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13 July 6th, 2011 BREAKING STORY: Have All My Children & One Live to Live been saved but moved online?

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Soap fans take a deep breath, read this, and keep your fingers crossed!  The New York Post is reporting late tonight that ABC has sold the online rights to All My Children and One Life to Live as part of a deal with TV, Film and Music company, Prospect Park!

Sources are telling the NYPost, “The daily dramas will pick up where they left off on a new, as-yet-unnamed, TV-focused online network once the soaps finish their four-decade run on ABC. The firm will take charge of the same cast, crew and talent — even soap star Susan Lucci as the villainous Erica Kane — and continue the story lines.

Prospect Park is said to be finalizing its current round of funding for its Hulu-style venture in the next month to 45 days. Other unnamed financial backers are involved. The financial terms couldn’t be learned. The soaps are expected to be the first of a number of brand-name TV shows to eventually land at the site.”


OK soapers, how would you feel if this indeed is true? That AMC and OLTL will live online? Can it be possible for Prospect Park to be able to afford the salaries of the large casts of these soaps? Will it be a scaled back version of the soap if moved online? So many questions! 

On-Air On-Soaps will be on top of this developing story within the next 24 hours.

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  1. Katie says:

    I’m willing to bet if this is true, we will see actors taking pay cuts, or scaled back episodes with the big names in it. Which honestly in a way is fine with me as much as I adore Vicki (and her alters) I would love a continuation online.


  2. Skyla says:

    I am excited if it’s true, though I’d love to have them on an actual network, on-line is fantastic compared to the alternative. My only concern is for those viewers who have been watching for years who don’t use the computer, there are actually folks who don’t, and how they will watch. I know my mom probably wouldn’t watch on the internet if i didn’t pull it up for her, and with people who are not internet-savy that could cause quite a decrease in viewership only for them to take them off again while ABC/Disney flips off the fans saying they tried. Either way I think we stil need to continue fighting just in case it is a rumor, and if it is true, we still need to fight so Prospect Park can have the cable rights as well and not just the internet ones. Like I said if this pans out we have definitely won a battle, but not the war. DO NOT BE GIVE UP SOAP FANS, THE FIGHT IS STILL ON!


  3. Linda Dowell says:

    I would be HAPPY on a lot of levels – whatever I’d have to do to see it, I would do……


  4. Brian says:

    Well this is very good new indeed!


  5. Luke says:

    All that will mean is AMC and OLTL will have unsatisfying conclusions on ABC, before they finally peter out online.


  6. pr1957 says:

    If that keeps the soaps going i’m all for it . If i have to pay a yearly fee i will do it .. I pay to play games . i pay to see movies (netflix ) and yes i will pay to see my soaps


  7. yvonne says:

    I love It please let me know where to go on line I will be waiting .


  8. Tracey Spencer says:

    Pardon me, as a soap fan, if it is coming from ABC, then I won’t believe it until I see it. And also, I will still DVR any shows put on in there current time slots….While watching them online…..Just my opinion.


  9. lee says:

    If seeing All my children OLTL on line is the onlt way to
    Keep these shows going and people employed then I’m


  10. Lynne says:

    Will they tell you the time they go on. ? For sure I will watch it here on the internet if thats all they can offer, It’s better than nothing, but will really seem strange then watching TV. This should be interesting I’ll tell you that much. I still wished someone would buy one of the networks on TV it would make it so much easier. What if our computer breaks down, than what? We are domed.


  11. InAnna says:

    I am not a fan of this soap but I was a big fan of Guiding Light. This move excites me because if successful this could save the soaps as a genre. It even could revive deceased soaps. So please by all means make this a success.


  12. Alayne says:

    To save some money, all they have to do is get rid of Erica. She sure is paid like she’s an actress, but she and Vanessa Marcil have got to be tied for the worst actresses in history. Did you see the fiasco with Erica overpowering Jane and knocking her out? What a joke!

    If OLTL went to the internet, they better have better (video) players than ABC has now. It’s awful and too frustrating for me. Even though I love the show, it would be a threat to my sanity to watch.

    There are enough open cable channels for a slot for our soaps…what’s the deal? They can’t get sponsors? Subway and Hoover would do it.

    Put a month’s worth on a DVD and I’ll buy them. There’s options out there, so let’s get it going! IF not, we are going to have some good free time. All these years I’ve been a slave to my soaps. I think I’ll go to the beach, shopping, lunch with friends, paint, redecorate, do volunteer work, get a part-time job.

    The only thing that I positively will not do…is stay home and WATCH anything on ABC! The View, The Pugh, or the Chew! Frons screwed all the loyal soap fans, now it’s time to put him out of a job. Boycott the sponsors of the replacement shows and let them know about it. Make sure to write to their (the sponsors) corporate headquarters. Most of the time, you can do it online. However, a nicely written letter via snail mail, makes more of an impression.


  13. barbara e silver says:

    i watch the soaps at night because i work during the day. i am glad they are staying on.
    abc will lose. putting on all these talk shows are so boring. the soaps are great and never are there repeats.


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