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17 July 17th, 2012 Bonnie Franklin set for guest stint on The Young and the Restless!


So in the, “here we go again folks” column, The Young and the Restless announced via that former 70s sitcom star Bonnie Franklin (One Day At A Time) has been cast in a role as nun!  That’s right,  Franklin will play Sister Celeste a streetwise nun who “lends Victor (Eric Braeden) a helping hand.”

Franklin is set to start production on the CBS number one soap this week and will air in episodes in Mid-August.  The actress most recently appeared on the TV Land comedy, Hot in Cleveland.

So what gives Y&R?  What are all these retro-stars that keep popping up doing for the show?  Is it just just about getting some mainstream publicity?   What is still a sad trend is that the actual stars of the top rated soaps don’t even get mainstream press when they have things to say, controversial, or going-on, or when a soap has a hot storyline.

Now we can say that Eileen Davidson’s shift from Y&R to DAYS did garner mainstream press when it was announced in the Hollywood Reporter, but that is not the norm.  Weigh-in soapers!   What do you think of Bonnie as nun on Y&R?

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  1. Brinard says:

    It must me MAB’s friends she bumps into at parties and what not and asks them “Hey you should come on the show”

    Silly, silly, silly.


    Christine replied

    Since your comments were the first to post, I might as well reply to you.

    I think you have it there! It is sad, isn’t it?

    Current actors like Michael Muhney were STARVING for screen time back in June. I would much rather see our Y&R actors don fancy get-ups (like vaudeville or something) and play these characters instead of hiring these day player HAS BEENS. Bret Butler, in my opinion, added absolutely nothing to episode she was in. They could have gotten anyone off the street to play that part.


  2. Bart says:

    Maria Arena Bell needs to go ASAP!!!

    All these needless and silly ‘cameos’ – Brett Butler, Ellen Greene (as ‘Primrose DeVille’ – another wasted opportunity by our 3 co-hacks/head writers!), Ken Howard (all he did was lie in bed – added nothing to the Phyllis back-story – even worse, we’re stuck with Avery!), Catherine Bach (another MAB/HS/SH character that needs to go or at least played by a woman who DOESN’T look like Family Guy’s Glenn Quagmire!) – the list can go on!

    Perhaps this right-wing socialite/show killer should try actually WRITE A PROPER STORY for once I/O having the show’s casting director find roles for those in the “Where Are They Now?” file!!


  3. Sara says:

    I think shes a good choice! She can act which is something I cannot say about resent casting choices for Y&R. I wish her the best of luck in the role.


  4. MBmomof3 says:

    Why do they continue “stunt casting” these D-list has-beens? Don’t the producers get that there are numerous, unemployed soap stars we’d rather see in these cameo or short-term roles? Hello! Faves from GL, ATWT, Passions, AMC & OLTL would draw in the fans.

    Bonnie Franklin? Really? I NEVER liked her or her (over) “acting”.


  5. Mandy says:

    Whose next? Bonnie’s pal Schneider making a 2-day cameo appearance as Victor’s long-lost fraternal twin brother who also happens to be Sheila’s father????

    Honestly, it really is time for CBS to cancel Y&R. The veteran actors and the fans deserve to be put out of their misery.


    SZima replied

    We’re supposed to be supporting the soaps, not calling for their cancellation!

    Cancelling the shows would not only be bad for the loyal viewers, but bad for the hundreds of people that work on these shows. It’s not just the actors you know. It would be sad for all of the crew to lose their livelihoods.


    Christine replied

    “Honestly, it really is time for CBS to cancel Y&R. The veteran actors and the fans deserve to be put out of their misery.”

    Whoa, hold the phone! I agree with the first part, but there are still several things about Y&R that ARE working. No, not every storyline is great nor is every coupling, but they do manage to throw in some good ones in here and there.

    I, for one, am anxiously awaiting the return of Jess Walton and Tristan Rogers this fall. Besides, I just LOVE having this one hour to myself after my kids go to sleep to unwind and watch Y&R because I can’t watch it when it is on during the day.


    kay/kay replied

    Christine it is rumored that Jess Walton may not come back she seems to be happy living in Oregon spending time with the grandchild, I hope this is very wrong. But when this first came out about her taking six months off I got very worried. I hope this is a complete falsehood. Like I said on a previous post Doug Davidson has been doing great work and he has been with the show since 1978 if they would use these people we care about they could bring this show back around. If she does come back get her back in a storyline with Katherine for gosh sakes.

    Christine replied

    I have heard the rumor too, kay/kay, and I sure hope it proves false, though I know what joy children are (now that I am a mother of two myself) so I certainly would not begrudge Jess Walton anything should she choose not to return.

    Oh and I agree about Doug Davidson. He is killing it in his scenes regarding Ricky especially. He must be physically drained when he goes home.

    I know that they have so much positive to work with, if they would just use what they have and trim the fat where they do not need it. I don’t want it canceled and I think it has the potential to last many more years, but it does need change.

  6. SZima says:

    I guess I don’t mind the occasional “guest appearance,” but I do agree that there are way too many of them on this show. And yes, it would be more fun if it were former soap actors that came on to do them.


  7. kay/kay says:

    Does it really matter? The best thing about this show as of late is putting Doug Davidson on again. If you take a drink every time Phyllis is on you will get drunk by the end of the hour.


  8. Ann says:

    If she was being brought on to bring Victor to heaven and get him permanently out of GC, then I’d be all for it. But I can not suffer through another “Victor-is-in-crisis-and-goes-far-away-to-find-himself” story. That has been done so many times for that jerk, it really has become unwatchable. So I guess my opinion regarding the original question is Bonnie Franklin is fine, it’s the storyline that is the problem.


  9. MBmomof3 says:

    I agree with the above posters that Doug Davidson has been knocking it out of the park lately. See how great it can be when you give a seasoned pro a great storyline? I also miss Jess Walton and hope she returns.

    I think Erika Slezak as a “street-wise nun” would have been a better pick thank Bonnie Franklin.


  10. Chaz says:

    Oh, oh……maybe the street-wise nun will choke Victor to death with her rosary beads! This character has been run its course. Victor is just a bellowing, “my way or the highway” pain in the ass.


  11. brian says:

    I like Bonnie Franklin and faithfully watched One Day At A Time…don’t watch Y&R, but may catch the shows she in.


  12. susan M. says:

    Not much..


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