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10 January 18th, 2012 Brandon Beemer & Zack Conroy taken off contract at B&B! Beemer clarifies on Twitter!


News around the soap world today has that two of the younger leading men of the CBS soap, The Bold and the Beautiful, Brandon Beemer (Owen) and Zack Conroy (Oliver) have been taken off-contract.  Brandon has been with the series since 2008 and Zack since 2010.

A rep for the soap told CBS Soaps In Depth, “that while both actors have been dropped down to recurring status, they are still a part of the B&B family… which means that they will continue to drop by on-screen from time to time.”

Beemer took to his twitter page this morning to let his fans and followers know that this is not the last time you have seen Owen, and in fact he has major story this February with Lesley-Anne Down (Jackie) and Ashley Jones (Brdiget)! Brandon tweeted: “B&B fans: I’ve been off contract for quite a few months now, but all is good…nothing to worry about. That can change any time.  I’m working this week at B&B on some really great stuff that I know you’ll enjoy! thx for the kind words & support!”

Stay tuned cause ain’t over till it’s over!

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  1. Blake says:

    Making way for OLTL actors? lol

    But seriously, why get rid of the man candy???


    Jenna replied

    Oh I KNOW! Hee Hee!

    They wasted both of those guys, especially Zack Conroy. I followed him from GL. What a shame.


    Blake replied

    Yeah he was great on GL.

  2. Tom says:

    I thought Zack Conroy really popped off the screen on GL–a show that was dead, for soap’s sake–but Brad Bell has never had a clue what to do with him. Instead of dropping him into the quadrangle and making it a love pentagon, Oliver has been locked up in the basement with Thorne and Felicia. I really don’t know what’s going on with this show…SMH.


    Blake replied

    He was really good on Guiding Light! Sucks he came on right before it was cancelled.


  3. mike says:

    There is no reason to watch B&B except the eye candy. Y&R should hire Zack as a recast for Ricky.


    Mo replied

    I disagree. Not every ep is a winner, but the show overall is quite good.

    I do agree that the Ricky on Y&R is not charismatic or interesting and a recast might propel him into the story more and give fans a reason to want to see him. Right now, like so many on Y&R, he is superfluous.


  4. Mo says:

    It was absolutely ridick to break up Jowen. They need to get back together and we need more of those wacky photo shoots and Jowen working together on stuff. They’re better together than apart–especially since Bridget and Logan are off-screen. Obs the breakup was just so Jackie could be a potential third wheel with Steph and Eric, but that could have been accomplished without breaking Jowen up.


  5. kay killgore says:

    Anybody who goes over to B&B is really not secure but we have not seen much of these guys in forever. I will start watching again when they quit making Liam, Steffy and Hope the focus of the show.


  6. chrisa paganas says:

    missing zack conroy as a regular!!!


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