getting rid of Eric Braeden? Hell NO!!! Bring Billy Miller back!


  26. Jimmy says:

    I miss him so much on Y&R. David Tom did not do well in the role, and so far I’m impartial to Burgess Jenkins’ work, but I’ll give him a chance. Hopefully he grows on me. But no one can duplicate the chemistry Billy Miller and Amelia Heinle had, it was phenomenal. That’s what the role has been missing, good chemistry with other characters and the witty humor that BM brought to the role.

    In a perfect world, he would return to Y&R and we could forget about these past 6 months without him, but that won’t happen. So, I hope he finds another job soon, because he is one of the most talented actors in daytime. As for the GH rumors, he and Steve Burton look a lot alike, so he could definitely take on the role of Jason. I think he’d also do well as Dillon Q, but not as Lucky.


  27. Patrick says:

    Michael Fairman : “Thank You” : You are so good at this

    i’ll step outside the box : collectively; the cast and fans alike… simply care about you and your work

    I NEED to gush about Billy and Amelia : AGAIN : Y&R

    I love that so much of your interview with Billy was about Amelia

    I simply adore this pair. I beam cared loved these two. I will miss them immensely.. but, take note that , there will never be a couple in recent history of Y&R to commemorate

    Billy : (about acting w/Amelia) there was a rawness, a freeform, a 2nd nature instinct

    that was so evident…. the tears, the laughter, the warmth, the pull these two culled from

    Michael : (about Billy and Amelia) what you two created together, had never been seen on daytime. fun, quirky, Special

    gosh, darned it all…. it was pure magic the twosome we celebrated


    Patrick replied

    *There will never be a couple of THIS magnitude in Y&R recent history to ever commemorate like these two


  28. k/kay says:

    People if you truly are a fan of his work please let him move on. There is a reason why he wanted outs he wanted to stick his foot in the water but yet he wanted the security of a job at Y&R. MAB was willing to work story to do that JFP was not. That is the long and short of it. She does however owe him a big thank you she has him and MM to think for her Daytime Emmy Award for Best Drama. I wish him the best and he is so lucky to get away from that show!! Reach for the stars Billy Miller and don’t look back!!


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