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2 January 11th, 2011 BREAKING NEWS: A Martinez to The Bold and the Beautiful!


Looks like there is a new doctor in town coming to the canvas of The Bold and the Beautiful, who looks a lot like Santa Barbara super hero Cruz Castillo! News today out of TV Guide is that A Martinez will appear on B&B for a guest stint starting February 9.

According to the item in TV Guide, “Martinez’s character of Dr. Ramon Montgomery, will be introduced as a close friend and personal physician to wily Bill Spencer, who has a big mess on his hands. By the time Ramon hits the scene,  Amber will be claiming that Bill’s son Liams her baby daddy. Bill wants Ramon to conduct an independent paternity test to find out if Amber is telling the truth.”

Martinez  so far is  set to appear for only four episodes. However, B&B’s head honcho, Brad Bell told TV Guide that he hopes there will be more to come, if things work out.

Let’s hope so, it will be great to see A back on our daytime screens!

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  1. bottomchef says:

    A Martinez is a good actor. Now if they reunite him and Marcy Walker, that would be great. On the downside, he’s portraying the personal physician of annoying Bill Spencer Junior and he’ll be dealing w/ even more annoying, trashbag Amber. Martinez should give some acting classes to Frantz, Gregory, Moss, LAD, Diamont, Battle, Clifton, JMW, Beemer, Lloyd and Lowder. It’s kinda hilariously convenient though how Y&R’s Olivia, and now A Martinez, racial minority Daytime thesps w/ prior popular roles on Daytime, are guesting on B&B after CBS Daytime was being pressured for diversity. Oh so now B&B cares abt racial diversity. LOL! A soap set in LA since the 80s still has no strong presence of racial minority chars. It would be great if the char of Martinez had a past romance w/ Carmen, the Latina char that was killed off for yet more storylines for trashy Amber. Carmen was Deacon’s woman/waitress since of course majority of the racial minorities are not rich on B&B while majority of the white chars are swimming in money. Carmen went nuts and brought Amber’s child Little Eric to a roof and threatened to throw him off that roof. Amber had gotten into a catfight w/ Carmen and she had plummeted to her doom. Maybe the char of Martinez could avenge Carmen’s death and kill Amber off B&B! He can kill her twin April as well. It’s ridiculous that Amber is part of Hope, Liam and Oliver’s storyline thru her pregnancy when pathetic Amber’s own child is OLDER than Hope and Steffy! Useless Amber’s worming her way into that storyline thru yet another contrived pregnancy. How creative, B&B writers! Yet she can’t get pregnant bec of her past miscarriages and kidney donation to Rick. The writers don’t respect the past storylines. It’s like when Thomas was telling Brooke how all these people were marrying while he hasn’t found the right woman. Hello? Thomas was married to Gabi, the Latina char that had to marry Thomas so she wouldn’t be deported. She was also related to the Forrester maid. Typical racial diversity storyline on B&B.


  2. LUMILY says:

    I love Martinez,I hope he will stay on B&B


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