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34 March 6th, 2013 Brandon Barash Takes To Twitter To Clarify His Departure From GH Was His Choice!


When we first confirmed yesterday that General Hospital favorite Brandon Barash was leaving the ABC soap as Johnny Zacchara fans were not sure if it was his decision to leave, or if the powers-that-be at GH wanted to write the character off the canvas.   In addition, Barash’s original tweet contained a humorous remark that he was departing for a career in the NBA.

Today, Brandon took to Twitter to clarify his original tweet which confirmed that he is indeed leaving, and it was his own choice, and no, he is not joining the NBA!

Barash related: “To clarify: A) Yes, I’m actually leaving. B) Don’t be mad at GH, it was my call. Mad respect for @valentinifrank &co 3) Lakers cut me.WTF?!”

So GH fans, how do you feel about Brandon’s departure now that you know it was his decision to exit?  Weigh-in!

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  1. Debbie says:

    One word….Depressed!


    David Jones replied

    Please be well.


    Barbara t loves One life to live replied

    Two words Debbie, ME TO !


    Christy replied

    Barbara T! Where you been? :-D

    well, I wish him good luck with whatever he does… and you know with Johnny safely tucked away in prison… he could always make a return someday!

  2. Patty says:

    I’m sad he is leaving, but they wrote his character in a corner. I can see him wanting to spread his wings and be open to other projects. It will be interesting to see if JFP picks him up for Y&R.


  3. Cindy says:

    I am stunned, but i still have mixed emotions about his leaving. Seems like there has to be a reason why actors are leaving voluntarily and also being fired…something doesn’t add up to me!!! i am thinking that GH’s 50th anniversary will be their last….. :( It’s sad to see so many go in such a short time.


    su0000 replied

    SB Jason left and he was thinking of leaving a couple of years before he left, his contract was up and he didn’t resign.. It was time for him to get out and find new beginnings.. He told all many times why he wanted to leave.
    BB Johnny’s time came for to try new things and not grow old on a soap opera.. He is happy about his decision, I wish him well..
    Young handsome talented men in their prime have a built in gene to explore and grow do new things, maybe midlife crisses lol ..and not work on soap until they are 70 :) It’s normal and both are not the first to leave a soap at their ages and find new dreams..
    it is 2 whom left GH, not many or a bunch .. lol
    Steve was let go.. It’s show business soap actors are let go, it is common..
    I think the 3 will do very well with their experience and talent!! :)


    su0000 replied

    ohh Lulu/whomever, is gone too.. forgot about her, I never payed much attention to Lulu..
    wow she had an uneventful quiet exit .. Poor girl :(

    Cindy replied

    SB has always said that he wanted to leave to spend more time with his family, and a couple of months later he is on another show….Robin, Jason, Johnny, Lulu, that might not be a lot to you but it is for some GH fans J/S

  4. MEG says:



  5. Patrick says:

    I haven’t even wrapped my head around this one….

    i didn’t post on the first…. Announcement….. !!!! ?????

    He’s a man…. of the male species… who masculine’ ly… acts…. au naturale….

    he’s sexy… treats women…. sexily… and emoted a spirit…

    you can’t not help but think about him…..

    how ooh la la is that……. is he.

    he has a presence that captivates.


  6. MK says:

    I commend GH for keeping him for a year longer. They wrote him in to a corner with killing AZ and Cole and Hope. But, you felt his remorse and liked the potential Johnny and Kristina pairing. Johnny was also Hot with Carly and Olivia. Maybe he will be back someday.


    Barbara t loves One life to live replied

    I hope he comes back to, I agree with everything you said.


  7. Beti says:

    I think GH should have done something to change his mind


    Barbara t loves One life to live replied

    They did, I am sure they tried to keep him. He just wanted to go, He will be missed, I know I am disappointed that he will be gone to, Johnny was a lovable interesting character.


  8. su0000 says:

    LOL and all the blaming that it was RC’s fault that he let BB go (it would be FV not RC) and ABC would regret letting BB go and whatever else blame RC stuff ..
    When an actor leaves a soap he tells the fans why she/he is leaving, every time, and some call them liars and don’y believe them, sigh ..
    When an actor is fired/let go they say they were let go ..
    When actors leave an AB soap/GH it’s not a ABC/RC conspiracy LOL :) :)

    I am looking forward to seeing Brandon in other series or wherever he may go. An exciting time for him to fly ..
    heh too bad not the NBA lol (we all knew that was poosh, yes )


    Tracy replied

    Everything is a conspiracy. ;) After all, RC was killing off legacy character Steve, remember? We now know how that turned out. LOL. I do think it is sad that an actor needs to clarify because fans jump to conclusions and blame a writer & EP who have turned the show around. You know what they say about those who assume …


    Joliefan Forever replied

    “ABC would regret letting BB go” It’s so cute that you still think that ABC cares about the fans!


  9. jim says:

    I hope this clears up things and stops fans from jumping to conclusions too quickly and playing the blame game. Johhny may have killed on the show but that doesnt mean the writers pushed the character into a corner. Other characters have done the same and are still around. They can always bring him back later if they want and the actor agrees. Its been done b4. Todds killed and hes going nowhere. We always miss certain actors when they leave but we still move on.


  10. Stephanie says:

    I really, really liked Brandon and I especially liked his role with Kristin Alderson (Starr). But.. all good things must come to an end at some point… I wish his luck in the future. Maybe we will see him back


  11. Leticia says:

    One way to grow as an individual is to move on. More power to Brandon!
    I do think he should take a plubic relations class. :)


  12. susan M. says:

    First steve burton leaves Gh then no more Lulu soon now Brandon! What the heck is going on here????


  13. Tia Wisher says:

    Totally saddened !!! I luv johnny and will be missed if gh try to replace him won’t be the same


  14. Tia Wisher says:

    Totally saddened !! I luv johnny and no one can take his place


  15. Sandee says:

    Still upset I believe it is these stupid storylines from GH writers and the lack of decent storylines for the main characters that is making these people leave.If it doesn’t improve this 40 year fan will not be watching Sorry


  16. CTwildheart says:

    I’m bummed, but I totally understand.

    Hopefully, if he ever wants to return or they recast, they will have him redeemed and still remorseful. I love the character of Johnny and saw much potential.

    Good Luck BB…


  17. terry says:

    Wish you could stay, wish you good luck in the future.
    My the force be with you.


  18. su0000 says:

    When an actor leaves his employment/soap, she/he has given it much thought. Most have stated they were thinking about trying other things and about leaving for 1-2 years. They wait for their contracts to end and have all their ducks in row and leave.
    Them leaving is a not an instant decision ..

    Actors are people with personal lives that are full of opportunities, dreams wants and needs and if they want out for whatever their reasons they plan for their departure..
    To blame it on this or that and accuse people of conspiracies and lying, is nonsense.

    It is none of our business what they do with their lives and I do feel BB told FV and RC he would not be signing back on and they talked and therefore he was written as he was being written for his exit for quite awhile / set up to leave by doing things to be sent to prison etc..
    BB would never just leave without lots of notice, he would tell FV and RC his intentions well before it was told to us.. Most likely he told RC FV he would be leaving a year ago. seems logical to me :)


  19. Torrey says:

    Best of luck to you man, I’m sure we’ll all be seeing you again….doing something bigger and even better.


  20. Maggie says:

    I will miss Brandon’s smile and wish him all the best
    Brandon will be missed by all fans.


  21. Phyllis says:

    His character was written into a corner and he is lying if he says that didn’t factor into his decision to leave. Everybody switches and tries new things but that had to be in the back of his mind “where are they going to take Johnny? he’s a child killer, who killed his dad, what can he do, who does he have?” If my job was a dead end and I decided to quit it’d still be a fraction of my employers fault.


  22. Judy says:

    not happy about that! Since these new writers have come onto GH I think the show is terrible! What’s with the vampires? And it was terrible seeing Jason leave but now Johnny! And this whole BS with Kate and Connie….. lets get real pick one charactor and lets move along! I’d prefer Connie over Kate that’s for sure! The show is getting so boring that I fast forward the whole show. Hope it gets better soon, otherwise GH will be RIP as well. Cheers!


    Patrick replied

    honestly! ?

    i watch DAYS and GH…. what show… has me thinking about? DAYs..

    Judy = i have to agree with you to a great extent…

    if it wasn’t for the excitement… of reliving the GH of ole…. the TRUE stars… who ignite passion…. and the 50th?

    1. Molly w/ Rafe. Spinelli/Ellie. Kate without Connie. and BIG surprise… Mac/Frisco/Felicia.

    The above is what keeps my attention. That’s not much GH…. I’m excited about Bobbie’s return.

    2. Laura and Scotty…. w/Luke….

    it seems a lil’ juvenile… Laura wants to run to Luke because he’s with Anna…and saw Anna kissing Duke… and Scotty knows….

    it’s like Laura needs something other than just Luke to showcase Laura. They need to show Scotty and Laura fighting… in real adult drama…. why is she engaged to Scotty… he deserves a woman…. he deserves Laura… They should have fleshed that out…

    it’s like we’re going to have all these returns’ …. Anna… Duke… Tracy… Luke…. Bobbie… is Laura with Scotty or Luke…

    3. Sabrina…. the honest… nursing student… that Patrick is championing… leading up to her Cinderella reveal… that she’s replacing Robin… and Patrick, is so charmed by her… that….?????

    4. Steve and Olivia…. heh… we knew this was coming… no let down. Olivia, IMO is a keeper.

    5. Tracy and the Lila Relish… this could be a real coupe…. especially if it saves ELQ… and gives us, the fans, an insight in to the layer that Edward and Lila are showing Tracy… the orphan… that the revelatory… LOVE and Fa;mily that binds…. the last bequeath to their last remaining Quartermaine….

    6. AJ… he had me convinced from the start, that he’s a quartermaine…. however…
    to solidify this…. they need to show MUCH MORE SCENES with MONICA… that bonding… and yeah, i agree with the fans… the infighting w/Tracy… is FUNNY. he’s believeable as Michael’s father… so… this all has me wondering… who’ll, in the end… head up ELQ… i wanted it with either/or…. AJ or Tracy… so, this is a good story.

    7. WRITERS… for the heck of it… just saying…. let’s show Mac… yeah, he told Kevin… Felicia “will” come to the realization… that it’s Mac she wants… and he’s waiting… ???? studly…. FIGHT FOR HER… the good guy… who’s taken for granted… YOU LOVE HER… you’re not going to be usurped…

    i’m hoping … that Bobbie and Scotty reignite, spark, and give Laura… something other than Luke…

    wow… no Carly story…. without Todd… I hope Carly has an intimate goodbye with Johnny.

    Heather, turning herself in…. was touching… we know she loves Steven Lawrence… when will she resurface… since she’s not at fern cliff…. ??? at the Emmy’s accepting her best supporting actress…. I hope so.


    it’s kinda hurry up and wait… for the outcome of lulu, dante, and Maxie… till Emme Rylan starts….


    Patrick replied

    I forgot to add… the “vampire” story… in my defense… it didn’t help that i didn’t like ME’s acting… was it done this way… to be campy? LOL? not masculine enough? Sam was writhing in her “wedding” gown… at the sacrificial shrine… that 3rd bite…. telling…. as she “fights” Caleb, the vampire, and silently eyes McBain to come to her rescue?


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