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15 May 26th, 2010 BREAKING NEWS: SOAPnet to go off the air and turned into Disney Pre-School Channel!

In another devestating blow to the soap genre, it was announced today that In 2012, Disney Junior will take the place of SOAPnet, the 10-year-old channel devoted to soap opera reruns that is available in about 75 million homes, according to Anne Sweeney, co-chairwoman of Disney Media Networks. Disney’s current preschool operation — a block of programming on Disney Channel and about two dozen Playhouse Disney international channels — will be rebranded Disney Junior starting next year.

Ms. Sweeney called the decision to unplug SOAPnet “a tough one,” but one that made business sense because the original purpose of the channel, shifting soap operas from day to night, had grown obsolete with the rise of digital video recorders.

In terms of why do move SOAPnet to a kiddie channel, Sweeney added,“This represents the next step in a global preschool strategy that started 10 years ago with the introduction of dedicated channels overseas,” Ms. Sweeney said. Disney Junior will not feature advertising. It will be geared to a slightly wider demographic, ages 2 to 7, than other preschool offerings like Sprout and “Sesame Street,” which typically are aimed at ages 2 to 5.

Disney, which is trying to secure long-term advertising commitments for SOAPNet, emphasized that the channel would not go dark for 18 months or so. The company is in the final stages of obtaining approval for the new format from cable affiliates that carry SOAPnet. Although ABC remains committed to its soap operas, including  General Hospital and All My Children,other broadcasters have been moving away from the genre, limiting the amount of content available for SOAPnet.

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  1. Janette says:

    Very disappointing news about Soap Net…Is there any chance for Soap Net to stay on air?


  2. Alice Montiel says:

    SoapNet should not go off the air. Not everyone has, or can afford, dvr’s or has computer access to watch soaps on-line. This is just so unfair.


  3. Sheila says:

    It Was nice to be able to catch an episode of your favorite soap that you may have missed on Soap Net. But I think instead of showing reruns of today’s shows, they should’ve showed older shows, maybe ones that have been cancelled and from the beginning. They were showing Another World at one point, but starting in the 80′s or 90′s. I would’ve LOVED to have seen it and Days of Our Lives from the very beginning. How awesome would that have been. Also, I had missed the first few yrs. of Passions…. What will happen to Being Erica when it is taken off the air? I LOVE that show. Will another network hopefully pick it up??? I sure hope so and I hope they let us know!


  4. DUDE says:



  5. Lynn Smith says:

    First of all they have ripped passions soap off and now they are taking soapnet which means that the women or people who work and miss them . Televison today is getting where its not worth watching anyway they are putting on stupid commercials , gay pornography on live shows I dont think its getting safe for the kids to be watching anymore anyway . Less money for viewers to pay they can cancel some of there extended packaging off dish satillite or even just disconnect it all and just watch regular free tv . Thats what Ill probaly do ,


  6. MDiaz says:

    Lynn Smith is right. The only reason I have this cable pkg is because it includes soapnet. I guess I can cancel that when the time comes. Who needs another childrens channel babysitter.


  7. gloria barabe says:

    do not want 2 loose soap net channel. i love watching all my children on soap net. i work all not have a dvr. it not fair. i pay extra for cable 2 get soap net. bad news 2 me


  8. gloria barabe says:

    this is bad news. i work all day every day . i look forward 2 watching all my children at 8:00 every week night on soap net. very sad!!!!!!!


  9. Mary says:

    I can’t beleive it. You are going to take soapnet off to Its bad enough to take the soaps off at day time. alittle along at night 8:oo pm You know I don’t mean no hard fellings. but I hope ABC and Brian Frons will loose these dome talk shows and food shows. This is so stupid.


  10. Mary says:

    ABC One more thing I hope it will you all happy I’am sorry


  11. ronald seasholtz says:

    my wife and i ejoyed watching all channel 6 soaps we did that together for years and her for 35. it is very very upsetting and we will no longer watch 6 or soapnet .she has spread the word to all of her friends to stop also. for 35 plus years people watched now to put stupid food shows and kid shows on when we already have to many of them. this is awful what you are doing.


  12. Cheryl says:



  13. Tammy says:

    I really hate this decision. There are so many kids programs on television but not one for soaps. This is a really bad decision ABC.


  14. Lori says:

    I’m so upset with soap net off the air I always watched days of our lives at night it was so awesome the way they would give different times cuz I work during the day and I think u should have not taken it off. We honestly don’t need any more kid shows there is more than enough of them . I will never watch ur shows unless u put the soap net back on. And I know a lot of people watched that channel.


  15. janirs says:

    This just gives me a good reason to no longer pay for DISH or any other satellite supplier. My bill just keeps going up a few cents every month then this month it jumped $5.00. Goodbye DISH you no longer carry channels that my husband and I enjoy watching together.


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