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12 August 17th, 2010 BREAKING NEWS: Kim Zimmer back to OLTL as Echo!

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Huge soap news this morning!  ABC Soaps in Depth is reporting, and it has been confirmed by reps at One Life to Live that four-time Daytime Emmy winner, Kim Zimmer is on her way back to Llanview to reprise her role as Echo DiSavoy on Friday, October 1.

Zimmer, who left the role in 1983 to join Guiding Light as Reva Shayne, will reportedly share screen time with Erika Slezak (Viki), Robin Strasser (Dorian) and former GL co-star Jerry verDorn (Clint).   This looks to be a dream come true for soap fans who love the battling Viki and Dorian, and now adding Echo to the mix, one can only hope will be electric.  And, who wouldn’t want to watch these soap legends share some screen time!

More on this developing story as it becomes available.

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  1. Mitch says:

    I was watching OLTL back when Echo was a character and am watching the show now. Echo was not popular and she was paired with Clint Ritchie, no sparks and off she went. Now they are bringing back a character that i am sure 90% of the audience does not rememebr nor care about. Looks like OLTL will be the next soap cancelled, Santa Barbara tried to make it the Kim Zimmer show and Guiding Light Was the Kim Zimmer Show……….will OLTL become the Kim Zimmer Show??????????


  2. Rob says:

    Id watch her read the phone book!


  3. John says:

    At first I was NOT happy with this news. I mean OLTL has sooooooooo many mega talented women- Erika S, Robin S, Hillary B Smith, Susan H, Florenzia, Bree, Melissa A, Kassie D etc etc- and to hear another woman was joining was disappointing – as I feel all the current talents are barley used. I think they need to hire one or two more men in their late 30′s to late 40′s at this point.

    But then a light bulb went off in my head & NOW I can say casting Kim Zimmer was brillant & I wouldnt be surprised if a leading actor or actress from ATWT is cast on OLTL to air in early October!

    I think there is a strategy here is to draw as many CBS viewers to OLTL around the start of Julie Chen & Sara Gilbert’s VIEW-like talk show that will fill ATWT’s hour. I beleive I heard that this talk show is suppose to start on or around October 1st from 2 to 3:00 pm

    I mean if Kim Z & Michael Park (as an example) join the OLTL around the same time Juli’e Talk Show Airs– many of those CBS true fans could tuen into OLTL to see KZ & MP raher then start building a liking to the new talk show on CBS


    jake replied

    Echo coming back ties in with yesterday’s episode. David found out that Kim was the daughter of Echo and Clint.


    Charles replied

    How did we learn thsi information? I do not recall that scene at all.

    Jake replied

    I’m inferring that it is on the flash drive that David gave Clint.

    melinda replied

    so clint married his daughter or was in love with his kid

  4. Tom says:

    I remember the character. She was so boring that I actually stopped watching the show. No need to bring this character back, probably with an unknown kid in tow.


  5. OLTLFAN says:

    I’m not happy about this – but I’ll deal as I love my show. It just better not turn into the Echo-show like GL became the Reva-show. Why not bring back Kevin and/or Joey instead! What is she going to do but take away more screentime from the other characters?


    marj replied



  6. patrick says:

    I love KZ, miss Reva & GL beyond words and hope OLTL wides up and cuts it’s dead weight and chooses to write for it’s Emmy winners, all stars and VETS first and foremost. Ill definitey be watching and BOO to CBS!!!!!!!!


  7. O says:

    3 more days until Reva returns to Tv


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