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77 September 27th, 2013 BREAKING NEWS: Cynthia Watros Joins The Young and The Restless!


In an “Oh, My God” moment, and casting bombshell, The Young and the Restless has nabbed none other than Guiding Light Daytime Emmy winner, and the former star of ABC’s Lost, Cynthia Watros for a new recurring role!

Watros best known to daytime audiences for her stunning portrayal of wacko Annie Dutton on the defunct CBS soap opera Guiding Light, begins work next week on Y&R and will first be seen on-screen in Genoa City in November.

According to, “Watros will play a character named Kelly who will have a profound influence on the lives of several characters, including Billy, Victoria and Chloe.”

Having made her mark on Guiding Light as Annie, Watros captivated daytime audiences in a role that earned her a Lead Actress Daytime Emmy.  In 1998, she took over the role of Victoria Hudson McKinnon on Another World, while Jensen Buchanan was out on maternity leave.  She played Libby on Lost, and more recently she has appeared in her own web series, Cynthia Watr0s Gets Lost!

So what do you think about the news of Cynthia joining Y&R? How do you think the role of Kelly will have a profound influence on Billy,Victoria and Chloe? Comment below!

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  1. Beacon says:

    We all mentioned Cynthia on our twitter feeds as a dream replacement for Michelle Stafford as Phyllis! I never thought Watros would come back to her roots so this is a truly thrilling bombshell! She is one of the most powerful and inspiring actresses ever to grace the soaps. I lived for Annie Dutton – so many classic storylines, from framing of Reva so it looked like she’d killed her already miscarried child to the legendary trial “OK! I pretended to be her sister, big deal!”, falling off the wagon and wrecking Cross Creek in a drunken fury, the unholy alliance with the equally unstable Dinah (Wendy Moniz), Annie’s ludicrous wedding to Alan Spaulding and getting arrested during the vows for bigamy (!), her prison break and taking Reva hostage on a plane, parachuting out over the Florida Keys and leaving Reva to plummet to her watery grave for the second time! Annie Dutton was the bomb!


    David replied

    OMG will this have to do with Delia and her eyes to Connor?


    Norma replied

    I’m guessing. Maybe she is the doctor who does the transplant.

    Mo replied

    Are they killing off Delia???!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Soap watcher replied

    I hope the writers did their research and realized that Delia is not allowed to donate any organs because she had leukemia. Organ recipients take anti rejection drugs, and any immuno suppressant drugs could possibly interfere with the body’s ability to recognize cancer cells. No blood donations either. If you did write a storyline where Delia was an organ donor, I would hurry my behind and re write ASAP. Your audience is too smart to accept a storyline where Delia is an organ donor.

    Monica Junge replied

    oh, will she be the new Phyllis??I hope so.


    Georgia replied

    It says’ she is “Kelly” so I don’t think she’s going to be “Phyllis” !!

    Harry replied

    Soap Watcher, you’re right but you make too much sense. Today stupid Michael confessed to murder in the first degree when he killed an armed escaped convict who was threatening his wife’s life. In real life, he wouldn’t have even been charged. What a stupid, redundantly boring storyline. But I digress.

    Patrick replied


    “you” make…. GL sound so good…. and it was…..

    the bomb…. (along w/AW, ATWT)

    how I miss Harley, Beth, Blake, Olivia, Annie, Dinah, Alexandra….

    I know I’m missing… so much more…

    on the mens side…. Dr. Rick Bauer


    Elaine replied

    Kelly will be Stitch’s wife. She will be the doctor who does the cornea transplant.
    Dylan is Nicki’s son whom she adopted out at birth.

    I don’t think Phyliss will be coming back ever, she is a Scientologist and that’s the reason she had to leave the show.

    The loss of Delia is going to pull Kevin & Chloe back together.
    Victoria is probably pregnant already and I bet she has a daughter.


    JoAnna Marie replied

    Whoaaaaaaaaa shes a Scientologist???????? OMG i got ropped into that for Two years—————its all true what they say —- the “BOX” to Drug purification run down ———— NOT phyllis………damn I thought she would be smarter then to fall for that scam — all Scientology is — is a way to bilk you out of money —if they cared so much for the human race they wouldnt make you pay to go On Course!! They didnt like me telling them that the First Few months I was there ha ha ha but Im to hip to their script! Now who the heck is going to replace Phyllis who used to be my fave until I just found out that she was a and still is a Scientologist… and WhAT the ……….. killing off Delia — Like the Real world doesnt Suck enough they have to ruin our fake world.

    kae replied

    OMG!!!! I can’t believe they killed off the character of Delia. That little girl had so much personality!!!! I loved watching her. WTF Y&R?????


  2. mary jonas says:

    thrilled. THRILLED!


  3. KatieK says:

    She will always be crazy Annie to me. I loved her on GL. I may have to start watching Y&R again. She is the best.


    Patrick replied

    the following year… was the most gut-wrenching emmy awards

    when, she was nominated… and WON… much to my chagrin… and I still feel this… after the fact… even tho… I know she deserved it…

    it’s the same year… Eileen Davidson… was nominated… for all 5 parts.. she played… in DAYS – year 1998

    the other nominees

    Susan Lucci, AMC
    Jacklyn Zeman, GH
    Kim Zimmer, GL

    Cynthia Watros -was absolute’ly amazing


  4. des10261991 says:

    Well sounds great!! looking forward to this. I’ve Never seen her acting


  5. Mary SF says:

    I thought she might be the New Phyllis, but another new character– really? Hope the character and story are good because investing in another newbie when their stories have suck the big one is part of the reason this show is tanking. So if you’re bringing on a talent like hers, the story needs to be good, where she is catalyst for the action for the characters mentioned and not the new face there to replace them.


    k/kay replied

    If the writers really want to bring some drama to this show why not make Adam Newman actually Jack’s son? Why could we not say Hope & Jack had a one night stand when Victor was being mean to her they were very close much to Victor’s chagrin. Now I would tune into see that one.


    4everDAYS replied

    DAYS delivers daring daytime drama daily. Edgy and entertaining!!!

  6. Mark Y says:

    This is great. But I would have preferred she take over the role of Karen full time on B&B. Can’t wait to see her.


    Barbara replied

    I hadn’t thought about it until you mentioned it but Waltros would make a great Karen on B&B.

    There have been a lot of new additions to Y&R recently and also several minor characters have gotten a beefed up presence on the show. I like Waltros but it seems like Y&R is getting too crowded (with lots of dull plots). Is there room for her on the show?


    Beacon replied

    Cynthia will be a sight for sore eyes to those Y&R viewers who watched the old CBS Daytime lineup. It will bring back fond memories of Guiding Light for a lot of people and thank god Y&R has booked somebody of this calibre, especially after Jeanne’s passing when the show needs all the help it can get. Michael Muhney is doing stellar work for the guys but Stafford leaving has left a void for the actresses. Cynthia Watros fills that void, and then some!

    Patrick replied

    @Beacon -

    that is so well said…..

    dang! the CBS line up….

    ATWT, GL, Y&R….

    Man… she was so good….

    I love that she came between Josh and Reva… So close… and yet so far… as she nutted up…..

    ie: just like Crystal Chappell… came so close.. to netting Josh…

    Robert Newman was the bomb…..

    Hit me… I never really liked Reva that much….

    Annie – Olivia… were on par… noteworthy adversaries.. to snag THE sexiest man on daytime…. one of

  7. Monica Junge says:

    Love her from GL.


  8. Derrick says:

    Interesting news………..


  9. Brenda says:

    Dylan’s friend who has just become a doctor mentioned his wife and child will be joining him soon I believe the wife was named Kelly. Could be wrong but I wonder if the friend (can’t remember his nickname} will turn out to be Nicki’s long lost son. I think his name is Stitch or something like that.


    Mo replied

    Interesting. I wondered what they were going to do about Stitch’s wife and kid since he’s going to be living in GC.


    Brenda replied

    Do you think Stitch could be Nicki’s son?

  10. C says:

    LOVED Watros on “Lost”, it bummed me out that killed Libby so soon.


  11. Patrick says:

    In an “Oh, My God” moment, and casting bombshell,

    I don’t know what to say….. “Wow”

    Y&R Coup – could be THE coup….

    Michelle Stafford personified


  12. lorenzo says:

    Oh my great news. what a shocker, cynthia is a wonderful actress. now bring kim zimmer ex reva and marj dusay ex alexandra gl. then i would be much happier. lol


    SoapDive replied

    Sadly, Ms. Dusay is in no condition to work, and hasn’t been for several years.


    Joshua replied

    Same for Ms. Zimmer. No SHAPE to be working in at all.

  13. Beth CP says:

    Wow! This is a marvelous get. I hope they write something worthy of her talent.


  14. Stephanie Pemberton says:

    I bet the baby Nikki gave birth to is not the deceased son. I’m guessing it’s not even a son but a daughter she had and Cynthia will be playing her. If you think Victoria’s knickers are always in a knot about her dad and Adam, imagine her having to share her mom with a blood sister her mother never mentioned.
    Dylan being Nikki’s son would have worlked well, too, albeit it very predictably soapy. Nick would have a cow. Adam might, too. Avery would have a breakdown. lol. Anyway…. Cynthia will be a good addition IF they write her well and the storyline is up to snuff. The Hillary/Neil one isn’t…and why am I still suspecting Neil is Hillary/Anne’s father somehow?


    Calya Williams replied

    I would much rather see Nikki’s child as a female! Yes, that would be much more interesting! I also think Neil is Hillary’s father too.


    Mary SF replied

    I never thought of that– Neil being Hilary/Anne’s father— but how would that work? If Rose and Neil just met that night at the bar and she died that night, not nine months later, how did she and Neil have a kid together? Also Rose was connected to Gus, wouldn’t it make more sense that Gus was Hilary/Anne’s bio daddy?
    It would be an interesting twist about Neil if true– but for the theory to work Rose and Neil would need an another connection other than that night in the bar that hasn’t been revealed. So I guess it is possible, but unless there is more than what was shown–Neil couldn’t be the father because Rose died the night they met.

    shannon replied

    I think Hilary/Anne is Leslie’s and Tylers half sister because she is Rose’s daughter. Rose I think had an affair with Leslie and Tylers Dad way back when he was in prison. Remember Rose sent him letters? Just a hunch?

  15. toscanti says:

    Love this!!!! Great news!!!


  16. Shelly says:

    Cynthia Watros is fabulous! I loved her as Annie (Oh GL and ATWT, how I miss you….) BUT, Y & R is in serious trouble. Boring storylines (a couple of exceptions), no talent newbies, whiny brats (seriously, most moms who watch soaps can turn off the TV and get that at home). Failure stunt casting (Jason, I mean Dylan). I think it’s too much to ask of one actor (albeit, very talented) to save this show.


  17. Johnny says:

    Soaps just continue to NOT get it. There are two blondes with decades of history, viable story options, and who are beloved by the audience. Their names are Ashley and Traci. Instead of getting one or both of them back full time, they create another new character and hire an actress who did some good work on a now cancelled soap 15 years ago.


    4everDAYS replied

    She’s a has been, ready to contribute to the end of YawneR. By the end of next
    YeaR, YackeR will be history.


    k/kay replied

    She is a recurring role I do not think long term she is 45 and she is a woman look out JFP simply a tool in a Jake/GH plot I loathe this show.

  18. k/kay says:

    If she is going to interact with Billy & Chloe then I guess those awful rumors about Delia are coming true I guess we just can’t help ourselves if the EP is JFP. Destroying women characters killing off children just for a stupid plot that we do not need. I pray I am wrong but it does not look like I am.


    Kimberly replied

    I agree


  19. Chaz says:

    My immediate thought was that she would be Nikki’s daughter…which would be good as it gives an immediate tie-in to a legendary character…unlike Dylan who just paraded in and gobbled up story.


  20. timeout says:

    Love Her!!!! Finally some excitement coming to Y&R, hopefully the writers do her justice. Hillary/Neil storyline could be better, but I’m still enjoying some Neil time whenever I can get it.


  21. PatF says:

    So I guess I’m in the minority. Not a huge fan of hers, but we’ll have to see.

    To me this is just another big soap name announcement to create interest. Let’s see what they do with her.

    Hopefully it’s not a waste like the other big names we got on the show that all turned out to be busts.


    4everDAYS replied

    It would be interesting if she was a YodeleR instead of a YackeR.
    Be a YelleR if you are tired of YawneR.


  22. Max says:

    Loved her as Annie.. Great addition to the cast!


    4everDAYS replied

    The problem, she will not be playing Annie. She’ll be just another
    YackeR starring in the ever boring YawneR until it is dead next YeaR.


  23. eileen hargis says:

    She is,wonderful, will probably be some type of grief counselor for Kevin, Billy, Victoria,and Chloe.


  24. mark says:

    OMG finally a reason to DVR Y&R! I LOVED Cynthia as Annie on GL and was so sad when she left!!!!!!!!!!!!! They need to bring Kim Zimmer on and make them arch enemies! That would be so fabulous!


    4everDAYS replied

    They can rename Y&R…Light Guiding.


  25. George says:

    I hope she plays a villain,but somehow I don’t think they will showcase her talents properly!


  26. Michael (not Fairman) says:

    Terrific actress who will undoubtedly give some great performances–but alas, this is not nearly enough to make up for all the other things that are wrong with Y&R. Casting coups alone will not counterbalance the damage from bad writing and production decisions.


  27. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    This is fantastic casting. I loved Cynthia as Annie as GL. My first memory that stands vividly of that show is when Reva “pushed” Annie down the staircase. That is my first majorly vivid memory of GL. Cynthia is an awesome actress. She could’ve also been an excellent recast of Diane Jenkins, since Maura is amazingly occupied at GH. But I wouldn’t want Maura replaced.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how Kelly plays out on the canvas in November. Her talent is amazing, so Y&R gained a fantastic talent.


  28. Loving says:

    Loved her on Another World. She was there for maybe one week but it was the bedt Vicky Hudson we had since Anne Heche. She will be a great addition to Y&R even if it is short term


  29. Sue says:

    It’s nice to have popular actors on a soap, but if they don’t have good lines what’s the point. Y&R already has great actors! No writers! Looks like JFP is here to stay..


  30. TANYA says:

    cAN;T Billy and Victoria be happy for a while get sharon on track she has gotten away with too much stull and haven’t even been remotely caught. My god you going to make it boring by attacking the same people all the time. What about Adam he also had gotten away with too much. My god make it interesting not boring


  31. Tim says:

    Kelly may just be a name to distract us from them recasting Mackenzie?


    Mary SF replied

    I wouldn’t mine it if that was true– they did hint a while back something big was going on with Mac and JT. And then mentioned it again when they were explaining Mac’s absence from Katherine’s funeral– so it would be great to get an actual storyline to back those teasing statements. But that would make too much sense, and this show for a while has lost its senses, so maybe CW aka Kelly being Mac will just be wishful thinking on our parts Tim.


  32. Rob says:

    Id prefer she dye her hair red and replace Michelle Stafford


    Kim replied

    I agree. She is one of the only actresses that might be able to pull it off.


  33. jj says:

    Well I’m Glad I don’t care who she plays I love her work she was Awesome as Annie on Guiding light!


  34. Kimberly says:

    I think she is going to have something to do with Delia getting hit by the car in late October. They say she will be an out of work school teacher so maybe she will be driving.


  35. Kimberly says:

    I, too, wish she would have been brought in to play Phyllis. If anyone can fill those shoes, she can!


  36. PatF says:

    I keep hoping that they don’t kill Delia.

    And I also hope that they use this character wisely.

    So far most of these “big name” actors who come on for “arcs” are busts.


  37. Betty Poe says:

    I did not like what happened to Delia.I won`t watch anymore.and also to Phyliss. Getting too morbid>


  38. Betty Poe says:

    too morbid now.


  39. jayne says:

    “Profound effect on Billy, Victoria and Chloe”… But no mention of Adam/Chelsea… so I am thinking perhaps a therapist as opposed to an ophthalmologist… I agree with the above that someone with a history of leukemia cannot be an organ donor, I am so sick of these idiotic story lines… Like the fact that Sharon could go in to hospital computer and change results of a paternity test… absolutely ridiculous. I stopped watching for several weeks after that one!!


  40. Mecca says:

    I like her has an actress, but she is gong to cause trouble for billy and Victoria. Billy is going to have an affair with her. I know that’s what the writers are going to do. So say goodbye to billy and Victoria.


  41. Sharon Smith says:

    I HATE her plastic face and terrible acting – and DON’T have her break up Billy and Victoria. If you break them up, I’ll quit watching and I have been a very loyal fan for 25 years. Take Kelly off the show – I can’t stand to look at her.


    April replied

    Oh give me a break! Your “sweet” little Victoria is no angel! Look at how she threatened and blackmailed Chloe when she thought she was getting too close to Billy recently. No, Kelly is a much better match for Billy than Victoria. Keep her on the show…….or I’ll stop watching! LOL!


  42. jewel says:

    I wonder if kelly is Stichess x? Also if she is going to end up pregnant with Billy’s child and be the fatal attraction type?There is something not right about her. I am sorry Adam has been let go. Too many people are leaving this show.


  43. Amy says:

    Kelly hit delia and left to dye. Adam thinks he is the one who did it. Look at this past Fridays episode, above Adams name is a name Kelly White. I bet she also has a black SUV. Kelly seeked out Billy, because she knows she did it. Kelly will get pregnant from Billy. Billy will realize how crazy Kelly really is. Sam and husband are alive and live elsewhere because how crazy she is. Billy and Kelly have a little girl. Kelly causes drama in GC and then gets arrested for killing DeeDee. And Victoria and Billy get the baby girl. Billy and Victoria are happy again. It is so sad that Bill and Adam are leaving GC. Great actors. I am done watching after 35 yrs. Y & R too cheap to pay good Actors.


  44. Niki says:

    @Amy – I am several weeks behind and just watched the episode you are referring to above. I noticed her name above Adams and have come to the same conclusion as you. She is definitely the one that hit Delia. I have never believed that it was Adam that hit her and now I know who it was. I am watching the next episode and your prediction about her getting prego wouldn’t surprise me since he’s about to sleep with her!! I’m shocked and very disappointed in Billy. I have always loved Billy but now I just don’t think I can love him anymore.


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