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0 October 6th, 2009 Bobbie Eakes thoughts on “AMC’s” move west!

eakes.jpgBobbie Eakes spoke to We Love Soaps about All My Children’s move west, her thoughs on the state of the soap, and igniting the on-screen rivalry between Krystal and Erica.  Here are some excerpts!

Bobbie Eakes: I’m really happy that the show is continuing on. So all I can say is that I’m just looking at all the positive aspects. I’m trying to look at the positive. And the fact the show is continuing on is just great.

We Love Soaps: It seems that [your character] Krystal has also gotten involved with some positive causes lately.

Bobbie Eakes: That’s true, and I wish that was continuing on a little bit more because I love working with Susan [Lucci]. We had so much fun doing those shows. I didn’t really get to go to Africa, unfortunately, but just doing all that comedy stuff with Susan was so much fun.

We Love Soaps: It looked like you two were having a ball.

Bobbie Eakes: We really enjoy working together. We really do. We were saying the other day that it’s too bad that hasn’t continued on. But now that they’ve figured out who’s going to L.A. and who’s not, maybe the writers will start writing for those that are on board.

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