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4 July 30th, 2010 BREAKING NEWS: Melissa Reeves back on contract with DAYS!

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Hooray!  One of On-Air On-Soaps all-time personal favorite’s… and one terrific actress, Melissa Reeves has inked a new deal with Days of our Lives!  Her performances during Alice Horton’s death and funeral reminded the powers-that-be of Salem just how key she is to the DAYS canvas and the Horton family.  

We knew it would be just a matter of time, now that Missy’s husband, Scott Reeves had signed a contract to stay checked in at General Hospital as Dr. Steven Webber, for her to be able to return and to figure into story.

According to this news exclusive today from TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan, Melissa will first tape again as Jennifer Horton Deveraux come September, and will hit the airwaves just in time for November Sweeps!   More details to follow!

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  1. fanmale says:

    Actually, Logan’s exclusive indicated Melissa “will hit the air during November sweeps.”


  2. Kris says:

    I like Missy Reeves and I’m glad she’ll be returning to Days as Jennifer! That’s good news!

    Maybe Matt Ashford will soon follow.


  3. Anita says:

    I am happy that Matthew Ashford is back but I do not like the writing for Jennifer her character total bitch and so is Abby. I really hope that Jack moves on with his life after is recovery and new love interest I do not want him bother to grovel to that slut Jennifer anymore she is not that sexy either I do not know what Jack or Daniel see in her. I think Jack deserves better I wish Bo and Hope I know they are family but they need stop treating Jennifer like innocent princess which she is not. If she want Mr Safe let her have him I want someone better for Jack maybe Nicole or Billie.


  4. Janjan says:

    I have to agree….I don’t like Jennifer with Daniel. The writers are writing her to be someone who is looking for love and sleeps around. She’s NEVER done that…it’s not her character. As for Melissa and Matt…I’m sorry, but if you have a Jack, you are going to have a Jennifer. It’s just like soap and water…. Matt has one heck of a storyline, but apparently Days, NBC execs, and the writers are goinga different route and are getting rid of him. I’d rather see Jack and Jennifer FINALLY go off into the sunset TOGETHER. Jack use to be so zany, comical, and fun to watch…but with this new storyline – it’s taken alot out of him, which is understandable. Jennifer needs to attend therapy with him, leave all the “has been” guys behind, and move forward. Ugh….I’m so tired of Days jerking some of the best actors/actresses around! :(


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