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41 February 15th, 2011 BREAKING NEWS: Tamara Braun IN, Natalia Livingston OUT as DAYS Taylor!

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A huge casting shockeroo this morning out of Days of our Lives! Soap Opera Digest has learned that Natalia Livingston who just premiered as Nicole’s sister, Taylor and set to be the new romantic interest for EJ Dimera played by James Scott has been let-go by the NBC soap!   But, the even more stunning and yet exciting news is that talented Livingston is being replaced by the fantastic Tamara Braun, who in fact won a Daytime Emmy in 2009,  for portraying nut-job Ava in 2008 on the same soap, DAYS!   According to SOD, it was a change in character direction that prompted that very swift move.

DAYS co-executive producer, Gary Tomlin confirmed that scenario to SOD when he stated, ”It was decided to take the character of Taylor in a new direction. Natalia Livingston is an amazing actress and a consummate professional. She is a class act and everyone at the studio adores her.”

Braun starts taping today and will begin airing in late April, while Livingston had just been airing for three weeks when this decision was handed down. 

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  1. Sally says:

    Natalia (Taylor) was a refreshing addition to Days. Reminded me of years past( long past) when Days hired actors based on their talent, not their looks.

    Natalia(Taylor) and EJ had chemistry too. I was looking forward to them finding out who each other really is.

    Stupid move Days.

    Let’s hope another show snaps Natalia up and fast.


  2. Lorna says:

    I actually quit watching Days a few years ago after being a 20+ year viewer (started watching when I was 8). Then I saw yesterday’s scene with Natalia Livingston and James Scott and I was intrigued enough to start watching again. I guess I won’t continue knowing that Ms. Livingston will be gone soonl Too bad!


  3. Enrique Buenrostro says:

    This will be confusing unless Ava is involved.. Hopefully The Young and the Restless or The Bold and the Beautiful or even All My Children () hires Natalia, I wonder which old character needs to return?


  4. Enrique Buenrostro says:

    I also forgot to mention One Life to Live..


  5. Brian T says:

    I think both of the actresses are good. If I am being totally honest there is something about Natalia’s voice that is like nails on a chalk board though. I think I got used to it on GH but not yet on Days. I love Tamara though and I think she will be really good as Taylor. The only thing I see here is another “Arianna Hernandez”. They hired one actress and then used a bigger name. The character still didn’t click because the writers messed up. I think they are messing up with this character as well because she is not developed enough. She doesn’t have a career and is baby sitting for Abe and Lexi.


  6. Sue says:

    I feel sorry for the actress. She hardly started at the show. TPTB must not have liked what they saw that is already shot and not seen yet since they record 2 months ahead.

    I like Tamara though. So strange. I wonder what is going on behind the scenes at days.


  7. karen says:

    What is wrong with Days??? I really, really like Natalia (Taylor) she was so cute and sweet… I would of like this one with EJ.. I really thought she’d be so cute to watch with EJ… Days you make me angry Ava as everyone remember’s was with scene’s with Hope… she played a bad girl… never liked her..


    Harriet replied

    I hate the new Taylor. She’s so ugly and doesn’t look good with Ej at all!!!


  8. Anne-Marie says:

    Terrible idea….unless she’s going to be the same character she was only a few years ago…that would make some kind of sense.


  9. powermouse says:

    I am so upset right now….i can’t believe it!!! this has ruined my WHOLE day, i couldn’t even eat lunch dinner or breakfast. i cannot believe days got rid of taylor!! her and ej hav e so much chemistry. they are nothing like ejami. no rape. no violence. no abuse. they were like sunshine, rainbows, and just sweetness…i know ill never be as pretty as taylor, but a girl can dream….i will lose weight like her one day. tptb is ruining days. they ruined ejami now them….so sad…*cries*


    Brian T replied

    The character of Taylor is not leaving. She will be played by another actress. So it seems like EJ and Taylor will still be together.


  10. ty says:

    Tamara won her Emmy in 2008!


    Michael Fairman replied

    Tamara Braun won her Emmy in a broadcast on August 30th 2009 for the 2008 season.


  11. JamesScott4eva says:

    I am an EJAMI fan 100% but I really like Natalia- she is great and so pretty. She would have been great with Brady. Im so upset but I wish her all the very best for the future.


    Denise replied

    You’re right! She would’ve made a superb couple with Brady, too. I will never believe E.J. is head-over-heels for Tamara Braun. This is like the HUGE Belle Brady casting debacle in years past. I think Days casting is making horrible decisions as of late.

    These new characters are irritating at best, and the ones with any substance are being let go…


  12. DR1997 says:

    I may be in the minority, but I actually liked Natalia as Taylor. And I think that she and James Scott definitely had chemistry. It is a shame that Days decided to make such a hasty change to the character.


  13. Dani Austin says:

    I really hate when TPTB question my intelligence as an audience member. So dopey but we’re just viewers so we’ll just forget she played another character only a few years ago. Really? And no offense to Tamara but she neither is or looks younger than Ari Zuker who is now her “older” sister. Why not just bring Ava back? I can already predict the storyline. Good Taylor will turn bad when she becomes obsessed with EJ, because you know every woman on Days only exist for some male character. Geez, Days needs some behind the scenes changes.


  14. Michael Jenkins says:

    They did not give Natalie a chance but I am not disappointed because I always loved Tamara acting :)


  15. LUMILY says:

    I want EJ and Nicole to stay together,
    sami and Lucas together[bring back BRD/Lucas


  16. presley cat says:

    TB is a fine actress but she is too old to play Nicole’s younger sister or EJ’s love interest. (Remember Kate?) Enough with the bad girls already. A very poor casting choice indeed.


  17. SOS says:

    Meh, NL was bringing so much cheese to those “love at first sight” and “fantasy” scenes that I look forward to her being replaced. Ejami is endgame but hopefully EJ can find some true love in the meantime. At least Nicole has taken care of the 2 year old blue balls poor old EJ has been sportin’. James Scott better win an EMMY!


  18. Glenna says:

    Natalie is absolutely drop dead gorgeous with beautiful teeth. Period. There was no range in emotions with her acting though, no hint of malice which is so characteristic of the Days actors. Looking forward to a change. Whoever hired her should have done a better job of screen testing. Maybe they should be replaced as well.


    Vicki replied

    I totally agree with you. Her acting was so flatline.


  19. Candice says:

    I love this news! Tamara Braun is a great actress and I have enjoyed her on the all of the soaps she has been on. Natalia’s acting in the “love at first site” storyline just hasn’t been convincing and she always has the same look on her face like she’s in pain. Very happy to hear Tamara is going back to Days, I do wish Miss Livingston the best of luck.


    Candace replied

    She totally does always look like she’s in pain! I’m seriously happy she’s leaving!


    Vicki replied


    Sarah replied

    Natalia Livingston is a lightweight. It was very noticeable in her scenes with James Scott. I feel badly for her since it probably ended her career in daytime. But, she’s simply a terrible actress with so little range. She has no confidence and it shows in her performances. Other actors have to carry her.

    I’m sure even if they don’t say it they’re happy all the umms are gone too. Have you noticed since Tamara took over, no ummms at all out of Taylor, so you see 150 umms per episode wasn’t in the script LOL. Natalia is like a deer caught in the headlights.

    Thank you TPTB at DOOL, this is one decision you got right!

    It never ceases to amaze how some NL fans say the dumbest things like “natalia livingston was much more believable ,in this role.she had the looks to make any man leave his wife.”

    It’s never supposed to be about a beauty contest not that Tamara would lose, she’s lovely and graceful and actually talented but that some of you can’t get that guys leave their hot wives for not so hot women speaks volumes about the intelligence of some posters and no surprise that it’s some NL fans. Kudos for bashing Tamara on her looks.

  20. Denise says:

    I will never believe E.J. is head-over-heels for Tamara Braun. This is like the HUGE Belle Brady casting debacle in years past. I think Days casting is making horrible decisions as of late.

    These new characters are irritating at best, and the ones with any substance are being let go… (Mark Hapka)

    Days, are you even remotely interested in what your fans have to say??? Before all of this nonsense, I was scared you would be cancelled soon, but I wouldn’t be surprised anymore…


  21. Darcy says:

    I liked Natalia’s version of Taylor so I think this is something I’d have to wait and see before I make any kind of assessment. I don’t like these switches she wasn’t in the role a hot minute. Taylor is being portrayed “nice” thus far the script hasn’t shown her to be malicious I don’t know what range is but she was fine as far as I’m concerned.


  22. Candace says:

    Thank God for the replacement! NL was boring me to death! I started fast forwarding through all her scenes and EJ used to be my fav character but now I can’t stand to watch how annoying he’s become! TB will hopefully bring new life to the role! EJ does need a love interest but not someone so sickening as NL. She is a horrible actress she’s almost monotone!


  23. c. kurk says:

    natalia livingston was much more believable ,in this role.she had the looks to make any man leave his wife.


  24. Sarah says:

    Okay so now that I’ve seen the switch, I can honestly say I HATE it. Maybe its because I wasn’t watching the show when Tamara was on and I’m sure she is a great actress, but I became to invested in Natalia playing Taylor. Not to mention I think Natalia was absolutely beautiful and had this amazing chemistry going with EJ. I’m not feeling that chemistry with Tamara, but maybe it will form over time. Very sad about this change!


  25. Kris says:

    Remove Tamara Braun, no chemistry with EJ, we want Natalia Livingston back, much more class, A lot of fans will stop watching..!


  26. Kris says:

    Then Phillip leaves the show, and Melanie needs to grow up,if in the past she was a tough cookie, what happened to her?? When I started watching this show my friends thought it was fantastic, and so did I, but now?? I can’t see the chemistry with Tamara playing Taylor at all?? She’s not as attractive as Natalia at all. Why is Melanie so needy and always whining . I’m very unhappy with the changes..!


  27. Chris says:

    I hate it when shows change characters after viewers get used to them playing their role. I think Natalie (Taylor) and EJ had great chemistry and I was looking forward to seeing how this all played out. I do not like the change and I think it was a stupid move! Natalie was great in that role and her and EJ worked very well together. Bring her back!!!


  28. James Scott fan says:

    We don’t need this Taylor character at all. Natalia ruined for me from the start UGH


  29. Katy says:

    I can’t stand this Taylor – the other one was much better – another huge disappointment with this soap.


  30. mary says:

    I strongly dislike this Taylor (Tamara Braun). All I can think about is Ava when I see her on the show. It’s only been a couple years since she was cast as Ava that crazy broad anyway. Tamara plays a great crazy lady. She doesn’t play a classy lady very well. Tamara is too old for the part in my opinion (in real life she is 40, while James is 32, and Ari is 36). There is no spark between EJ and Taylor, none at all. As Taylor, she is lacking all the qualities one might expect a sincere, sensitive sister and a professional businesswoman with an MBA to possess.

    Besides someone needs to feed her. She definitely looks anorexic.


  31. eldea says:

    Tamara is a much better actress than Natalia. Natalia tried to play a character with an edge( remeber the whole Reccecca thing on GH) It didn’t work for her.


  32. eldea says:

    If Natalia was still playing Taylor Ari would be eating her alive in scenes right now. Tamara has a better range. She can play sexy,sweet,bad.


  33. eldea says:

    with the way this story line is going you will see why DAYS made the switch. If Natalia was playing Taylor EJ would have to change and be good because Natalia wouldn’t be beliveable as a good girl that could be with a bad boy but Tamara can because she brings a little bit of a edge to Taylor. Also keep in mind that Taylor and Nikki are sisters so we would have to belive that Taylor has a bad side and Tamara can pay that not Natalia.


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