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35 June 29th, 2011 BREAKING NEWS: ATWT’s Anthony Herrera has passed away


Very sad news to report tonight. Over the last several hours reports have been coming in while there has been an outpouring of comments by fans all over the Internet on the news that As the World Turns Anthony Herrera who played the former soaps all-time super villain, James Stenbeck, has passed away in Buenos Aires, Argentina on June 21, 2011.

In January 1997, Herrera was diagnosed with a rare and usually fatal lymphoma. He underwent an autologous stem cell transplant at Sloan-Kettering  and a donor transplant at MD Anderson Cancer Center, which made medical history. In remission for 10 years, he wrote “The Cancer War”,  In October of 2005 Anthony testified for Senator Arlen Specter on stem cell research. He gave a lecture on “The Human Spirit” at MD Anderson, Sloan Kettering, and St. Jude’s in Memphis, TN. It can be viewed on

Herrera’s former co-star, Martha Byrne (Ex-Lily) took to twitter tonight to voice her sadness at the news tweeting, “RIP Anthony Herrera…so many great memories…. :(  He loved that dog pictured with him on Facebook….He died in a place he loved…God Bless…. He wrote the book The Cancer War...please read it if you can. It would make him so happy….he fought that and won many times.”

It seems so parallel in some ways that Herrera, whose Stenbeck came back from the dead over and over in Oakdale, did so in real life coming back several times from cancer.  On-Air On-Soaps sends are thoughts and prayers to the Herrera family, and to all of ATWT fans who loved his tremendous portrayal that scared the living daylights out of the townfolk of Oakdale.

We will continue to follow this story in the coming days. But for now, watch below a promo clip of Herrera in action as James Stenbeck as he takes a look at how to avoid being murdered on a soap.

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  1. DaisyADay says:

    I didn’t watch ATWT on a regular basis, but the times I watched Mr. Herrera portray the villainous John Stenbeck, I was mesmerized by his performance. There are a lot of good actors on soaps, but he was one of the best.


    Brenda replied

    I watched the show and he was just simply a great actor.


  2. SnapeGirl says:

    Awww, that was a wonderful video to appreciate both the humor and the terror that Anthony Herrera brought to ATWT in the character of James Stenbeck. He was a very unique individual who certainly left his mark on anyone who was privileged to enjoy his work. He will be missed. God bless you A.H. <3


  3. Webbie says:

    “Hello, Barbara.” No scarier words were ever spoken by a true soap villain. I loved his acting and send my prayers and sympathy to his family and friends.


    Deb replied

    I was talking about Anthony only this afternoon as a friend and I wondered if Stefano was really dead on Days of Our LIves. He was the best villain of all time on TV. And the line that I’ve never forgotten was “Hello, Barbara.” The way he said it, it just summed up their relationship. Even when he was struggling with the cancer, he never lost his absolute command of the character and the scene. It is really hard to think that he has passed away, but he won’t be forgotten as long as there are ATWT fans on this earth.


  4. Regina says:

    What an amazing actor!!! A sad day for us who enjoyed his work on ATWT. Rest in Peace.


  5. kay killgore says:

    He was part of the generation solid actors, solid performances and great storytelling! Thanks for the memories rest in peace.


  6. Iakovos says:

    This is sad news indeed. My mother died of lymphoma and knowing someone else (even if it is through his job as an actor on a favorite TV show) fighting the same battles is a comfort. It is one reason why continuous daytime dramas with familiar faces and names and places and families have a special place. Mr. Herrera was an excellent actor and delightful to watch as James Stenbeck on ATWT. He was fortunate to have so many others like him with whom to work. We were fortunate to have years of entertainment and happiness from their talents. God bless.


  7. Patience says:

    James Stenbeck will be among the top all-time villains in soap history, right up there with Sheila Carter, Roger Thorpe, Phyllis Summers, and Edmund Winslow.


  8. Tammy says:

    I met him years ago at a St. Jude Event and even got an autographed copy of his book. I talked with him for awhile and he was quite an amazing sweet man. Prayers to his family. He will be missed!


  9. MaryAnn42 says:

    Sincere condolences to the family and friends of Anthony Herrera on his recent passing.
    He fought the good fight both in his own illness and in his war to promote awareness of new treatments and research. Even though “As The World Turns” has ended, our beloved villian, James Stenbeck, will live on in our hearts and memories. RIP, Anthony.


  10. Paul Hurlburt says:

    so sad my prayers go out with his family and his friends.


  11. David stiffler says:

    Anthony Herrera will surely be missed as the ultimate all time villain James stenbeck.
    I remember growing up watching him as James first made his role popular in late 70s early 1980s. He had such a big impression on me that I would start to write stories of my own while n school about evil Stenbeck and the lives he tried to ruin. Good always prevailed, though. James was a character you loved to hate.
    As a faithful viewer of ATWT, Anthony will surely be missed, but never forgotten.
    I still see classic clips of ATWT’s James Stenbeck on Youtube.
    David Stiffler, ATWT fan forever.


  12. BETTYEJ says:

    I am truly sorry to hear of Mr Anthony Herrera’s death. He was a very gifted actor that we all loved and will deeply miss.


  13. Margaret Dalton Begtoft says:

    Anthony was a wonderful, wonderful person when we met in New Orleans in the Sixties before he became an actor. I followed his career and was proud of his success. ATWT was dubbed in French here in France so he was well known for his James Stenbeck character. You fought a good fight, dear Anthony, and may you Rest In Peace. I am so shocked to have read about your passing which was so premature. My sincere condolences to your family. Love, Margaret.


  14. Ellen says:

    Gosh I miss ATWT



    I just found out today July 21st that Anthony Herrera had passed away. I am 64 years old and have watched him all the years he was on ATWT and I feel as if I lost a friend . My parents both died of cancer and I just lost my only sibling to cancer less than two years ago. I am impressed that Anthony was trying so hard to help the fight with his particular cancer. May God take good care of him and his family. I intend to purchase his book as soon as I can. Thank you Anthony for many,many years of entertainment .


  16. Lauren Dahmen says:

    I watched and still watch ATWT daily and i have him as a friend on Facebook. I just found out he passed away. I actually sort of liked the way he played James Stenbeck on ATWT. He will be missed ,just like the show. I’m gonna try to buy that book as soon as i can. May God take really good care of him ,his family and his friends. It feels like i lost a friend. I’ve got a aunt who also had cancer, but she survived it. Thank you so much ,Anthony for all the years of the amazing ,great entertainment. We will miss you.


  17. Virginia Lee says:

    I have been embroiled in my own soap opera this summer and only learned today about the passing of Anthony Herrera. After Roger Thorpe, Herrera’s James Stenbeck was the penultimate soap villain. The relish with which Herrera delivered Stenbeck’s barbs, threats, and purrs of seeming affection gave me many years of great delight. The fact that he was from a small town in north Mississippi made it all that much better somhow. I shall miss his work greatly, but am grateful I had all those years in which to enjoy it. Blessings to his family and friends. Thank you for sharing him with us.


  18. George says:

    RIP Anthony. Why does death come to


  19. George says:

    RIP Anthony. Why does death come early to nice people? And why was an early, tragic, cruel death written for one of the best characters, Dr. Reid Oliver, on ATWT. Hate the monsters CG and JP and the TPTB for their malicious intent, out and out homphobia and the train wreck plot. Hope they are out of work forever or even better hope they… (better not spell out) in the worst possible manner.


  20. Dawn says:

    I spent some lovely times with Anthony in NYC during
    1984-5. What a gentleman and talented man.
    He was a writer, director, actor, a friend and much more.
    I loved him.


  21. M says:

    Just heard of his passing…RIP. Enjoyed his work and ATWT.


  22. bill dooley says:

    Anthony was fun, interesting and a great squash player!

    Bill Dooley
    Naples, Florida


  23. georjeana armagost says:

    I am so sorry i didn’t see this sooner, my husband and met anthony at M D Andreson they both had the same type of cancer. Anthony and i stayed intouch for some time then after my husband passed 8yrs ago time started getting away from. I am very sorry for the loss of Anthony he will be missed deeply, I have hem both to think of when I see Anthonys book as Anthony has my husbands name in it, I will him in my prayers.


    Maria Herrera Orr replied

    I am Anthony’s sister. Thank you for your nice words. It has been a year already. I am sorry for your loss of your husband.


    Martha Guillotte Carson replied

    My name is Marthe Guillotte Carson. While at Millsaps College, Anthony posed for me when I studied figure painting under Karl Wolfe. He was a marvelous , patient and free model. I regret your loss and would appreciate a contact with you. Best wishes as my own dear husband who was at Millsaps with us passed from esophogeal cancer this October. If you would like to talk to me please search out my daughter Rachael Carson Tootle. She is in Katy Texas and she is on Facebook.

    Martha Guillotte Carson

  24. david says:

    i am so sorry for the loss of Anthony Herrera. i watched As the World Turns for 0 Years and most just to see How James Stenbeck came back from the dead. James and Craig were my 2 favoritecharaters, RIP Anthony. You will be missed.


    david replied

    i meant 30 years


  25. Rita says:

    Mr. Herrera was so generous and giving of his knowledge about the cancer he suffered. Besides writing the book, he personally cared about the people that were going through the same experiences.
    Our daughter contacted him when her father was diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma. He sent my husband a copy of the book with a wonderful message of courage. He kept in touch with my daughter and his book is now treasured by the family.
    Although Mr. Herrera and my husband never got the opportunity to meet, he had offered and spoke to him on the phone. In those hard days of his treatment it meant so much to him that there was someone who understood what he was going through. May they both rest in peace.


  26. Diane Harper says:

    I just now heard of Anthony’s passing and am so saddened by it. My husband died of brain cancer in 1996 so I definitely knew what a battle he fought. I was one of the lucky girls to get to meet this handsome and gifted man. We had lunch together (I got to sit next to him!) in the late 70′s when he visited a CBS affiliate where I worked. I am proud to say I am a Mississippi girl, not far from where he is from. Again, so sorry. With fond memories, Diane.


  27. donny hill says:

    Anthony herrea.
    Made as world turn worth watching
    When he left the show
    I quit watching it.
    James steinbeck was my favorite charactor.

    Your loyal fan . From new london wisconsin


  28. Wendy Bettis says:

    I just ordered his book. I remember him on the soap when I was a kid. My husband has the same cancer, and I am trying to learn. RIP Anthony. You were a true warrior.


  29. Mr Mike says:

    I turned so many female friends on to ATWT back in the 70′s and 80′s and they all never stopped watching. ATWT was the best written Soap of all time. And James Stenbeck will always be the greatest villain ever portrayed on daytime television. “Hello, Barbara”, Classic ! Anthony Herrera will always be remembered ’till the end of time. Hope he’s doing well up there High In The Sky…


  30. Lori Bock says:

    You were Awesome Anthony. I always liked the bad boys. The good ones were boring! RIP James


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