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24 November 10th, 2015 Brandon Beemer Confirmed Back To DAYS!

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Familiar faces and returns has become just one element that makes Days of our Lives must-see daytime television these days.  You can now officially add Brandon Beemer’s name to that list, who has made a return to the iconic series that is celebrating its golden anniverary this week.

As fans became aware, Jason Cook (who originated the role of Shawn-Douglas Brady) came back to tape episodes of DAYS for it’s anniverary arc, and for what has been speculated as a two-month run.  Since Cook has already left the show, the series continued to write story to include Bo  (Peter Reckell) and Hope’s (Kristian Alfonso) son, and brought back Cook’s original replacement, Brandon Beemer to the role.

Beemer was seen in a cast photo at Monday’s on set cast/crew 50th anniversary celebration.  As well, Brandon was at this past weekend’s 50th anniversary party at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles.

You can expect Brandon to return on air sometime in early 2016.  Beemer follows his longtime DAYS co-star Martha Madison (Belle) back to Salem.  Madison will be back airing in episodes at the end of this month.

So, excited to hear that Brandon is back as Shawn Brady?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Why didnt Cook stay…but it doesnt bother me one way or another as long as the show remains good…hopefully, the serial killer story ends soon…its run its course imo and time to move on!


    Steven replied

    Jason Cook didn’t want to stay long-term. He says he working on other projects and wants to go into directing. I guess acting isn’t his main focus right now.


    Jeremy replied

    that’s a shame, I wish Jason Cook would have been open to staying for a few years. He just has this charm, this special quality to him, and seeing him back on our screens has made me want MORE of him, not Beemer. Why oh why? Days should’ve just allowed Jason Cook to pop in and out. He’s that GOOD!
    Leading man material.

    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Sounds just like Kim-GHs Robin who prefers directing but still makes acting visits to her show…im ok with BB returning to the role…used to both actors in the role anyway…thanks for the info!

    Carolina replied

    Ugh! I might have to start watching that cluster**** of a show again. Beemer has one of the most gorgeous bodies I have EVER seen … and summer is only seven months away.

    Rodd replied

    Jimh, I totally agree; especially about the serial killer story ending soon. I can’t stand it! I hate seeing Abby handcuffed in that cabin with her deranged boyfriend freaking out every ten seconds. I ff through those scenes. The rest of DAYS, I love.


  2. Spinboy says:

    I always liked him and thought he was a good replacement so I’m glad to see he’s coming back. But it will seem a little weird right after Jason Cook reprised the role for the anniversary.


  3. Brandon Parker says:

    That’s freaking awesome me and my girlfriend are glad Days is bringing Brandon Beemer back as Shawn Brady that’s great news.


  4. blake says:

    Well that’s cool. I’m sad that the original Shawn D. was not back for good but only two months, but at least the replacement will be a familiar face. Glad that we will have Phillip, Shawn D and Belle back.


  5. Jason Charles Bruss says:

    Absolutely! I positively adore BB so I’m glad he’s back!


  6. Reagan says:

    I like them both, but will always always love Jason Cook as Shawn. Disappointed that he didn’t stay around, but glad the character will be. Soo…. can we get Jason Cook back at GH now??


  7. CindyHaskins says:

    I love Brandon beemer I am so glad that he is back on days and will reprise his role as shawn brady.


  8. CindyHaskins says:

    I am sorry to say this but I cant stand Jason cook as shawn.


  9. damien says:

    can t believe jason cook s not sticking around! … did days not try hard enough to keep cook around?!
    jason cook s the only shawn d, this news really sucks!


    4ever DAYS replied

    The way I understand it is Jason only agreed to a couple month visit for which he was accommodated. Then the writers decided they wanted a longterm storyline involving Shawn-Douglas, but Jason refused to stay because he has other projects/prospects.


    davlestev1 replied

    LOL damien he is NOT the only person who could EVER play the role. If soaps operated by that method there wouldn’t ever be long term characters if only one actor can be seen in the role. .you can count those actors and their characters on one hand who were never replaced for decades. ..OK two hands lol


  10. Mateo says:

    DAYS is intent on just rehashing disposable characters. Why don’t they cancel first run episodes and just show repeats of old shows with the same old boring characters and tedious story lines…but hey do what you gotta do …..


  11. Mo says:

    No. I really didn’t like him as Shawn. I liked him on B&B, but not Days.


    4ever DAYS replied

    I never have watched B&B, but I didn’t like B.B. as Shawn. Maybe he grew as an actor and the great writing on DAYS will help us with the transition.


  12. Alaina says:

    I am so happy to just have confirmation. Brandon is amazing and I’m glad he’s back. :)


  13. dylan says:

    I like either Shawn. They are similar enough in looks, and while Jason and Kirsten were good as young Shawn and Belle, Brandon and Martha were seamless recasts into a more mature Shawn and Belle. One of the few times where both characters playing a couple were recast and the couple remained popular. But that chick they brought on for about a month as Belle….WOW…was she frickin terrible!!!!! That was between Kirsten and Martha, and to be fair, she was forced to spout James E. Reilly’s absurd, moronic writing. That crap could be the death of many lesser actors. I hope Shawn and Belle will be a stable couple, not like so many couples before them who leave town happy and then return to town completely changed, or broken up, or divorced, etc.


  14. Mo says:

    Wonder if they’ll bring RKK back as Bo.


  15. code85 says:

    I like both Jason Cook & Brandon Beemer in role Shawn D. Both bought different side to the role. Overall it’s matter of taste.


  16. kristine says:

    i do not like the character who plays belle boringboringboring


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