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35 March 31st, 2011 BREAKING NEWS: Genie Francis joins The Young and the Restless!

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Holy cow! We did not see this one coming, but soapers, Y&R has just announced exclusively at that soap legend and Daytime Emmy winner, Genie Francis (Ex-Laura, GH) is coming on to the number one soap!  Genie is set to play the mother of Cane Ashby and joining the soap as a series regular in May! Holy May Sweeps!

According to the post, “Francis will play the mother of Ethan Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard), who was declared dead outside his dad’s wedding last month and is now appearing as a ghost on the show.  His sudden “passing” lathered up the fans, so the addition of Francis should reignite speculation that Cane will remain an integral part of Genoa City. (His ghost is expected to continue appearing throughout the spring).  Francis will begin taping at the end of the month.”

And wait for it! Doesn’t this mean that Francis would reunite with her former Port Chuck co-star Tristan Rogers (Colin, and former, Robert Scorpio of GH) as the parents of Cane?

So, what do you think? Excited by the news?  The future of Francis? Goddard? Rogers?  Let us know.

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  1. Brian T says:

    WOW! This is awesome but I want DG back as Cane too.


    Balee replied

    Yeah, I want Cane back, too, but I am wondering if he’s really dead! We all know that it is possible that people return from the dead and he may be faking it with the help of the FBI to keep the Aussie Mob off his family’s back. I am thrilled to no end to see Genie Francis returning to TV. General Hospital writers and “rulers” must be nuts to have let such a great and beloved talent escape them but Maria Bell and the Powers That Be @ Y&R have the good sense to recognize the wonderful talent and beauty of a brilliant actress. I cannot wait to see Genie!


  2. barb says:

    Love GF, and thrilled she is coming to Y&R, but if Cane is dead, what is the point of him having parents…not intrested in a look a like Cane or a twin Cane, I want Cane Ashby back with his kids Mattie and Charlie and his wife Lily..If he doesn’t come back as Cane Ashby, they can keep it…


  3. Susan says:

    I’m happy for Genie and Y&R. GH’l's loss is Y&R’s gain. Genie will rock Y&R. Guza looses yet again.


    Sondra replied

    I agree completely.


  4. Carole says:

    Damn GH! Just when Lucky needs his Mother! Good for Y n R though. Francis n Rogers together again


  5. Caitie says:

    As a Spencer family fan, I’m disappointed that Genie will not be returning to GH in the near future. However, I admire her determination to NOT play a victim. Many of us 21st century women watching these shows want to see more strong, independent women on daytime dramas – women who, like us, live, love, and manage marriages and children and careers. Bets of luck to Genie – the Spencers will miss you.


  6. SaraG says:

    I am not happy at all about this news. Y&R already has too many characters, and there is no room for more newbies. I am sick of the fan favorites who have been on the show for yrs are continually being pushed to the back for stunt casting. I want to see my favorites not the likes of Genie Frances, Maura West, or Tristian Rogers. Time for Y&R to quit hiring the castaways from other soaps.


  7. liza says:

    I’ll bet she’s going to end up being Katherine’s daughter- they would look EXACTLY like mother and daughter.


  8. Ann says:

    Excited? I am beyond that!! The Young and the Restless just got a new fan. I’ve been barely hanging on with GH. Now, I think I am done!! Go Genie!


  9. Justs says:

    What is GH’s loss is Y&R’s gain! I am so glad a soap hired this beloved vet. Y&R seems to have been stale for quite a while. This is a change for the better.


  10. Lol says:

    I can’t believe gh had Luke run over baby Jake. Laura is already catatonic I’m sure if she came back they would finish her off. She’s better off trying a completely new soap. LoL


  11. Tanya Fasel says:

    I cant wait genie francis is my Favorite i liked her on G.H.cant wait to see her on the Y &R.


  12. Doe says:

    Wow! What a shocker. I’m not sure I’m happy about this. I know Y&R needs some new blood, but what is the purpose? Is she going to shake Jill’s world? At this moment when Luke and Lucky need her on GH, I think I would rather she was there and not Brenda. I don’t know why GH brought her back. She is so boring and taking down Sonny with her. Well, it will be intersting to see what the story will be for Genie. It better be really good. Otherwise, why bother.


  13. Mary says:

    I love this. It’s great news!


  14. ethel says:

    omg!!!! this awesome awesome news – i am so thrilled!!
    i know genie will be knocking every scene out of the park!!


  15. Dani A. says:

    Y&R is the show to watch now. So excited that Genie is back and even more excited that she does not have to go back to the horror show that is General Hospital. Take that Frons and Guza! Go Genie and kudos to Y&R for this fantastic move. Now Maria Arena Bell it is on you to write for this incredibly talented actress and daytime icon.


  16. kate says:

    I’ll watch – cannot wait to see GF in a new role!


  17. Dara Kelly says:

    Great news!!! Big coup for Y&R to have both Tristan Rogers and Genie Francis on the show. GH’s loss is Y&R’s gain. So many ABC soap stars are being picked up by Y&R, while ABC is hiring newbies that are only driving down their ratings… in point, AMC. I am looking forward to TR and GF together again on my TV screen!!!!


  18. tonia says:

    Well, Guza dropped the ball AGAIN. Genie Francis is an icon with a huge fanbase. I am glad Y&R nabbed her up. Talk about a great May Sweeps. Guza is not that smart. They ignored Genie and the Laura character for years by having her in France. Guza’s writing is all about 4 characters and the long time Vets who saved GH from cancellation years ago have been killed off, written off and Guza just refused to let Genie return to the show even though Genie Francis had a huge fanbase begging for her return. I am thrilled that Y&R recognizes the huge following of Genie and the other vets now on canvas at Young and They Restless–The Number One Soap..Go Genie!!


  19. Lucy says:

    Ok, I am not a big Laura fan, but I am a Cane fan, I just love Cane Asby and Lily Winters..And if that mean they are getting back together, I am all for it…

    Cane and Lily and Jason Morgan and sam Mcall are my #1 Couple, Cane and Lily are my second

    The only thing I like about Y&R Is Cane and Lily
    The only thing I like about GH is Jasam, but if GV comes back as a new character I would like to see Kelly and Gregf working together….

    But Congrats To Ms.Francis


  20. kay killgore says:

    OK! Let’s take the ball and run with it ! Y&R treat her with respect and I love the pairing with Tristan Rogers! You Go Genie!!!!!


  21. Sue says:

    If Frons & Guza keeps slapping GF in the face and treating her like nothing while bending over backwards for Geary – I don’t blame her for going to another soap. She hinted when she was on Oprah that she was willing to come back to daytime but not as a victim. Apparently ABC did not take the bait, so why not try another show. Daytime may not be around 5 years from now so go Genie!


  22. Sonja says:

    Oh yay! I’m an ABC girl, but I might check Y&R out for Genie Francis. :D


  23. Lulu says:

    I’m thrilled about this news for Y&R, but sad for GH. Now the great Luke & Laura story will never end as it should. However, seeing Genie Francis with Tristan Rogers will make me tune in to Y&R every day! And I love Cane! I refuse to believe that he is really dead. Like Lily, I’m looking for him in every scene.


  24. Brian Greene says:

    Big Hurray For Genie. Go Girl! ;-) ;-)


  25. Jill says:

    I am with you. I love her as Laura. I love Luke and Laura together. I want her to come back and help Luke and their family though this crisis. But, it seems that ABC/GH doesn’t think enough of her to bring her back to help her family. They don’t respect Genie. If they can’t respect her enough to treat her the way she deserves then it is definitely their loss. Guza losses another outsanding actress to Y&R/CBS.


  26. Preston says:

    Just wounderful. Can´t wait till Genie gets on the show. Maybe since she may have faked her death, she swooped in and faked Cane´s too to finally get rid of the father.


  27. lisa says:

    Very glad to see Genie back on the screen -she’s been away too long.
    Kudos Y and R.


  28. Skyla says:

    I like Genie but honestly I don’t see the point of this unless it’s just to reveal Cane is not actually dead. Who is she going to interact with, I’d like to see more of my regulars on screen who don’t get enough airtime then newbies… i’m waiting for Cane’s dad to go and now his mom is showing up too. The only way I will enjoy this is if it is to reveal Cane is not dead. Plus she never stays around too long, she’ll wait until her story gets good and then up and leave the way she always does.


  29. Jimmy says:

    General hospital should be canceled and bryan frons should be fired I hope CBS will pick up a few more great actors from abc soaps Genie Francis will be great on Y&R !!


  30. Jolene Beth Morgan says:

    It will be difficult to watch Genie Francis portray a rather dark and sinister character, when she has always portrayed pure sweetness and light on General Hospital. I think that her fans will be sad to see her as such a cold and heartless character. We will be longing for the sweet and gentle Laura of long ago. However Miss Francis appears to be comfotable in this new and rather grim portrayal of a rather emtionless and determind womam. Perhaps her somber character will fall inlove with Jack or Victor, and maybe then she will become softer, and more loving, and more like Laura Spencer.However Miss Francis is great


  31. NC Fan says:

    I am so excited to see Francis back on Soaps, especially Y&R. She’s always been my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE female soap star, Eric Braeden is my favorite male star, and I believe she will be a great asset to the program. As for others on the show, I really do not like the current Heather. She is no where near as pretty as Paul’s first “daughter” who was a blond just as his daughter would be since he and his wife are blond and she cannot act. I do wish Chloe could find a better love interest rather than Kevin. They don’t have chemistry… Maybe she could hook up with one of the cops on the show. Also, I like Ted Shackleford best as Gloria’s punching bag. Love Nick with Sharon and for my part, it will always be Victor and Nickie forever.


  32. TinaLaura says:

    Oh it’s sooo good to have Genie Francis on TV again and acting with GH Tristan Rogers again is a gorgeous comination that really sticks together.
    There is a big fangroup of GH from the earlier times (79-81) that loved the incredible magic of the Luke & Laura (Lovers on the Run) Scenes. Genie and also Tristan guarantee the same wonderful depth and quality to bring now in the story of Y&R. I just love em and wish all the best to Genie for her start!!


  33. TinaLaura says:

    @tonia and all those other GF-Fans above there: I agree absolutly with you:
    Guza did destroy a legend on GH!! I’m German and unfortunately in Germany GH was only aired between 1980-1982. Thankfully a true GH/L&L Fan (Sue….) put great playlist on youtube for anybody to watch the old stuff and so since February 2011 I startet from the very begin in 1977 watching Genie Francis alias Laura Webber-Baldwin and became one of her biggest fan. I like her humanity and sweet style so much but I also have a lot of understanding for Genie Francis wish to act in different style (stronger and opaquer) than in her former victim-like-role. Well, I hope my German-English didn’t bugged you too much. Wish Genie and all of the people on the set and specially Maria Bell all the best and millions of additionally viewers!!! XXX TinaLaura


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