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26 August 17th, 2011 Brandon Buddy wants to come home to OLTL to wrap up story with Starr and Hope!

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Brandon Buddy (Ex-Cole Thornhart) took to Twitter late last week in an effort to let his sentiments be reached by many… and especially the powers-that-be at One Life to Live! Buddy, who was written off as Cole, was sent to jail for the cold-blooded murder of Eli Clarke, and is looking for an opportunity to come back to Llanview before the show ends its network television run in January of 2012.   Brandon revealed in his tweets that he would especially like the opportunity to reunite his Cole, with Starr (Kristen Alderson) and their little girl, Hope!

Here is what the actor tweeted on August 8th and 9th! “I want/need everyone to send in your love for Cole! I’m tired of sitting around. Get me back on the show. I want my starr and my hope back! My peeps are the best so let’s make it happen! Not sure what’s going to happen with the whole OLTL thing because I guess its lot more complicated then we think so… But I still feel really strong about finishing what I started and get my girls back. I guess we just wait and see.”

So would you like to see a Cole and Starr reunion? Or, should he remain in prison and Starr and James can continue their romance with each other, without Cole interfering? Let us know!

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  1. Torrey says:

    I for one would love to see Cole come back and wrap things up with Starr. I have never been a big fan of James & Starr. Cole and Starr had way more chemistry. Plus, wouldn’t it be interesting to see how the old Todd would interact with Cole, since OLTL is writing off my fave TSJ.


    mandi replied

    I would love to Brandon Buddy (cole) come back and met up with Starr and there daughter Hope I never cared for Starr and James I like Starr and Cole better! So I hope Brandon Buddy is able to come back


  2. david says:

    Yes, let him out of prison. Make up some storyline about him working undercover to stop drugs in prison and being rewarded with parole–the viewers won’t care. Let Lindsay out of prison too. Bring back both Buddy and Hickland.


    Torrey replied

    In total agreement….I am so hoping that Lindsay makes a return on the canvas before the show wraps. I mean, come on, Nora needs to go one more round with her nemesis, before the show ends.


    david replied

    Instead of Nora and Lindsay going at each other, it might be nice if Lindsay helped Nora with Matthew’s disability. Of course, initially Nora would reject any overtures from Lindsay. But perhaps Lindsay became a better person in prison through grieving the loss of her daughter Jen. Think about it: Viki and Dorian became friends, as did Blair and Tea. So why not end on a high note for Nora and Lindsay? They can always become enemies again in the Prospect Park version. Bottom line: Catherine Hickland was on the show for ten years and she was great. She deserves an encore performance as do her fans.

    Tom replied

    Given how vocal Catherine was when the show was axed (She called Brian Frons a “Serial Killer” among other things) I doubt he’d let her return.

    The Powers That Be can hold grudges. When ATWT was cancelled some people wanted Holden with Martha Byrne’s Lily. The actress then playing Lily, in a very selfless and classy move, offered to step aside so the fans could have what they wanted but Chris Goutman wouldn’t hear of it.

  3. Jason says:

    I would definitely want a Sole reunion. Its better then what we are getting with Starr and James, which is absolutely nothing.


  4. Skyla says:

    Absolutely I would love to see Cole reunited with his girls, Starr & hope!!! And given that KA is moving to LA after OLTL wraps on ABC it would an awesome way to wrap up the star-crossed lovers story.


  5. Ms.Mel says:

    I’m not interested in having Cole return or a Starr and Cole reunion. His character was going downhill long before he left the show. I’m loving Starr and James and can’t wait to see the fall out of the Two Todds storyline.


  6. Erica says:

    I am in love with the idea to bring back Cole Thornhart. I really miss him on my television screen. I hope the powers that be will somehow find a way to get him back on our screens.


  7. lynn malone says:

    I would love to see a Cole and Starr reunion. It would be nice to see Cole reunite with his girls.


  8. lisa says:

    I would love to see Cole return to the show to wrap things up…..
    I’d also like to see Marty and Patrick return as well.
    I like David’s idea of having Cole working under cover in the prison.
    As for Marty and Patrick ….her character could be exonerated if it was found that the late Dr.Buhari was up to her neck in this “agency business”…..maybe she was poisoning Marty’s meds and that’s what was making her irrational and crazy.
    Maybe Dr.Buhari wanted more money so the “agency” sent someone to kill her.
    I think all things could be connected…. it could also answer why the “agency” was holding Patrick for all these years.
    Bottom line I’d like to see the Mannings and Thornhearts reunited on screen before the finale.
    Especially the long awaited reunion between the real Todd (Roger)and Marty(Susan)…..and not the cheesy 2 second shot they showed at the air field. PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE OLTL !!!
    Make a wish come true !!


  9. Doe says:

    I definitely would love Cole come back, especially to be with his child, Hope. Having hope in life is something we all strive for. So reunite this couple for acomplete ending. The PTB should do this.


  10. SoleFan4Life says:

    I would love for Cole to come back. They already canceled our soaps so they should at least give us fan’s what we want and what we want is a Sole reunion!!! Miss seeing Brandon on my television screen it is definitely time for him to come back :)


  11. Ceridwyn2 says:

    I was finding the storyline with Cole pretty boring in the last several months before he left. Only the last two or three weeks were up to par. I like Starr & James, though the potential of Baz interferring is bringing additional spark.


  12. andrea R. says:

    He can stay gone. Life goes on without him and his character. I guess he needs a job!


  13. Francine angel says:

    Please bring Cole back to reunite with his girls! I am so sad oltl is going off air,
    I have watched it for over 30 years.


  14. Barb says:

    I would love to see Cole and Starr w/Hope back together again. That would be great!!!
    Please let Cole out of prison and bring him back!!!!
    I want to see how the REAL TODD reacts when he sees Cole.
    Victor Jr needs to be himself and NOT BE TODD, trying to take over his life some more.
    I, also, want Destiny and Matthew to be together because of the baby!!!


  15. Teresalandmary says:

    Bring Cole back.. Starr and Cole belong together. Ford brothers need to go!!


  16. Samantha says:

    I want Cole to come back and be with Starr and Hope bring back Markko and Langston too and renuite the 4 of them


    glinda replied



  17. Danielle says:

    I want to see Cole reunite with Starr and hope


  18. glinda says:

    OMGGGGGGGGG i need cole to come backk i miss him sooo much i keep askinqq my mom y cant dorian bail him out of jaill she did already oncee let her do it again i miss SOLE james is trash nd hope hates him bring backk Cole BRING BACKK COLEEEEEE bring BAck SOLE PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


  19. loren says:

    Cole has to come back! Buddy needs to b Cole
    Those two things would make me melt. I am still a huge fan of sole. This whole James thing was wasting my time. Yes he is cute but Starr and Cole r the power couple


  20. cahy says:

    cole is returining to oltl. i hope they put him and starr back together.


  21. cahy says:

    cole is returining to oltl. i hope they put him and starr back together. The bad part it is not going to be brandon buddy playing him….


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