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56 July 30th, 2013 BREAKING NEWS: It’s A Wrap! Eileen Davidson Done At Days of our Lives!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Now this news may come as a surprise to many, but the actress who has given the outstanding Performance of 2013 in soaps has apparently wrapped her stint on July 16th!

We are, of course, talking about Eileen Davidson who made a triumphant return to Days of our Lives in the role of Kristen Blake DiMera this past year!

According to an exclusive post from Soap Opera Digest this evening, Days of our Lives executive producer, Ken Corday related the situation to be,  “The Kristen story wrap-up is just fantastic; she was just glorious. The official word there is that Eileen Davidson is leaving the show to take some time out with her family. Will she come back? We’ll see. But she’s not going to another show.  I am thankful for all she’s brought to us.  It was the first shot in the arm we needed. A big shot in the arm.”

Meanwhile, Eileen took to Twitter a while ago to address the outpouring of love, shock, and support from her legions of fans and followers clarifying the situation by stating, “You’re all so awesome! I didn’t get fired. My family is fine. Thanks for your love and support! xoxoxo”

Davidson will continue to air on the NBC soap through the end of the year since DAYS tapes so far in advance. After a 14 year absence from the show Eileen’s stint was nothing but remarkable and made DAYS must-see TV once again!

So DAYS fans, what do you think of the news that Eileen wrapped a few weeks ago her time in Salem? Do you hope she will come back soon?  Do you think its just a contract situation?  Do you want Eileen to return to Y&R?   Share your thoughts on this summer soap shocker!

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  1. Steve Ungrey says:

    I want Eileen back at Y&R pronto. I am a fan of the actress, but this is truly the best thing the show could do. Now maybe Ken Corday can concentrate on getting back some other fan favorites.


  2. Andrea says:

    She’s gonna go back to Y&R


    Annabelle replied

    I agree. She will go back to Y & R but she was so awesome as Kristin and really nailed that part. She is a great actress and I wish her all the best for whatever she decides to do.


  3. Chloe says:

    Eileen is the best thing that’s happened to Days in years. I’m so sorry she’s leaving. I hope she enjoys her time off and then comes back to Days!!


  4. jim says:

    Oh well, if Eileen’s leaving on her own because she wants to be with
    her family, that’s disappointing for us, but understandable for her.
    No use blaming the writers or producers or “jealous” co-stars.

    Presumably, Days will leave the “door open” for her next return.
    But what the heck, the last time she left, she was DEAD!! lol

    And since she’ll be airing through the end of the year, that gives
    us lots of time to continue to enjoy her awesome performance.

    Plus, we can look forward to her (almost certainly) guaranteed
    Emmy nomination next year, along with Heather Tom (from BB).
    The two best (but very different) characters/actresses on soaps today!!


    Mo replied

    Kristen wasn’t dead. She was in a harem that Stefano saved her from.


    jim replied

    Thanks for the correction!!

  5. Ken says:

    Hope she gets an emmy for her performance.


  6. Mandy Richardson says:

    I’m going to miss the Kristin DiMeara storylines. I hope she returns after her time off and maybe even return to Y&R as well. I don’t like her with Brady though, put her with someone else and go from there. Hope Eileen has fun with her family and she will be missed after her last episode.


  7. lance says:

    My beauty come back home to Jack, Traci, and Billy we need you…Genoa City is your home and pls don’t go back to Salem U.S.A unless your going to be Kristen & Susan


  8. KatieK says:

    Days is loosing a lot of fan favs. Im really disappointed Kristen won’t be on, she’s a great character. Y&R never did ANYthing with Ashley, so it would be a waste for a return.


  9. Doris Fuller says:

    Y & R needs AA back, Jack is lost without her & now he is losing Phillis.


  10. Nadine says:

    go back to the y & r


  11. DjLevel9 says:

    Y&R where She Belongs Ash :)


  12. Beacon says:

    Eileen is leaving Days to be with her family, she’s going to be OFF soaps period. If she returns, she’ll return to Days. Kristen is the role she loves playing. Ashley is a total non-starter.


  13. heidi says:

    Eileen has been making DOOL more riveting just by being there! She is so engaging and so talented… it’s amazing she doesn’t get picked up by more shows night or day. I wuld like to see her working… but I would love to see her back on Y&R… if they would give her a story line and write for her and her talent. Jack needs her back but not just as another participant in that living room. She needs some serious story line and she can carry it so well. She’s great as Kristen… but she is really great as Ashley!!! Enjoy a great break Kristen… but come back to someplace!!!

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if she was the person Adam is working with to take over Newman with!!! The two siblings that get pushed aside by other siblings in the family businesses!!!


    Mary SF replied

    Wow that would be some twist if Adam and Ashley were working together– but considering what Adam did to Ashley in the past– I can’t imagine her ever wanting to work with Adam on anything. Yet on soaps anything is possible– so that might work.
    But if I was ED I wouldn’t go back to Y&R unless they had some really good material for her, not just have Ashley scold Jack all the time. I wouldn’t even mind if Ashley returned to B&B to be Brooke’s new nemesis now that Taylor is leaving.

    However it sounds like the actress really just want some time off with her family– but Steve Burton said the same thing and looked where he ended up. So here’s hoping her absence from daytime isn’t too long.


  14. Jean Weathers says:

    Wow wow wow is all I can say, she was really great in this character role, looked forward to see what she was up to next….really a big let down to know she’s leaving.
    Nothing was really happening until she returned.


  15. Sandy says:

    Superb acting on Days; just okay on Y&R. What I always felt with you is that you did not have the material on Y&R to sink your teeth into but you sure did with Days. I also never liked watching your acting too long as you jump soaps with coming and going repeatedly over the years. If you come back again, make it Days as Y&R could just recast you. Enjoy your time off.


  16. missellie says:

    Huge loss for Days!


  17. Kate says:

    She was wasted on Y&R. I hope she spends some time with her family and returns to Days full time.


  18. MBmomof3 says:

    Noooooo! :(


  19. Mo says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I love Kristen and Eileen. I hope she is just taking a little break and will return to Days. She would be wasted on Y&R. Please come back to Days!!!!!


  20. Max says:

    Wow so very sad about this.. Just love her on Days. That character is like nobody else..


  21. jon says:

    Good! We want her home on Y&R@


    4everdays replied

    You want to bore her to death!!! Her DAYS were no YawneR!!!!!!!!!!!!


    jon replied

    New writers. New producer.

  22. Jules says:


    Well, poop.

    At least it was her decision, and not because her material/work wasn’t strong and they weren’t using her, or that the higher ups didn’t make a colossal mistake. They knew the gem they had and they used with every drop she gave them.

    I think the problem, and this is only my opinion, is that she loves and feels more connected in her heart to YR than she does DAYS. I think she does want back on YR, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we heard that announcement soon (Josh said in his first interview as HW that if he had a magic wand, the first person he’d want back is Ashley). I get she works a lot on DAYS, but I can’t imagine that after 1 year she’d be burnt out, or that all of a sudden she wants more family time. The schedule at DAYS may be tight, but she gets out everyday by 5:00pm sharp to spend the evening with her family, plus one week vacation every month! I believe she is waiting for the call from YR to ask her back, even as a guest or part-time. Then of course YR will eff up her return, not use her or give her some hideously boring and overtold story, as YR is prone to do these days.

    I’m so disappointed by this news. We’ll see her until the end of the year and then gone. She’s brought so much back to DAYS, so many fun stories and all the actors love her. I wish she’d reconsider and stay!


    Jules replied

    PS- I just have to…..DON’T WALK AWAY EILEEN!!!!


    Patrick replied

    I’ll be commiserating and lambasting over this revelation…

    i do agree with you … always do… with your posts on DAYS.

    but… I honestly wondered the same thing…. as much as she has so much more to do on DAYS…. that she didn’t seem as excited or enervated doing Kristen… and that she prefers Y&R…. it’s where her home away from home… that she needs.

    i’m heartsick, over this… and in all honesty… i’ts more to due with DAYS comEback… resurgance… and excitement… for DAYS – Sony – NBC. that they remain vigilant…. and committed to DAYS OF OUR LIVES.


  23. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    She can always come back to either soap(hopefully days)…so im not bothered. Comings and goings im getting used to!


  24. Antonetta Nocito says:

    You will be missed. you did a great story line with Father Eric . I wish you the best with your family. and be back to DOOL soon better Kristen not so mean LOL


  25. Chaz says:

    IF she were to return to Y&R at some point they will hopefully write story for her that utilizes her talent. She has certainly shown what she can bring when written for in a good way. No more Ashley as a milquetoast!


  26. Linda says:

    I think she should return to the show. She keeps the show interesting, and has lots of talent!


  27. Iakovos says:

    I am sad to see Miss Davidson leave Salem and DOOL. She rocks. Villiains do not have a steady presence in soaps. It seems they come and go, but I am not liking this trend on daytiem dramas fo characters just in and out. I like the steady constant presence of characters in plots that twist and turn and go on.

    I hope if Miss Davidson is free of salem, she can return to Y&R and Genoa City. Ashley is missed and some genuine Abbott focus is due. Miss Davidson is a solid member of that ensemble, too. I would like for her to return as Ashley and make us forget that horrid plot turn of her as Victor’s wife and the baby switch and all. I am not sure Y&R has yet to move past that mess.


  28. bettyrj says:

    Eileen Davidson’s decision to spend more time with her family is understandable but she will really be missed on Days. Her character is off the wall disturbed but her performances are awesome! She deserved an Emmy the last time she was on Days when she played Susan, Sister Mary Moira, Thomas and Penelope in addition to Kristen! I hope she is nominated and gets one for her 2013 performance as Kristen’s ongoing hatred of Marlena for “stealing” John away from her! I hope that she would come back from time to time and not go back to Y&R! Or I might have to follow her there! But, there can never be a character on a soap like Kristen DiMera and Eileen Davidson’s portrayal of her!


  29. Anna Garrett says:

    Why did she leave The Young & Restless show? She should go back there!


    Chaz replied

    Sony….owning both shows…traded her from Y&R to Days.


  30. Tali says:

    Love Eileen Davidson from the first time I saw her on Y & R, 30 yrs ago – one of my soap favorites. Good Luck to her and enjoy your time with your family!


  31. Debra Tiller says:



  32. Blake says:

    OMG this cannot be happening!!! Days is the only show I watch right now and Eileen/Kristen has made it the hottest show and so interesting, just like she did when she was on in the 90′s! I tweeted her just now and asked her please don’t leave Days, or at least come back soon. This is the most depressing soap news I have heard in a long time, since Jeanne Cooper was sick and passed and Guiding Light was canceled. And with Chandler Massey leaving also!!! At least we will have her until November. Sigh. I need a drink. lol


    Patrick replied


    time for my champagne blitz!

    I can’t bear this.


  33. 4everdays says:

    She will be back after her break. Why be a YawneR when your DAYS are
    exciting? This is for her to gain strength for her to come back as Susan.
    I see great DAYS ahead!


    Patrick replied

    oh! well said…

    LOL…. what was it she said…. “…could I”. SHE CAN… ED. still do Susan Banks. This will give that reunion with Elvis all that much more delicious.

    and she’ll be with child….

    she’ll have trumped Marlena… before she even does anything when she returns.


  34. Jake says:

    I hope she returns to Days…her character is excellent and deserves an Emmy. T&R never have her a decent storyline. Unless she is a FOJ, she will not get the meaty role that Days provided her this year.


  35. Judy says:

    I want Eileen back on Days so she can adopt or have children and takes over the Dimera Empire.


  36. Mary SF says:

    I really don’t know what to say– this announcement has come out of left field. Was not expecting it at all. What is happening to the poor Dimera clan. Tony’s dead. Lexie’s dead. Chad is leaving? now Kristen is leaving too. Does Stefano have a hidden stash of grown children out there to replace them all? But actors do come and go for all kind of reasons. I know Steve Burton said he wanted more time with his family and then was offer a deal he couldn’t refuse and is back on soaps– so maybe ED will be back sooner rather than later. Will miss her character Kristen– she really made the Dimera’s come alive again.


    Patrick replied

    I really don’t know what to say– this announcement has come out of left field.

    Ditto! I’m aghast for the DAYS regime.


  37. Ray says:

    I wish she would stay long enough to still be on the show when she picks up her Best Actress Emmy in 2014.


  38. Carole says:

    Love her! She will be missed!


  39. Pam says:

    These days I much prefer Eileen as Ashley Abbott on Y&R. Her family needs her now in GC. Hopefully, the writers will give AA a meaty part with her next visit!


  40. Stephanie says:

    Eileen is a great actress, but I have to say I am not sorry to see Kristen leave. Now if they will just bring Drake back and reunite John and Marlena!


  41. Kenrick Bramble says:

    I personally feel she was traded for one year and it’s up. She is for sure going back to Y&R. I think particularly since Michelle Stafford is leaving. MS character I think pigeon hole Eileen’s character, but behind it all is the leadership’s vision for Eileen and her character. It is sad because she is brilliant. I vote against yr because of her history there. Days has always allowed her to explore her range. But with MS gone I think there might be greater opportunity for her brilliance to be expressed. CBS want ratings so it seems like poor business to back burner a powerhouse that another channel (NBC) has capitalized on. It is remarkable she remained given the fact her character was underused. But it underscores patience, commitment and growth. Yeah I am a big fan.


    Patrick replied

    wow! nicely said…. i agree that on DAYS… she ably plays a wider range of emotion.

    whereas on Y&R… the femme fetale…. she still played to the hilt.

    this could be why… ie: that Y&R would want her back…. to reclaim the lead actress she deserves….

    Eileen Davidson… you are a powerhouse actor.


  42. Patrick says:

    I’m reading backwards….

    cause i’m so shocked and dismayed….. for DAYS… i’ll be…. stumped… and distraught.

    however… I must commend this write up…. reading this makes me feel better about the exit of Eileen Davidson….

    I sincerely hope this is just a time out…. who doesn’t need this… what with; what the acting schedules are.

    she catapulted DAYS… along with the ‘whole’ CAST… and the better writing…


  43. Patrick says:

    Eileen Davidson.

    PLEASE… come back to Salem.

    take your time off…. and just… be who you are…. loved by all fans of Genoa City and Salem’ites.


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