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15 July 25th, 2017 Bradford Anderson Makes A Return To General Hospital!


Bradford Anderson, who is beloved as Damian Spinelli on General Hospital is back taping new episodes of the series.

The confirmation of his return appeared on the GH Twitter account as well as Anderson’s who stated: “A lovely morning with the lovelier than ever @teenystweeting. Stay tuned tweeps!”

GH tweeted: “You know it’s going down when @BfordAnderson is rocking suspenders! @teenystweeting #GH #BehindtheScenes

The actor was last seen in the role for a brief appearance in June on the ABC daytime drama series.

So, looking forward to seeing more Spinelli in the form of Bradford Anderson on upcoming episodes GH? Comment below.

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  1. Jimh says:

    I suppose Georgie has a medical problem that can only be cured at GH…Nathan, unaware about Georgie, is busy with Amy and their advice column…Maxi will shack up with Spin because Nathan is too busy with Manhole or whatever you call it…lol


    Shay replied

    “Manhole”…..LOL….Oh, jimh, you never disappoint! Yes, I suppose your proposed scenario is quite plausible, but what if Spinelli is slated to take part in the Steve Burton return? Maybe he will be the first to encounter the “Stone Cold” stranger when he comes to town?


    NoraE replied

    I believe you’re thinking of “Assman Landers “, Jimh. At least that’s what it sounds like both Nathan and Nina are saying with those beautiful whistling teeth. I really try to hear “ask”, but I laugh every time they say it. I wonder if it’s an inside-joke on set?


    Jimh replied

    Funny, i thought i heard them say it that way too

  2. su0000 says:

    I wish Spin and Maxie would reunite and then Nathan would be free to find himself a real grownup woman, a mature woman, a woman that is sophisticated and challenging.

    Poor Nathan .. he is stuck with two immature ditzy irritating woman..

    they need to bring in a real woman for Nathan..
    I wouldn’t mind seeing him back with Claudett, at least he’s no longer be a weenie.


  3. Charday says:

    Ok, welcome back. Where’s Ellie Trout?


  4. Becky says:

    So glad to see Spinelli and Maxie come back! I feel like a new woman.


    Shay replied

    I suspect that’s because you are a new woman, Becky! Congratulations on that….


  5. heidi says:

    Oh happy days! Love Spinelli and Maxie! Thank you GH!


  6. James R. Poissant says:

    Still don’t know why he was let go from the canvas. It is great having him back even for short stints but he should have always remained a regular.


    Soaphound replied

    I agree, James. He’s an original and I’ve never seen him give anything but his best, never “phoning it in”. I could live without the goatee, however.


    AJ replied

    He chose to leave.


  7. Timmm says:

    Nice actor. i can take the character in pieces. Makes sense he is back to be there for Maxie and Stone Cold’s return.


  8. Lou piikes says:

    Maxie and Spinelli were a dead on arrival as a romantic couple.


  9. Reed says:

    “Gracious greetings,” indeed. Welcome back Spinelli (or Spumoni, as Tracy was fond of saying). One of the better, more memorable characters created over the years. Would love to see the quirky, fun-loving one stay around and inject his brand of merriment. Oh, and bring Ellie with you!


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