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23 February 19th, 2012 BREAKING NEWS: General Hospital wins WGA Award!


The ousted writing team of General Hospital took home the WGA Award in the Daytime Serial category at ceremonies held tonight at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles! The writing honors are for excellence in motion pictures, television series and specials, new media, and video games.

The General Hospital writing team of Meg Bennett, Nathan Fissell, David Goldschmid, Robert Guza, Jr., Karen Harris, Elizabeth Korte, Mary Sue Price, Michele Val Jean, Susan Wald, and Tracey Thomson, bested teams from All My Children and The Young and the Restless to nab the prize.

Michele Val Jean, who is now writing at B&B, took to her facebook page after GH’s victory stating,  “Bittersweet WGA Award win for the (decimated) writing team of General Hospital.  Congrats to all my former colleagues.  It was a great ride and we got one last trophy to boot.”    Meanwhile, according to a tweet from Variety’s, Dave McNary, scribe Karen Harris noted in the GH acceptance speech that ABC did not buy seats for their nominated writers!

The rules for submission and judging in the daytime writing category were that each daytime drama submitted three scripts and a précis, which is a recap that covers an integrated period of time and describes what has been happening on the program, and the relationships of the characters.  WGA does not comment on what episodes were submitted by the nominees.   You can view the complete list of winners here.

So what do you think of the victory for the GH writing team? Let us know!

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  1. Alley says:

    I’m still shocked they were nominated…


  2. Amy says:



  3. bonnie says:

    I bet the story line was that of Michael in prision and the struggle he went thru . That could be the only story line that was worthy in my opion. Its a shame they killed Abby I thought she added alot to the team of actors. Chad Duell should defenitly get the emmy for his part in the story It was well told congratulations to GH


  4. Heather says:

    While I’m happy for General Hospital, Guza does not deserve any award. This idiot has destroyed General Hospital for more than 10 years with his ridiculous-Sonny-mob-nonsense to the point that the show may very well end this year.

    If there’s one thing that I must congratulate Brian Frons for, that’s his decision to get rid of Guza. Too bad he hadn’t done it long before.


  5. Jules says:

    What. A. Joke.


  6. aria says:

    It’s ironic thats for sure. I don’t dispute their talent, but they have to realize fans were not happy w/ what they were putting out. Guza only concentrated on a handful of characters yet had a cast of five times that. He didn’t get the concept of balance, they ignore the own shows rich history, and quite honestly got cocky thinking just because they had an awesome cast that they could ride of from that. They turn the show so dark and so repetitive, it was like groundhog day everyday w/ Sonny, Carly and jason, and their gang. Fans kept begging for balance and we never got it. So, michele val jean, the reason that your team finally got decimated was because your team lived in this closed box were you only listen to yourself, and forgot that there was an audience you were suppose to be writing for.


  7. Christine (formerly known as Jenna) says:

    I really don’t know what to say about this one.

    When award-winning Breaking Bad wins AND the previous writing team for General Hospital, which, by most accounts, has been rife with complaints by the fans … I’m speechless and, apparently, I can’t finish my thought. :-)

    I mean Breaking Bad is kind of in a class by itself. For the most part, it has excellent writing. GH on the other hand. Maybe the WGA just likes drug cartels and mobster storylines or the other contenders didn’t submit their best work???


  8. david says:

    I can’t believe OLTL writers were not nominated. I can’t believe ABC was too cheap to buy seats for their nominated writers. ABC/Disney has to be the lowest form of corporate sleaze. They didn’t even care if GH won and garnered positive publicity? GH is finished–they have already made their decision.


  9. toscanti says:

    Another example of poor leadership helming ABC daytime!!!!!!


  10. Debbie Hamilton says:

    The GWA Award was wonderful! Kudos to the writers :) I am so praying ourr beloved soaps AMC and OLTL return to us and with GH still going strong that soon we will
    all be back to normal and our sad hearts will be healed.
    Onward and upward General Hospital Gods Blessings to you always. We love you!


  11. heidi says:

    I think it’s great! Wish it could have been OLTL but if not them… happy it was GH! Disappointed ABC did not pay for seats for their nominated writing team! More and more it is sounding like GH is going to be stopped in the near future and I am so sad to have to worry about that. Please someone save our soaps!


  12. Debi says:

    WOW. Now that comment makes me believe it is over.


  13. Jan says:

    Lets be honest GH has been winning policitly for how many years now.
    OLTL was just as good.


  14. barbara t says:

    I love the sonny corinthous show,I mean general hospital, but its boring and the writing has been bad ,do these idiots watch the soaps every day,where is the award for the writing that was done on one life to live?are you kidding me, I think that all these so called judges should have to watch the soaps every day 5 days a week because the stories on one life to live are far better then anything I have seen on general hospital in over a decade,help me here ,what story has stood out on general hospital that should get this award?the only stories are ,sonny this ,and sonny that,and the finger painting of franco,its always the same characters every day,the same recycled crap.In one year when this award comes around again,I wonder if general hospital will win .because as far as Im concerned the writers who took over gh now, are the ones who should have gotten the wga award yesterday ,or when ever they picked the winner.anyway on a brighter note ,abc are you paying attention ?


  15. Iakovos says:

    I would have expected GH to prevail over AMC and Y&R in this awards derby, especially with the assumption it was the intervention storyline that was submitted. It was riveting television and allowed excellent actors to excellent work.

    Sad to hear — but not surprised — ABC did not promote the show by buying seats for its nominees (even if they are no longer on board). Where is the respect afforeded others in corporate America, including Hollywood?


  16. Torrey says:

    Too bad OLTL wasn’t on that list….where they should have been.


  17. Debi says:

    OK this is how the situation was explained to me. The writers who won, (which I can’t figure out how) were the old writing team. Now we are on to a new team.
    Cancellation may not be lurking like I thought it was after I read this article.


  18. Jared says:

    Why don’t these awards decision makers watch the whole year of a soap? GH always has a decent batch of episodes that are potentially award worthy, but the show sucks 95% of the time. Long live ONE LIFE TO LIVE.


    barbara t replied

    thats what I said ,I dont believe these jerks watch anything except what the actors give them to watch ,and thats the emmys ,so I dont find that to be very fair.and Like you, I agree that general hospital sucked Ill say,99% of the time ,one life to live had very good stories ,and I dont understand why they werent even in the running for a can anyone read 3 scripts and be able to judge a story on that ,it takes months and months to put everything together,one life to live was my choice for best writing ,and I watched all 3 abc soaps ,I know what I saw on t v and theres no doubt in my mind that one life to live had the best stories all year.when gh is on I can leave the room ,come back a week later ,its the same sonny stuff,when oltl is on Im glued to my set from beginning to end,only get commercial breaks,and I do it in record time.dont get me wrong I love gh ,but one life to live was the best soap,and it has been for a very long time.and I dont understand why no body in the award world doesnt see that.


  19. kay killgore says:

    All I know is I watched yesterday because of this Robin storyline and I almost threw a shoe at the tube if none of you have seen it yet I will keep my mouth shut. But it stunked it up because once again it is all about Jason.As far as I am concerned I hope they bring John McBain on to kick the mob out of town once and for all. Sopranos not!!!!!


    barbara t replied

    john mcbain knows how to put people in jail and keep them there,to bad bo bucannan cant help him clean up port charles for good,and I also hope that robin isnt dead ,that she walked out of there not knowing who she is.


  20. Michelle says:

    hope these new group of writers can switch things up, you can always predict whats going on with sonny, jason, sam, johnny and his crazy father/granddaddy. and especially that franco role, come on now, really! every week nothing changes. they really need to be done with that mob crap, its done, out lived itself. i’m pretty sure sonny get tired of shooting people and nothing happens to him. the writers know they can be very creative when it comes to changing storylines, but don’t change storylines thats just gonna say the same thing at the end


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