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21 February 2nd, 2013 BREAKING NEWS: Jill Mitwell Wins DGA Award For One Life to Live’s “Between Heaven and Hell” Episode!


We are thrilled to spread this news this evening as the 65th Annual Directors Guild of America Awards (DGA) are just wrapping up here in Los Angeles! The DGA honors outstanding directorial achievement in feature film, documentary, and television every year at the annual DGA Awards celebration.

Tonight in ceremonies hosted by Kelsey Grammer, One Life to Live director, Jill Mitwell was the night’s big winner in the Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Daytime Serials category for her stunning work in the “Between Heaven and Hell” episode which many remembered as one of the final classic episodes of One Life’s run on ABC!

This is Jill Mitwell’s fourth win in the category for One Life to Live and it was her ninth nomination.  Mitwell bested episodes from General Hospital directors: Larry Carpenter,  Scott McKinsey, William Ludel, and Days of our Lives Albert Alaar.

Ron Carlivati, the man in charge of  writing Jill’s winning episode at One Life to Live, sent out an excited tweet this evening stating, “Jill Mitwell wins #DGA award for #OLTL episode: “Between Heaven and Hell”! So well deserved!!! Couldn’t be happier!!!”

Ms. Mitwell’s Directorial Team: Associate Directors: Tracy Casper Lang, Teresa Cicala, Michael Sweeney, Paul S. Glass
Stage Managers: Alan Needleman, Keith Greer, Tracy Casper Lang, Leah M. Weber Production Associates: Nathalie Rodriguez, Kevin Brush are also honored.

So soapers, what do you think of Jill’s win for One Life to LiveOn-Air On-Soaps wants to send a big congratulations to Jill for an outstanding episode and a job well-done!

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  1. Nancy (Save Thesoaps) says:

    God Blessyou Jill!


    Matt Disel replied



  2. Tali (not Smith) says:

    So very wonderful! Congratulations Jill and OLTL wooooohoooo!


  3. meg says:



  4. Alison says:

    A well deserved win. Congrats.


  5. Mitch says:

    Congratulations to Jill!!!! She’s the BEST!


  6. lisa says:

    Thumbs up !


  7. Robert Lee says:



  8. terri says:

    Congratulations this honor is so well deserved!


  9. Nancy says:

    OLTL was the best of all the shows thanks to Frank and Ron and the rest of the people involved. Glad someone finally acknowledged it.


  10. Renee says:

    Very exciting to see a well deserve win for Jill and OLTL in it’s final days on ABC. Sad that it happened a year after OLTL’s demise on a national network. But many thanks again to PP for reviving a wonderful soap. Congratulations to all at OLTL that participated in those final episodes… they truly were amazing!!


  11. MBmomof3 says:

    Congratulations! Though all the nominees were exceptional, she, and “Between Heaven & Hell” deserved the win! Kudos to all involved in this unforgettable episode!


  12. Rodd says:

    Wonderful news and so well deserved!


  13. brian says:

    Best news. Congratulations.

    ( Will she be involved with Prospect Parks OLTL? )


    Delainey replied

    Hope Prospect Park snags her to direct for OLTL now! Congrats Jill!


  14. Scott says:

    Oddly enough I just rewatched this episode yesterday on the DVR.


  15. MK says:

    Hope RonC wins the WGA award as well. OLTL was literally HOT in its final 2 weeks.


  16. Dmitri says:

    Good news, and congrats!


  17. danica says:

    OLTL…best show ever!


  18. liz says:

    Congratulations! Well deserved. OLTL was the best show ever!!! I hope it will be again.

    Does anyone know if Frank/Ron sent in Emmy reels? I hope that OLTL cleans up at the Daytime Emmys this year. The last 2 weeks of the show were some of the best in the 43 1/2 years of the show. I can say this because I watched from day 1.


    Ella replied

    I completely agree with you, Liz!


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