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37 April 13th, 2011 BREAKING: Is Billy Miller really leaving Y&R?

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The Internet was abuzz all afternoon after Soap Opera Digest posted an item that Daytime Emmy winner, Billy Miller (Billy Abbott) had decided to leave the number one soap, The Young and the Restless, this summer when his contract expires.

But later today, Soaps In Depth, posted that all may not be lost for the talented Miller’s time in Genoa City.  They are reporting that Miller is still in contract negotiations with the series and both sides are trying to work out an amicable deal for Billy to stay and still do outside projects, like his recent guest-star turn on Justified.

Make sure to read our very recent interview with Billy and his Y&R co-star Amelia Heinle (Victoria).  Heinle had just re-upped her contract.  So could it be Victoria with no Billy? Or, will Billy stay put? More on this developing story as information comes to light!

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  1. ILoveVictoriaNewman says:

    I really hope he’s staying. Love Billy/Villy!


    Jolene Beth Morgan replied

    Billy J Miller truly has star quality for sure. He is a fine actor, wildly handsome, he has it all. He could be the next Brad Pitt. But before he goes off to dance with fame and stardom, please let him stay on Y&R just a little bit longer. Would love to see more interaction between Mr. Miller and The great Eric Braeden. To be able to see an up and coming major star in the works, and a master,gifted actor like Mr. Braeden working together, that would be beyond wonderfull to see. So please for now, I hope that Billy J. Miller continues on Y&R, before stardom pays him a call.


    Dottie replied

    If Billy and Phyliss leaving i’m done with Y& R.

  2. J says:

    Oh Michael my heart hurts with this news but I’m trying to stay hopeful that all will be worked out. Billy should be given anything he wants because Billy Abbott IS Billy Miller and of course VILLY is the beautiful love story most of us simply Can’t live without! If Billy Miller leaves I will be so disappointed in YR and everyone else involved who could not give him what he absolutely deserves. I’m keeping the faith for my sweet Billy Miller and my sweet Villy!


  3. sondra says:

    Billy Miller is main reason I watch Y&R these days. Storylines are so predictable. Billy brings his A game.


    Glambert101 replied

    Yes, I totally agree. Billy Miller is very talented actor and would be missed very much! Amelia and Billy brings the SEXY back to Genoa City!


  4. Kate says:

    I really hope a mutually agreeable deal is worked out so that Billy Miller remains on the show. He is such an asset to the Y&R canvas, and he has palpable chemistry with so many cast members. That said, I feel like the Y&R writers haven’t been utilizing Miller’s talents to the fullest possible potential since the character has been paired with Victoria (sorry; I’m not in the “Villy” camp; I always preferred him with Chloe / Liz Hendrickson). In any case, it would be a great loss to the show. Hopefully something is worked out. It’s bad enough Jeff Branson is gone now, too.


  5. lisa says:

    Oh say it ain’t so ….Billy Miller’s inception as Billy Abbott has been and continues to be a great asset to the show ( I just love that smile and the grin).
    He has great chemistry with everyone he works with on the show…..just love this guy.
    Love his pairing with Amelia(you’d almost think they were a ‘real life ‘ couple.)
    Y&R needs to keep him on the show -but let him do outside projects.
    Rooting for Billy and Victoria. :)


  6. Brian T says:

    Good for him. I wish him the best of luck in Hollywood!


  7. Brian Greene says:

    Please stay at Y&R, Billy! :)


  8. Tanya says:

    I will definitely miss seeing him on Y&R he portrays Billy Abbott to the highest level with such complexity and style. I love his chemistry with Amelia and I disagree cause his character hasn’t change since his pairing with Victoria he is still the same Billy Abbott. Seriously though Billy can never be boring at all even in the saddest of moments Billy Miller makes it enjoyable and interesting. I would love for him to stay with Y&R, “there’s no Place like Villy”, but if not then I wish him all the best in the future.


  9. sinny says:

    I don’t blame him for wanting out. The writers have destroyed his character by pairing him with the whiny vikki.. I hope he stays and they break that horrible pair up but I sure don’t blame him. Playing Billy newman must suck.


  10. itchywich says:

    Billy Miller is uber talented. He needs a dramatic storyline on the show. His talents are not being used to their fullest potential. Don’t waste him on boring storylines that drag on and on. Also, let him do other projects. His talent is HUGE. Let him spread his talent down other avenues. Just don’t let him leave Y&R!


  11. izzaub10 says:

    Billy Miller please stay!!!! Y&R will not be the same without you. You just make me smile anytime you are on my TV screen.

    I adore you & Amelia (VILLY) only reason I watch Y&R.


  12. kay killgore says:

    If they are smart they will reach an agreement, I think this is petty common when you have a good actor with a good storyline. Hopefully he stays!


  13. amanda says:

    BILLY & VICTORIA!!!!! Enough said


  14. Tboger says:

    PLEASE I REPEAT PLEASE……. Please dont let Billy leave. This would be absolutely devastating. Billy is the MAIN reason I continue to watch Y&R. With all of the crazy ridiculous story lines now, Billy and Vicki has the best. I could think of a few other people that should leave instead…. Sharon, and this new Malcolm!!!!! UUUGGGHHHH!!!!!


  15. Jolene Beth Morgan says:

    Billy Miller will become a hugh movie star in the very near future,I truly believe this. He is wildly handsome, and is a very fine actor. I think that it is only a matter of time before he dances off to major stardom. He could become the next Brad Pitt or perhaps an even a bigger star in his own right. However before he ventures off to win his first acadamy award, I would like to have him stay just a little bit longer on Y&R, It would be great to see more interaction between Billy Miller’s character and Eric Braeden’s character. Eric Braeden is such a gifted and brilliant actor and Billy Miller has such a playful quality to his acting, that the two act so beautifully together, and give so much to the viewer. I will only the very best for Mr. Miller. and I hope that all of his dreams come true.


  16. Mary Jo says:

    Y & R–please don’t let Billy Miller leave. He and Victoria are so good together.
    He is such a great actor, not to mention, great looking. My heart will break if he leaves the show. Please stay, Billy.


  17. louraine says:

    Please Mr. Miller stay on Y and R.. You are one of the main reasons I watch Y and R..


  18. Pat Virkus says:

    We hate to think that Billy may leave Y&R. He is so talented. Best wishes for whatever he chooses.


  19. Raven says:

    I really hope that he stays. Billy Miller is the only one who really brings the character of Billy Abbott to life. Not to mention he is the only one who has the perfect chemistry on set with Amelia Heinle.


  20. Skyla says:

    I really hope he stays… Billy miller is fantastic in the role of Billy Abbott and he and Ameila have fantastic chemistry as Villy! Hopefully Y&R will continue to let him do outside roles and he’ll stay on… I would be really disheartened if he were to leave.


  21. Pearl Lee says:

    Billy, please do not leave Y&R, you make my day. I hope you and Victoria can work it out and still have a family. I love you Billy Abott.


  22. Francie says:

    please do not leave Billy!
    I have an excellent storyline. Billy is off to China or wherever to investigate the LEGAL adoption of twin babies that are up for adoption. Parents killed and grandparents too old to raise the children. Imagine victoria’s shock when he returns with the babies and ALL THE LEGAL PAPERS. What a beautiful storyline !!!!!!


  23. roseanna raymer says:

    I like when Billy and Vickie got marry PLEASE DON”T LEAVE I love the show I will just guit watching if he goes because all the good soap show are going off stay Billy and stay marry on the show


  24. pius says:

    billy miller one of the best actor seen on the soap ( get him back please)


  25. Paula says:

    Please do not let Billy go. I watch Y&R to see him and Victoria. They have such good chemistry and I would love to see a “Happily Ever After” for them. I would also like to see Billy defy Victor and have everyone find out what he has been up to. He’s always accusing others of things he does himself. When is Victor going to get his! Please Billy don’t leave!


  26. Lynne says:

    I hope he doesn’t leave! I enjoy his character and his acting is great! Also, his character is just about the only person that really doesn’t put up with Victors crap! and he doe’s it in such a great way-Billy starts to feel like a person you would like to have around you-he will be missed if he goes.


  27. K Battle says:

    I hope to see Bill Miller bac on Y & R bexayse I think his one of the sexiest men on the show! Please bring him back!!


  28. lb says:

    I hope Billy stays…….he makes the soap interesting, especially between him and Victor. He has enough talent to play soaps and primetime.

    That’s my opinion!


  29. Rita says:

    Im begging Billy not to leave, first Phyliss now Billy, hes the best I am so getting fed up with the Y @ R so sad you cant keep the really good ones, billy pls stay and I hope Delia survies this, as she is the cutest little girl, I love the way Billy handles Victor, pls pls stay



  30. donna latimer says:

    i been a true fan from day 1now with billy going this is the straw that broke the camels back so say ggod bye to billy and me this soap has been bad for a while now did not thing it could get worse until now no one can play billy ever again


  31. Gwenne says:

    I’ve been watching Y&R since it first aired. Billy is one character I enjoy watching. His chemistry with any cast member is spot on. I hope all work things out


  32. sue says:

    my mom and I have been watching Y&R from the beginning we hate when you change or eliminate any actor when something is great leave it alone.


  33. Debbie says:

    It is time the death of Delia is over. Billy is one of the main characters that started the show and needs to return. It is not the same without his emotional charges he brings. No offense but the new one does not cut it.


  34. Debbie says:

    and when is Phylis coming back? She also had a great charge in the show


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