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23 May 18th, 2011 BREAKING NEWS: It’s official Bob Guza OUT & Garin Wolf IN as GH Head Writer!

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Well, after months of on again and off again speculation that Bob Guza was on his way out as head writer of General Hospital, finally late today, it became true and official!  Guza has been at the helm of GH for 15 years, and many in the industry and the shows longtime fans were feeling that a change needed to be made sooner than later, especially in these dwindling times of the soap genre.

So today, ABC Daytime President, Brian Frons made it official by naming Garin Wolf as the new head writer to take the reins of all the characters you love in Port Charles effective immediately!  Frons in a statement commented,  “Garin is a talented writer and storyteller who has been a part of the General Hospital family for nearly 15 years. His in-depth knowledge and adoration for the show’s legacy will help make a smooth transition and an immediate impact on story. I’m sure he will succeed in taking General Hospital to new heights as he develops characters and storylines that will engage and thrill our viewers.”

Wolf has won two Daytime Emmys and has been working at GH since 1997 and over the years has held various positions on the writing team: associate head writer, breakdown writer and script writer. He has also written for SOAPnet’s: GH: Night Shift and As the World Turns. In addition, in 2008, the WGA published a list of writers who resigned from the guild during the strike by filing for financial core status which included many soap opera notable veteran writers. Garin Wolf was also on the list.  And as fans may know, this is not the first time a writer who went fi-core has later become a head writer for a soap!

So, are you excited about the prospect of new stories and shake-up at GH?  Let us know!

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  1. Hilda says:

    I’m excited to see what Wolf comes up with…I loved his writing during the writers’ strike. But I’m also nervous about what it might mean for characters/couples I love! I really want more balance on the show, more interaction between characters, character-driven storylines, and the couples I want to be together -Lucky & Liz, Spinelli & Maxie, Ethan & Kristina. Would also love Sonny & Brenda or Jax & Brenda, Kate & Coleman, Alexis & Mac, & Steve & Olivia! Also some Cassadines & Quartermaines back…

    Hope Wolf keeps writing for a long, long time.


  2. Luke says:

    And the Soap World Rejoices!
    This is Terrific News and Loooooooong over due -
    Guza drove GH into the ground with his Sonny & Jason fixation -
    Appropriate that the clean up guy for this mob fixated show is Mr. Wolf
    Good Luck to him!


    Gloria Sparrow replied

    Well I don’t know if Garrin Wolf is the new head writer or not, but I have never in my long love of General Hospital seen such discusting writing in my life a Vampire come on, and to get rid of Burton was a big mistake, and Mcbain and Todd Manning is a laugh!! they both stink, and so ugly, I think whoever the head writers are they need FIRED!, you have this soap going in so many different directions and one is worse then the next, I know its a matter of time before this soap will be cancelled, Amen…


  3. Webbie says:

    Cautiously optimistic. One can’t help but wonder if they brought in a new HW to write GH’s swan song. I’m hoping not, but I’d rather watch and see before joining the parade.


    lisa replied

    One wonders – if Bob Guza has written GH into the ground with his Sonny /Jason ….
    Maybe Garin Wolf is a Frons pet and has been brought in to put the final nails in GH’s coffin……..
    We’ll see !!!


    lisa replied

    I mean t say Sonny/Jason fixation.

  4. Doe says:

    Anything a new writer can do to punch up the stories now playing on GH would be greatly appreciated by the fans. It is becoming the same old-same old. Let’s finish the Lisa, Robin fiasco soon, please. And also the Abby, Michael frame up by the Zacarras. Did we have to bring back daddy Zacharra? And when will Lucky learn about his other son? I’m holding out for Lucky to lose his so-called Irish wife whose accent is hard to understand, especially, when she talks fast. Luke is a lost cause until he accepts his drinking problem. He now is aiming at Jason so that Jason will get mad enough to kill him. What a sloppy mess…..


  5. GMOB says:



  6. leah says:

    i hope its not to late… Now Frons needs to be fired as well… I trust nothing that man does…


  7. Sandra says:

    Brian Fronz is still at the helm and no doubt Garin Wolf had to share his outline ideas and Brian is now happy that these are different but not in conflict with what Fronz wants. So there will be some change for example maybe more airtime and story for others but I am not expecting anything too drastic, this guy is a very safe choice and has been writing for the show for 15 years!


  8. Mel says:

    Co-sign Webbie. I would be ecstatic if this didn’t seem so eerily similar to what happened w/ AMC & OLTL — rumours of a cancellation followed by hiring a new (wrap up) head writer. I truly hope this is not the case.


  9. Brian says:

    I stopped watching GH about 15 yrs ago, when it became so mob driven and less about the hospital. May have to tune back in unless OLTL finds a miracle and stays on the air.


  10. Nicole says:

    I think this is great news….but because of what is going on in the soap world…I question whether there is more to this….why now? I have not liked Guza’s writing for a while now…too mob fixated. Hoping Garin gets back to the GH we all know and love…core characters, love stories, character driven s/l…..I usually never take sides when it comes to couples pairing…but I have to say I started watching youtube during the jake storyline…and I have come to love Liason. Wish they would revisit that couple.


  11. Susan says:

    I hope he puts mob central in the background and fills in some glaring holes left by Guza. For instance, Who’s Sam’s father? Could Diane be Spinelli’s mom? Built a storyline using character histories. I’ll watch. Frank and Doris Hursley hadn’t counted on a 24/7 mob show, I want an equal balance of mob and hospital storylines.


  12. Iakovos says:

    I hope the change refreshes Port Charles. The mob storylines have become so dark, depressing and repetitive. Once novel, they bore me now. I want new stories with ties to the past — BRING BACK BOBBIE! GIVE ME MORE MONICA! — and more focus on the hospital. It may be too much to see some more “real life” in the mix… economy, world events, social issues, health care issues… GH is not a disaster by any means and has some great actors but a lighter tone, a revisit with the past, and maybe a new family in a new business could open doors for sme of these characters who seem stagnant to me.


  13. ric says:

    thank god its about time!


  14. adriana8900 says:

    can’t wait for wolf as headwriter on gh hopeful we get a scrubs storyline front and center since robin has been a veteran character since a little girl


  15. Darcy says:

    Hallelujah, He’s done so much damage to this show in his reign of terror. He’s smug, arrogant and didn’t appreciate fans he believes we can be trained.

    I’m just thinking its too late the carnage Guza has left that was once a great soap will take years to rebuild and I’m not certain GH has years left rumors are flying Sweeney wants all soaps gone. And Frons only promotes his favorites the rest of the cast he seems to disdain and minimize.. he doesn’t like old people for one

    He’s the main culprit and until he goes I just don’t hold much hope.

    There have been so many stories I’ve wanted to play out..Elizabeth Webber’s mother for fifteen years we don’t even know her name..I think I remember someone mentioning Andrea Trent thirteen years ago…I would like women written stronger showing character growth, less misogyny in the writing, more hospital less mob write for the characters on the canvas the vets who have been with the show over a decade yet they keep getting thrown under the bus for newbies..

    And these babies story lines I’m sick of them Jake being ran over tuned me out; Jason is shown fawning over every kid in town but didn’t want his own while he is talking of another baby…

    There is still a lot of good story to tell but with the extreme favoritism that has dominated this show since 2003-2004; I’m hoping Wolf wipes that slate clean. I’d like to see women driving story lines e.g. Alexis, Tracey and where in the hell is Monica? Hopeful this new writer will bring fresh less biased approach to the storytelling.


    jmtvm677 replied

    Darcy, I think you are confusing Guza with Fronz. Fronz is snug, arrogant and has stated that we can be trained.

    Fronz needs to go! I was at the Rally this week in NYC and you should have seen Brian Fronz walk by with that condescending smirk on his face!

    Guza is in love with Jason/ Sonny/ Carly, or the Holy Trio as they are refered to around the boards but I wonder how much was his doing and how munch Brian Fronz is responsible for.

    Garin is supposed to value the legacy of soaps as well as write for woman. He created the friendship between Alexis and Diane and that is something the show really lacked, female friendships! Way to go Garin!

    I don’t have a problem with the Jake story . I think it was brilliant but , it should focus more on Liz and Lucky and less on Jason. I think making Luke the driver was so powerful! Love the story coming from the aftermath but I did miss Bobbie being present or even mentioned. HOw about Monica finding out Jake was her grandson (instead of paging her 3 times and making it even MORE noticeable that she was missing). How about Jossyln being sick for more then two minutes. I also hate, hate, hate how Carly keeps going around saying that Jason saved Joss’s life…No honey, that was Lucky and LIz.

    I agree with the favoritism and think it is ashame that JE, NLG, LC, VM, JZ aren’t honored more as vets. I am glad that Robin is getting storylines, KMC deserves it more then anyone else on the show. She literally grew up on the show and yet she even gets snubbed for MB, SB, and LW


    Darcy replied

    I’ve always believed it is the combination of Frons/ Guza/Phelps they are all buddies IMO pretty much the same line of thinking Phelps is a show Killah and Frons bragged also about killing one soap on two different networks I just think all three of them are burnt out and their vision is old and newblood is sorely was sorelly needed to revitalize the genre into the new millennium and how long ago was that…LOL I was holding for Wolf who is a Guza protege of 15 years with the same breakdown/script writers. I just think under the guidance Frons for the time GH have left won’t get me that interested again. GH is a couple driven show I’m more into “good stories” I don’t care about couples and hate them shackled together forever its not good soap opera. This ain’t a Harlequin romance.

  16. uri says:

    Well I hope he gets rid of that idea of kristina & ethan, that crap is so so wrong and disgusting. He needs to keep Jax & Carly together, get rid of Sonny, Brenda, Robin & Patrick.


  17. Christine says:

    I am happy that GH finally has a new head writer! I love the show, but it has mostly been based on the mob for years now & that isn’t right when you have a whole great cast of actors & characters on the show that deserve to be seen more than once maybe twice a week! Hopefully with Garin Wolf things will change & there will be equal story telling & airtime for all!


  18. LAWRENCE says:

    As a writer myself I know how difficult it is to pull the reader into the story especially when it is in this genre. However, I would like to see Sonny, Carly and Jason killed off the show in a really exciting and dramatic way and make room for the next generation. These characters are so old and pathetic that I get sick every time they speak. Lets see the kids take over and go on a revenge rampage. That would be much more fun. At least kill Carly and Sonny god it’s so old!


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