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61 November 3rd, 2016 Bree Williamson Ends Her Run On General Hospital; But Will Claudette Be Back Sooner Than Later?

Photo Credit: Jeff Lorch

Bree Williamson has wrapped her story arc on General Hospital as Claudette.  After Claudette dropped her daughter Charlotte into the hands of the child’s real bio-dad, Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen), Claudette hightailed it out of town as fast as she could to escape the clutches of Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart).  Only Valentin conveniently ended up on the seat next to her on the airplane she was on to make her great escape from Port Charles.

The talented actress told Soap Opera Digest in their latest issue on newsstands now, that she was actually only slated for a shorter length of time on GH, but the powers-that-be had asked her if she could stick around for a month or two.  Bree related that it was the perfect timing for her.

As for if viewers will see more Claudette down the line, Bree enthused, “She’ll be back.”  She added, “And I’m absolutely open to that.”

So, would you like to see more Bree on GH, and watch Claudette stir the pot for the characters on the canvas with another return?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    like bree…but claudette didnt interest me much


    Suzette Hines replied

    Love claudette. She needs a better story.


  2. Celia says:

    I don’t know what purpose Claudette would serve, except to come collect her daughter when it’s safe to do so. I, certainly, do not miss her.
    Where is she? What did Valentin do with/to her? is she some kind of use to him? A prize of sorts?
    Is it possible for Valentin to be a secret agent? Is that why he is so familiar to Anna?
    What I proposed weeks ago could still be possible. Anna and Valentin were lovers. Don’t laugh, LOL. Why not? It’s GH. Is Griffin the product of that illicit love?
    Another scenario is; Valentin was involved with one of Anna’s sisters????
    I sooo want Nathan, Griffin, Valentin and Charlotte to be related. I want Valentin to be a good guy.
    Could Nik and Valentin be working together? Was the shooting staged?
    I know, I’m all over the place. LOL.


    Celia replied

    So, if there was an embryo which belonged to Lulu, I give credit to Aria. She was the first to put two and two together. Kudos, Aria. Claudette was the surrogate.
    Lulu is the mother. But, who’s the daddy; Valentin, or Stavros?


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    This can be the most confusing of all the soaps…havent been well lately again and havent watched everyday…i see some improvements to GH but the stories still seem a bit disjointed and not well thought out in advance-like lets write day to day instead of planning out a synopsis months ahead…im still hoping Dr. 0 and Valentin have a connection-Nathan-and would hope they run into each other soon!

    Michelle replied

    I really hope a baby doesn’t exist between Stavros and Lulu. The idea of that grosses me out because it means Stavros would have produced kids from a mother-daughter duo during his lifetime. (Laura and Lulu).

    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Im actually confused-shouldnt Charlotte be younger than Rocco ?…wasnt the embryo stolen around the time Rocco came into the picture or years before he was born…it seems it would had to be before Rocco was born and years earlier since Claudette is so much older but i thought the embryo was stolen when Stravos had Lulu?…im usually good at remembering most of this stuff but now im confused?


    Celia replied

    I have no timeline, Jimmy. I’m a newcomer. But, I was watching when Lulu was held captive by Stravos , who brainwashed her. Was there an embryo created then? But, how does Valentin come into play here? Was it his semen?
    Anyway, if this is what happened, then you are right….Charlotte should be younger. On the other hand, Charlotte is not ‘THE’ embryo, but simply, Claudette’s daughter in the ‘natural’ sense
    No one can blame you for not remembering the sequence of events, LOL. I am just as lost, as TPTB keep switching it up.
    Who knows. All the effort we put into ‘figuring’ things out is for naught. So……
    I don’t think the ‘thinkers’ have figured it out yet. So we are the victims of a maelstrom of inconsistencies.

  3. Iakovos says:

    I like Miss Williamson but never could become invested with the character being inserted int story with other characters so new on an already crowded canvas. Having the stay be short term does not help matters.


    mollie replied

    I feel much the same way! Canvas way too overcrowded. Now, if Claudette is the surrogate for Lulu’s baby, she was useful. BUT, all the other story the writers crammed in about Claudette is way, way too much. I just couldn’t and didn’t care about that.

    That said, Bree is a talented and beautiful actress.


  4. Addison says:

    I was very happy to hear Beautiful Brie was shoring up to Port Charles but she was unable to make anything of the monkey poo the writers threw at her.


    Rebecca1 replied

    Is this Har? (“Addison…I’m wondering if you’re another poster by a different name.If not…oops! Sorry)


    Celia replied

    I had already guessed, Rebecca, but my post did not make it.
    I just wrote; Harry?

  5. AJ says:

    I like when characters/actors can come and go as needed. On for a month or 2, off for 4 months, etc. It adds a bit of realism (yes, soaps are far from real). People come and go. I have friends who live out of state and I see them periodically. Ditto for family. It’s great that people could come and go as storylines and the actor’s schedule permits.


    Aria replied

    I agree bout having actors come and go as needed, this was a nice story arc for Bree and can be continued maybe down in the future. Not everyone has to come in and have a long term contract nor do they have to come in and considered a failure just because their characters don’t all blow up and become popular like their previous characters.


  6. Timmm says:

    Bree has the same problem as Roger and Michelle, great actors with TERRIBLE characters! Who in the hell would EVER leave their child behind? That little girl is and will be traumatized indefinitely! Charlotte has always been with her mom and never knew her dad. AND we know GriFOON is NOT the father! Bree will have to come back to clear up the custody of “Her” child. It may even be Maxie’s? Once again, like Finn, Frank brought in a little toy named Bree [Not condescending the actress] and he made up ANY character to have another ex-soap star play in his sandbox! Problem is, there was glass in the sand!


    Phil replied

    Disagree, liking Franco now that his is with Liz! Really like Nina… a lot and I disliked her as Phyllis on Y&R!


    Timmm replied

    Phil, I want to love Nina, they just have not found a niche for her character.

    jaybird369 replied

    Hey Tim…’GriFOON’…TOO FUNNY…LOL!!!!! And, so true. Y-e-p.

    Later, dude.


    Celia replied

    Too funny, Timmmy…GriFOON.
    Please forgive me for reiterating, my friend; but, it is just so infuriating how TPTB continue to take liberties with the Church?
    Griffin’s banale conversation with Anna about deciding to be Charlotte’ s father and not the priesthood is ridiculous snd laughable. Once a RC priest steps out, especially after siring a child, can never go back to the priesthood. He will be excommunicated….stripped of the symbolic ‘priestly robes’.
    ‘They’ change the canon laws at will?

    I get exactly what you are saying. It’s nothing against Bree. It just annoys me to no end when a favorite actor/actress is brought in and given, almost, a menial job. I understand one needs to go where one’s bread and butter is, but, Bree’s role as Claudette was such a bitter disappointment, I can still taste it.
    The same goes for Roger and Michelle.
    You don’t watch DOOL, Timmmy, but, what was done to Melissa Archer ( love her) and that stupid eoephant story, was a “miscarriage” of storytelling.


    Timmm replied

    As I have stated in the past, Griffin is a priest/doctor, he might not have common sense BUT we are not talking about someone dropping off a stray dog on your door step, who the hell wouldnt want to know the truth about a kid. ESPECIALLY since FRAUDette already lied to Nathan!

    Patrick replied

    @Timmm… I’m with you … how could “any” mother do this..

    I really have got to go with… she was “only” the carrier

    which could bode well for drama.. when she returns

    Claudette was embolden.. a charged act… I liked her…. was ready

    Celia replied

    Exactly, Timmmy. What makes Friffin so sure Charlotte is his? Because Claudette said so? How dumb can one get?
    LOL: priest/doctor. Yeah, while he will always be a priest; he cannot do anything ‘priestly’….such as giving last rights to Carlos. So, that was a wash.


  7. jake hernandez says:

    yes! more please; make her a quartermaine or spencer! keep bree around!


    Ghlover replied

    I agree!!! Back pronto please! Valerie could go if the canvas is too full. Claudette has endless potential, plus the character is from Quebec like moi !


    Celia replied

    Actually, Ghlover, Bree was botn in Toronto ( where I studied for a few semesters at St. Michael’s a branch of Toronto U. Je ne pense pas qu’elle parle francais. She is very well-known there….
    As you must know, and, contrary to popular belief, the only people who speak French in Canada (other than the Province of Quebec) are those who study the language in school. It is an elective subject. Not mandatory.
    Needless to say, I do agree. I would rather have Claudette ( with a stronger story) than Valerie.
    All the writers need to do is make Claudette the victim…..that her lying and subterfuge was to protect her daughter. Ergo, the reason she left her behind. That’s the biggest, most altruistic, selfless sacrifice a mother could ever make.

  8. Phil says:

    Sign her to a contract! May be in the minority here, but Bree was outstanding in the role!


  9. Andy G. says:

    I don’t think for a minute that we’ve seen the last of Fraudette, and I certainly hope we haven’t! Given what Bree Williamson was able to achieve with the whole Jess/Tess/Bess/Wes mess on OLTL, it would be a shame not to put her to fuller use on GH. Fraudette’s villainy, at least thus far, is easily redeemable.


  10. Maria says:

    She needs to come back. There are too many unanswered questions. Hopefully we will eventually have Melissa Archer on board as well. Love both these actresses.


    Stacey replied

    Agreed Maria. Would love to see them both .


  11. Kevin says:

    Bring her back, this time with her mother in tow (Erica Slezak)!!!


  12. Patrick says:

    2 points

    1. was the scene we last saw… with Valentin and Claudette INTERESTING ? i’m intrigued as to what happened when they got off the plane… incognito ? and to see if their was a rapport between the TWO “actors” a sizzling chemistry.

    2. is she worth a screen partner for Griffin ?

    when you compare these points with what’s going on with other characters… storywise

    seems worth a look.

    I haven’t read a whole lot of support for this story

    is GH going to see what happens with Valentin and Nina first… what I’ve read.. is that this is going to propel Nina back on our screens.

    they can always get back to Claudette ?

    how frustrating when the writing and “weaker” characters don’t meld. as usual… it’s like it wasn’t even necessary to get Nathan and Maxie involved.

    now that Grffin has a child… and some purpose and direction… he may not even need a woman in his life… since this does serve to give Anna and Griffin a ready made family. that’s the awesome part.

    I like Claudette… once again… the writing is just not their.


    Patrick replied

    “… the writing is just not their. ”

    this has been bugging me… it’s not flatine, it’s certainly not off the charts rocketing

    speaking of the show as a whole.


    Kiki and Dillon
    Ned and Olivia
    Laura and Kevin
    Mac and Felicia
    Lucas and Brad

    heck… I can’t ever give up on Franco and Liz

    mainstays because they have that it factor… but not explosive show
    Maxie and Nathan
    Lulu and Dante

    have to prop Dante… give him his own journey

    we have… Anna / Tracy / Monica / Curtis / Griffin / Epiphany / Scotty / Diane / Ava / Leisl / Aaron / Parker – excellent cast members … standouts galore

    just gobsmacked at the above talent.

    it floors me… why ? Frank Valentini and Jean and Shelley… continue… with the dullards

    Jason / Sam
    Carly / Sonny
    Alexis / Julian
    Finn / Hayden

    these 4 couples are not a show

    as I’ve posted… now that the big blockbuster splash has aired… Carly and Sonny.

    no ones falling all over themselves… rallying

    this is the TEST

    where… Frank , Jean, and Shelley THINK this SHOW IS


    Patrick replied

    Carly, Sonny, Jason, Sam, Alexis, Julian, Finn, Hayden, Nina ???? REAL’y

    this is a lot of cash – FIRE

    imagine what this could mean… for color, splash, intrigue

    for the love of god… I wish Frank, Jean, and Shelley could explain firing and letting go:

    Nicholas, Dr. Joe, Morgan, Paul, Sabrina. original mix… no one will ever convince me these characters didn’t meld and mix with the whole cast. gold

    ps: Nina… I really think this should be her last call… as well… if she doesn’t mix with Valentin… and stop the retard… in all sincerity

    Michelle Stafford will forever hold a place in Y&R… we’ve just yet, in eon, scene after scene… REELED anything worth

    the focus of this show needs to change

    Patricio replied

    Hilarious list of dullards……so true. That whole group brings the show down

    Patrick replied

    I watched Mon/Tues epis, last night

    someone posted – how it’s so nice to have a real dastardly villain

    Valentin has IT and MORE in spades. His acting choices are bar none. WOW

    there’s a mix of suave, finesse, classic, SEX, tall order

    that’s just the surface . James Patrick Stuart OWNS US

    ps: once again… this would be a great time , or is it… another last call, for Nancy Lee Grahn’ Alexis to step up to the plate. I hope they have an easy rapport and needle , nickel and dime, heckle, prompt, give rise , shake it up. whatever it takes for Alexis to … just stop her ways and means… how stifled and dull. all her inner demons… or Christian values… argh! she has to be sick of herself like we are.

    Alexis has 2 of the best MEN… M – E – N… in her life. Julian and Valentin. aside from Jax… this is the best she will ever get… otherwise… let’s cut our losses and spinster this uptight bitch. WRITERS ! work her out

    Patrick replied

    1/2 brother, Valentin to Alexis

    this is such an opportune time to flesh out Alexis

    blah, blah, blah…. here we go again… “don’t you come anywhere near my kids”

    ready made story… already dried up

    Come On Alexis… have a drink and partay with the dashing overt stud muffin

    lest you protest too much… even Nina acted coy… Ava stature teetered

    he’s owing it

    Shay replied

    @Patricio…”Hilarious list of dullards….” So well put, and how true…….


  13. Bruce says:

    Yes more Bree always please!!! I don’t want her to go.


  14. fginaspy says:

    I like Bree, but not Claudette. I won’t miss the character. She will be back I’m sure to clear up custody and paternity. I think Charlotte is Lulu’s daughter too. Claudette knows Charlotte is not biologically hers.


  15. Lee says:

    I loved her as Jessica, great actress! She still is !!! Keep her !!


  16. JasonLovesGH says:

    I liked the character and I like the actress. I look forward to her return.

    Now, can we get back Molly Burnett in ANY role? She was fantastic as substitute Maxie. I want her back on my tv screen!


  17. James R. Poissant says:

    She has to be back—there’s nothing better on soaps than an actress who can play a good bitch and Bree did it quite well. I loved her the second she came on the scene but i had always loved her work on OLTL so I knew I would enjoy her on GH.


  18. Jane says:

    I don’t know, I thought she’s okay, I really want Liz and Griffin together. GH writers need help with writing of Jason and Sam moving ???? Luckily for Sam Jason’s rich she doesn’t have to work. She’s such a boring character.


    Patrick replied


    I’m IN… let me pack their bags… jump on that motorcycle… and c’ya

    no ones going to miss either of you


  19. Ces says:

    I’m SO happy to hear about this!! No offense to the actress but the character never worked from day one! I’m glad GH seems to be tightening the cast a bit, hope that continues. I actually am liking Valentin this go around although I still don’t like Nina being thrown into his story.
    So long Claudette, you will NOT be missed by me!


  20. Ces says:

    Bye Claudette! Story never worked from the get go! Happy to see GH cleaning up the canvas ….. Can we please permanently unload Jordan, Valerie and Nina on the next round? I’d unload Lulu too but guess some folks like her and she is L&L’s kid; just think Dante is so much more interesting without her!!


    Shay replied

    Could we please throw Hayden in there, too???? I love Finn….just NOT with her!


  21. carol a bennett says:

    she is a great addition and a great actress


  22. Henrietta Crump says:

    Really had no use for Claudette. Her acting in this role not so believable.


  23. Patricio says:

    Without the writers writing for you, even the best actors can’t catch fire. This is a great actress with a great future!


  24. Rebecca1 says:

    I like Bree and was looking forward to her on GH. Unfortunately, her appearances were scattered and short so I had zero investment in her character. She was unlike able from the beginning and also was portrayed to over-the-top as villainess…smirks, raised eyebrows and all. When she FINALLY seemed to have a sincere moment I felt a twinge of possible, future, maybe liking her.

    I’d welcome Bree back if Claudette had a story instead of a means to “deliver” a baby to Port Charles. Make her as bitchy as you want but with an inner soul to root for…

    With that said, I’d take Clsudette over Nell any day…cannot stand that lulling, faux concerned voice.


  25. Melissa says:

    GH lurches from stunt casting to stunt casting. Hard to get invested in anyone that way.


  26. Soaphound says:

    So long. That pretty much describes Claudette’s stay in Port Charles for me. Will she need a traveling companion? Perhaps Officer Valerie could head out of town, too.


    Ces replied

    Ditto! And Commish Jordan


    Shay replied

    And Nina….plus that old boozehound, Alexis….she should be loads o’fun flying at 30,000 feet above terra firma…..keep that wine a’comin…..

  27. Ghlover says:

    What if Claudette is being held captive by Valentin along with Nickolas?!! They could come back as one hell of a team!! Liz and Griffen vs Claudette and Nickolas??


  28. Alan says:

    Bree should have been a Lulu recast.


  29. PF says:

    I hope that she doesn’t hurry back. I like BW, but this character did her no favors. Just another Jelly debacle. Pointless and insipid.


  30. Charday says:

    I liked ole Claudette–a good schemer, liar, mystery woman, etc. One of the very few new characters on GH that I have had any interest in the last couple of years.


  31. gloria watson says:

    I loved her as Jessica she is a very good actress
    did not like on general
    but she is a very good actress
    Jessica was a nice person but claudette she was not so nice but would like to see her back on tv


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