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6 January 7th, 2013 Bree Williamson Debuts On Tonight’s Premiere Of NBC’s DECEPTION!


Tonight is the the debut of the highly-touted new NBC series drama, Deception, which looks on the surface another Revenge-esque soapy drama, but with a twist on a twist!

The series premiere of the drama is centered around adetective named Joanna Locasto, who, in the opener, keeps her job under wraps as she re-enters the lives of the wealthy Bowers clan to investigate the mysterious death of her childhood friend, the troubled Vivian Bowers!  Vivian is played by former One Life to Live favorite, Bree Williamson!

Megan Good stars along with Victor Garber, Ella Rae Peck, Tate Donovan, Laz Alonso, Wes Brown, Katherine LaNasa.  And as On-Air On-Soaps previously reported in a recent interview, another former One Lifer, David Gregory (Ex-Ford) will appear in upcoming episodes of the series as well!  Deception airs tonight at 10PMEST/PST time!

So are you looking forward to seeing Bree on the new series?  Watch a sneak peek after the jump!

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  1. Iakovos says:

    Always good to see OLTL faves back on the screen. Sadly, Miss WIlliamson plays the corpse. I assume we will see much of her in flashbacks, however, at least during this initial season.

    Maybe we will see the actress again in Llanview from all the news I am reading on this site? That would be nice, too.


    caroldee replied

    BACK on OLTL hopefully.. can’t wait to see that!!


  2. bc says:

    megan goode really should have a better acting career than having to act on a primetime soap w/ victor garber. he’s an awful actor. I won’t even bother w/ deception bec victor garber is a very untalented actor. megan goode should be a hollywood leading lady and an A lister but of course hollywood can’t have that. it’s like diversity loving hollywood has a quota for A listers. majority of the a listers are white. very few are black. while hollywood doesn’t want any a listers to be Asian american.


  3. Robert says:

    I watched it last night and am very intrigued. I hope it doesn’t get too ridiculous with the story telling. Great job Bree, hope you will consider coming back to OLTL. If not, Erin Tropey we’d welcome you back as well!


  4. SNAPPS says:

    The debut of Deception was great and I thought Bree Williamson was great. I hope this show will be great and not a Revenge carbon copy. I know I’m going to have to watch a few more episodes to be more judgmental. Since I mostly watch primetime shows I have to get my stuff recorded working the evening shift. I depend on my DISH Hopper DVR to get my shows for me, and one thing I’ve always hated is timer conflicts. I’m happy my job DISH introduced the awesome PrimeTime Anytime feature, which records the four major networks on one TV. This means I can get all my shows recorded and my family can continue to watch what they want too. This feature works perfect and it’s been a great enhancement to our TV enjoyment.


  5. Llanviewer717 says:

    I love Bree Williamson and definitely hope she will return to OLTL. Llanview would not be the same without Jessica. I know Bree is not the original Jessica but she certainly made the character her own and does a wonderful job.


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