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39 October 29th, 2015 Brandon Barash Returning To General Hospital! What Will Johnny Zacchara Be Up To Now?

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More casting news this week from GH executive producer Frank Valentini!  Now comes word through his announcement on, that fan favorite bad boy Brandon Barash is returning to the soap as Johnny Zacchara sometime on-air in December!

In a statement Valentini teased: “Hold on tight GH fans because things are going to get absolutely crazy good in Port Charles in the coming months. We are so happy to have Brandon back and with Johnny Z’s unexpected arrival in Port Charles that can only spell one thing:  t-r-o-u-b-l-e.”

The head honcho added: “For all the devoted fans and new ones alike, it’s the perfect time to jump in to GH with compelling, engrossing storylines and just the right mix of nostalgia.”

Barash was last seen as Johnny when he went on the run with an assist from his real-life wife’s character of Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms)!

The question: What will Johnny Z. be up to this time when he returns to Port Charles?  Share your thoughts below, and let us know if you are excited to see Brandon again on GH!

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  1. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Frank V. sounds a bit desperate with his misuse of nostalgia…guy needs a dictionairy to look up the meaning…maybe if vets had been better used and not forgotten GH wouldnt be in 4th place…have Johnny go on a killing spree and knocks off the Jeromes, the Corinthas, Nathan, Dullan, Valsnore, Snorbrina, Tanco, Stinki, and NayNi, and MicHell!!!


    Anne replied



    su0000 replied

    hi Jimh
    I would love some killing!
    I wish Franco would turn gangsta and give me some action!

    GH has no gangstas :( Sonny and retired daddy diaper changer Julian, are not a mob anything..
    Paul is cartel..

    Instead of bringing in women/grandmas they should bringing in some crime lords!!


  2. su0000 says:

    Brandon Barash is back– for a short guest appearance.
    Even if for a short time, I love it!

    Good ploy to bring in old favorites to get look in’s from viewers.
    RC did the same thing and it worked..
    The new writers of Days also used the ploy, it worked ..

    I really hope it will once again work for GH ..


  3. Michelle says:

    Thrilled he’s coming back! Glad that Finola and Genie are staying as well, but please oh please bring back Michael Easton.


    Lellingw replied

    GH was so mean to him, I’m not why he’d come back. He might get better work elsewhere.


    Terri replied

    Yes PLEASE bring back sexy intense wonderful ME!!!!!! I agree!!!!!


  4. MBmomof3 says:

    Love me some Johnny Z! Great week for GH fans!


  5. nancy dillingham says:

    Good news! Wish TPTB had left him as he was when he first came in: a brooding, sensitive son of a mobster who played the piano beautifully. Took him too far, as GH always does.
    PS Saw him on “Major Crimes.” Beautiful man!


  6. Ces says:

    Great news!! Welcome back!


  7. Frank says:

    Yes Yes, wonderful news. Looking forward to seeing Johnny Z. Eye candy yum LOL.


    johnnytuffguy replied

    I know! I have never seen a man work a sweater like he does!! Pecs for days!!!


  8. rebecca1 says:

    Looking forward to Brandon’s return…maybe he’s Paul’s boss. Hope it’s not another brief stint.


  9. Anthony says:

    With the exception of Cristina and Avery, hopefully he’s back to wipe out anything Corinthos!


  10. Ghlover says:

    Omg Johnny with Ava!!!


    Timmm replied

    Enough with the MILF’s!


  11. AJQ says:

    Frank’s statements are just so insulting and show such a rich combination of cluelessness and bitterness. “The right mix of nostalgia.”

    Nostalgia? That the EP of a serial drama thinks that veteran characters and actors are categorized as nostalgia shows an incredible lack of understanding of the genre, which is multigenerational and rooted in history.

    Is he that clueless? probably not, but he sure is bitter. His “vision” of GH, the one that discards its history and veteran characters in favor of new characters and the old one’s that are kept being written OOC and fodder for the new one’s tanked. RC is gone, he’s still here and obviously with conditions. ABC network is most certainly responsible for Genie’s contract, Tristan’s return and now Brandon. So to show his disapproval of the situation, which is a rebuke of him, he puts out these statements that seem positive and complimentary but are couched with contempt and qualifiers like the word “nostalgia,” marginalizing the actors and sending the signal that fans shouldn’t expect too much, that they should be resigned that he will do everything possible to make these returns short term and keep full steam ahead with his new characters and actors.

    If Frank were still in charge of OLTL, would Erica Slezak, Robin Strasser, Kasie Depaiva have been discarded? Would they be “nostalgia?” What about Howarth? You know what is nostalgia? Pining away for Todd Manning and doing everything possible to have him, or something that resembles him on GH, even though he not only hasn’t brought ratings, but sent them in the tank just two months ago when he was put front and center and GH fans said they could care less and tuned out.

    And now ABC needs what Frank calls “nostalgia” to save this mess.


    Harry replied

    That’s what she said.
    In other words, of course I agree with AJQ.
    That said, please put Johnny back on the piano.
    I would rather hear him tickle the keys while playing Chopin than see him tickle the trigger while playing “Don’t Fear the Reaper.”
    Put down the gun and pick up the piano.
    Make music, not war.


    Lena120 replied

    It doesn’t matter how many veteran characters he brings back, it’s not gonna change the terribly boring stories. He needs to stop trying quick fixes and attack the fundamental problems. Get Sonny off his pedestal. Stop writing him as the show’s patriarch. He’s not. Put Michael back with the Qs. Get Kiki off the show! Bring on Serena Baldwin. Make Nina the new editor of Crimson. She should be a fabulous business woman. Not a giddy teenager in a 40-something body. Get rid of that new girl Darby. Give Morgan a real job and a purpose. Do something else with Nikolas. Give Ric a REAL story. Stop allowing him to be the punching bag for the Corinthots!! Get rid of Hayden or make her a long lost Hardy/Webber. She and Liz should be related. Recast Ned. If Wally Kurth wants to be Justin Kiriakis, let him. Michael Park is out there. Give him a job! Bring on Brook Lynn. Bring on an illegitimate son of AJ’s to give Michael a run for his money. Give Laura a damn story! Have her fall in love with Paul. Get Paul out of this stupid mob crap. That was never his character. He was forced into the mob. Bring on Paul’s daughter, Dillon’s sister. Have Lulu and Dante break up. They’re boring. Or at the very least get rid of the baby brain! No more kids until you move out of that studio apartment! Ugh. So many problems.


  12. CMD says:

    Awesome. I love Johnny/BB. But is he back full time or just a return visit?


  13. Fanny says:

    I couldn’t be happier, Brandon knows how to deliver crazzzzzy good.


  14. Soapluv2010 says:

    Johnny Z is the shot in the arm Sweeps desperately needs. December is great but, late.


  15. Patrick says:

    he truly needs to return full time

    if for any thing else… to put an end to the trio on the lame movie set… Dylan, Lulu, and Maxie…

    Maxie character has been so filler and as dull as fan outrcy… Nathan…
    I will adamantly state: at least Nathan is better to look at

    Dante is truly being foisted in to a younger age group… he’s a man and should be featured as such… stooping down to Dylan… (ps: I really like Dylan character and acting) it’s the dumb story line. ps: throw in the lame story with Valerie… and his mom’ Olivia lame excuse for Leo.

    so… to bring back Brandon Barash to steer away from all of this…

    PLUS !

    major fan posts… that their are no exciting men… any longer on GH

    LOL… I agree! this is a step in the right direction
    I can’t even say Billy Miller ‘ Jason is interesting… unless he’s with Liz
    I can’t even say Dr. Drake is exciting… so glad he’s moving to Genoa City… I hope this

    where the heck is Roger Howarth’ Franco going? give him something other than spineless pining after Nina… overload on the mindful every beck and call… god.. at this point… I’d rather see Roger get a life…

    I so enjoyed the scene where Monica found out after the fact… that Michael and Sabrina are with child…

    it was so Quartermaine.. that Monica and Traci squabble and one up and peck and order each other around… yet they celebrated with champagne after the fact… that another Quartermaine is on the horizon

    I was livid , as most… that Michael character totally dumped and threw by the wayside… ELQ and his birthright… Quartermaine…. for the dullard and listless and drawn out… Corinthos’

    once again… at the “floating rib” there she was … Sam… totally disrespecting Nicholas… who had better just cut her off… and take root and hold his own… and own ELQ… Hayden want him… these two need to step up to the plate and support Liz… !

    knowing that the writers are going to steep in to lost air time and waste our energy on Sam and Jason … ugh… viagra won’t help Billy Miller

    i’m sure there’s soapbox materials unearthed


    Patrick replied



    I love him… and the show needs him… his presence escapes me… as he galavantes and holds his own… throughout Port Charles

    you know… you add in

    Brandon Barash… HOT
    Jeffrey Vincent Parise… interesting… intriguing character who elevates the whole show!

    you bring back .. Tristan Rogers… swarthy australian sexy accent plus present…

    three leading men… who swoon


    su0000 replied

    Carlos, Brandon, GH needs men with balls! bringing some gangsta heat!
    I say;
    bring in men that will create excitement, trouble, drama, dirty deeds!
    and stop bringing in grandmas!

  16. Helen says:

    Brandon is a great comic actor he always has this sneaky smile/smirk you cant help but wonder what kind of mischief he’s up to next! Even if the story is bad he usually makes me laugh…..


  17. Timmm says:

    Could we PLEASE bring back Bruce Weitz! I know Anthony is dead but what about a twin brother Anthony never mentioned? Bruce was freakin awesome!


  18. Sal Corrente says:

    I have been waiting months for this. It’s about time that Johnny Z makes his return. Excellent News


  19. Darnell says:

    He’s the shooter. Hope Sonny take him down in the most epic battle.


  20. Darnell says:

    And furthermore, is it too hard to think that Johnny works for Paul and Paul works for Lily? After all, people die and come back everyday in Soaps. And by the way, do you think that pic of Lily, Sonny, and Sabrina during the live taping episodes was a hint? This could be a big WOW if Sabrina was Sonny’s daughter. Especially now that she is with Michael. Give me a job GH as a writer.


    rebecca1 replied

    I don’t think Johnny works for Paul…I thi.k Paul takes orders from Johnny.


  21. Anne says:

    Brandon’s Johnny Z is one of the more interested mobsters on GH. How will he fit in the current struggle?


    su0000 replied

    I would love having Brandon’s Johnny Z back..
    GH has NO MOBSTERS ..
    There is Sonny, a crime lord of a sinagate. = 1
    There is retired Julian = 0
    There is paul, a crime lord =1
    There is Ava ehh just working for Paul
    A mob is way way more than 2 or 3 people ..
    Many years back there were actually some ganstas, that has long passed..

    They talk like there’s others but never seen, nobody is doing criminal stuff for a very very long time.. Just Sonny and then Julian threatening each other over the dock,, sheesh nothing much.

    Brandon’s Johnny Z hopefully will revive Sonny .. :)


  22. Charday says:

    He’s a QT–might get me watching GH again.


  23. Julia says:

    Love the idea about johnny coming bàck but come on you know nobody is ever going to clear out the corinthos family


  24. James R. Poissant says:

    I’m glad he is coming back—how about putting him in a crazy with Lucy Coe? The 2 actors would be excellent playing off each other!!!


  25. Linda says:

    bring back Johnny! I have missed the Zaccaras since his father left the show back in 2012 or 2013. Its been a long time.


  26. Iona Mckoy says:

    I would loved to see the return hunk Johnny Z on GH , the suspense of not nothing what next .


  27. Iona Mckoy says:

    The suspene of the hunk returning to GH will be satisfising, I love to see him returning


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